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January 2016

Massive Attack – Ritual Spirit EP

Massive Attack just released a new EP, called ‘Ritual Spirit’, available now on double vinyl, and here is the video for the song “Take It There” with Tricky and 3D directed by Hiro Murai and featuring the great actor, John Hawkes.

Post Pop Depression tour

Post Pop Depression Tour

See you in April..

Head Wound City


Nick Zinner’s, guitarist and noisemaker for YYY’s & Head Wound City, exhibition of his 601 photographs at Lethal Amounts is coming to an end this Friday January 29th, 2016.

Lethal Amounts is located at 1226 W 7th. St., Los Angeles CA 90017.

This is an ALL AGES show. There is NO DOOR PRICE, this means it is a FREE!!! show! Doors will open at 8pm and show will start at 9pm it is first come first served and it will hit MAX capacity.

Who is Head Wound City? The members are Jordan Billie and Cody Votolato, from the Blood Brothers, Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian, from the Locust and Dead Cross, & Nick Zinner, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


If you’ve never seen them before then you should make an effort and go. Why? Because they sound amazing live. What do they sound like? Their sound is furiously loud and amazing. Also, it’s free and you get to go to an exhibit to boot.

if you’ve already seen them live before then do a good deed and take someone who hasn’t.

“The new album, Pond Scum (out today), is an integral piece in the evolution of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s progressive and prolific catalogue. A collection of sessions recorded for John Peel’s influential BBC show, it spans eight years of Bonnie’s career and is essential for longtime fans and first-time listeners alike.”

We love Bonnie Prince Billy, and we do hope he tours southern California soon!
Here is the video for the song “When Thy Song Flows Through Me”.

Pet Shop Boys – Inner Sanctum

Pet Shop Boys new album “Super” available everywhere on April 1st.

They will do a residency of four concerts at London’s Royal Opera House in July, we hope they tour everywhere too.
Here is the single ‘Inner Sanctum’, a very fresh and danceable tune.

PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project

PJ Harvey  “The Hope Six Demolition Project”, new album to be released 15 April.

Here is the album trailer

Last night Iggy Pop performed the song “Gardenia”, from the new album ‘Post Pop Depression’, produced by the amazing Josh Homme, the band consists on Iggy Pop on vocals, Josh Homme on guitar, Dean Fertita on guitar and keyboards, Matt Helders on drums, Matt Sweeney on bass.

It is a great song, we can’t help to mention that there is a Bowie influence on parts of the song, (sigh), it sounds clean, elegant, it tells the story of Gardenia, “Where are you?
Black goddess in a shabby raincoat, Where are you tonight?..”, etc., just listen to it, a few times.

We will impatiently wait for the record to come out on March 18th via Loma Vista and for the tour dates to be announced.


At The Drive-In are reuniting!! (Again)



So, At The Drive-In just announced that they’re reuniting (again), that there will be a tour in 2016 and the possibility of new music from the band too!

And all of this is supposed to get us fans all excited about the possibility of seeing them live, and in some cases again!

But here is where my concern lies. First and foremost, will the new music be any good?

I don not doubt for a second the ability of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to write a great song and for Cedric Bixler-Zavala to deliver an electrifying performance both on record and live. However, their most recent album (Antemasque) left much to be desired. The new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez band album, with Cedric on vocals also felt it lack something. The last couple of The Mars Volta albums were somewhat underwhelming, mostly due to Jon Theodore not drumming for them anymore.

Now I know that this is a ATDI album, but this also means that expectations fore what an album from them should/could potentially/hopefully will sound like. By no means do I want or need a repeat of any of their previous albums but I am expecting a great album that lives up to their name.

Just please don’t make this reunion about a cash grab and have the live performances dull and repetitive. Please have them be powerful and exciting!

Primavera 2016



In a world full of boring and homogenized festival lineups it is really refreshing and exciting to see something that stands up shoulders above the rest.

This lineup takes a look back, goes into the future, continues with reunions and has a firm grip in the present.

This announcement reminds of a short time ago when waiting for a festival to release their lineup almost had us in stitches. That feeling had dissipated in recent years due to the lackluster look of the same artists crossing each other’s paths around the different festivals going on.

But this lineup reignited a passion for a festival setting, even though that math will show that there will be some conflicts with the set times BUT that is the beauty of walking around any festival ground. You will miss a few sets. You might be lucky enough to discover some new favorite bands. You will endure for your favorites and hopefully some great memories will be created.

Looking at this stacked lineup some (at least 15) of the can’t miss acts here are (in no particular order):

  • Radiohead
  • Lcd Soundsystem
  • PJ Harvey
  • Kamasi Washington
  • John Carpenter
  • Brian Wilson
  • Air
  • Cabaret Voltaire
  • Suede
  • Moderat
  • GOAT
  • Beak>
  • Beirut
  • Loop
  • Drive Like Jehu

Congratulations to the people behind the festival for a great lineup!


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