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March 2016

Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus

Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus

Phife Dawg R.I.P.

Phife Dawg (Malik Izaak Taylor) R.I.P.
November 20, 1970 – March 22, 2016

A Tribe Called Quest

Buggin’ Out

Electric Relaxation

Can I Kick It?

Dead Cross – We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead

Dead Cross are Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson, Gabe Serbian and Michael Crain.
Dead Cross emerged out of a series of unlikely happenstance, fallen-through plans, and last-minute musical experimentation. Schemed up in the LA recording studio of Ross Robinson, Michael Crain, Justin Pearson, and Dave Lombardo initially concocted the idea of a collaboration with only weeks to go before what would be their first shows. Shows which were essentially scheduled before the band’s full formation—before it was even named, and without a shred of material written.” –

Here is “We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead”, first official track from their upcoming album, which is still being worked on by the band and Ross Robinson.


LNZNDRF is a band that consists of the other two brothers from The National, Scott and Bryan Davendorf plus Beirut‘s Ben Lanz. If you notice their last names and take out the vowels that’s how they came up with their name, that’s clever like a button.

On a side note, if you’re not familiar with their respective bands please make sure you listen to their records, they’re all fantastic musicians and create amazing music.

The trio got together for literally a couple of days and recorded this great album in a church somewhere in Cincinnati. Yes it does have sounds and touches of New Order here and there but you cannot deny the fact that the songs sound amazing and are really well arranged.

Please listen and watch the video for “Future You” off their self titled debut album, which is out on 4AD now.

They did a short tour recently, here’s to hoping they come to other cities close to us and you too.

El VY – Sad Case

El VY, Matt Berninger (The National) & Brent Knop (Ramona Falls), released two videos today, for  the songs “It’s a game” and “Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri”,  taken from their debut album ‘Return to the Moon’ available via 4AD

It’s a Game – Directed by Tom Berninger (Mistaken From Strangers)

Sad Case / Happiness, Missouri – Edited by Kelly Lyon / footage shot by Michael Brown and Ben Krall

Charly García – Nos siguen pegando abajo

The great Charly García (64), he is one of the greatest rock icons from Argentina, this song is titled “Nos siguen pegando abajo”, (they keep hitting us down there), from the album ‘Clics Modernos’, (Modern clicks).
Grande Charly!

Gary Numan

Happy Birthday to Gary Numan!

Head Wound City – Scraper

Watch Head Wound City‘s video for the song ‘Scraper’, first track from the new album “A New Wave of Violence”, out May 13 via VICE Records.
They will begin touring later this month, also in May supporting Savages, they are one the best live acts you won’t want to miss.

Lou Reed

There’s a party in music heaven, today it would have been Lou Reed’s 74th birthday.
We love you.

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