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May 2016

Iggy Pop – Sunday

What a Sunday!
Here is Iggy Pop‘s latest video from the song “Sunday”, off the album ‘Post Pop Depression’.

This song reminds us a little bit of David Bowie‘s “Blackout”, from ‘Heroes’.

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

Why does Radiohead matter?, Why or How is it that after 20+ years they still find a way to innovate and create something new?, Are they still relevant?, Do they win new fans with their album release?, What does their marketing mean to all the rest of the bands out there?

Is this their best album yet?, Did they innovate?, Did they create something new?

After 9 albums and multiple different solo ventures, who are they?

All of these questions, and more, came up to me while listening to their new album. Is it their best album?, I don’t know. Is it a return to form?, I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know if I want them back in whatever their old form means.

This is what I do know, this album felt right. This album was what I needed and wanted to hear, I didn’t know this until the album started playing before my ears. Granted, the first time I heard the first single “Burn The Witch” it did not do much to impress, however after listening to the second single, in which they gave a chance to the up and coming filmmaker known as Paul Tomas Anderson to direct it, the first single felt better in my ears. Then the album happened, and song after song it was just what needed to be played.

Yes, in my not so humble opinion it does sound like a Jonny Greenwood album. It also sounds like a soundtrack to a PTA film, one that has yet to be filmed. It sounds beautiful and grand, no, it is not reinventing the wheel. No, it is not visionary, yes, it was amazingly produced. Yes, it’s quite possible it’s in my top 2 albums from the band.

All 11 tracks in this album are beautiful and magical. They sound great in the record and I can only imagine that they will sound majestic live. “Ful Stop” is a favorite, so is “Desert Island Disk”, and also “The Numbers” as is “Present Tense”. At this point you can get the idea that the whole album is absolutely worth a listen, if you like music. And if your were one of the lucky bastards to score tickets to one of their shows at non-festivals then I’m sure you will be in for a treat.

To those that say that this sounds somewhat emo. That it sounds sad. That it is too slow. That is too downtempo. That they prefer dancing Thom. That hey prefer when ______… Listen, just please stfu. It’s ok not to like it. The same way that it’s ok to like it. The one thing anyone can say is that whenever Radiohead releases an album, you can be sure that everyone will have an opinion. As biased as it will be, everyone will have one.

All hail Radiohead, Nigel Godrich and Stanley Donwood included!, For they’re one of the last visionaries recording.

Tijuana Record Show

El próximo domingo 15 de Mayo,  estaremos presentes en el evento Tijuana Record Show, que se llevará a cabo en la galería del ICBC,  a partir de las 10:00 a.m., el evento es gratuito.

Next Sunday May 15, we will be at the event Tijuana Record Show, at the gallery of the ICBC, it starts at 10:00 a.m., NO COVER.


Gracias a Justin Pearson, tendremos a la venta en exclusiva, Vinil, CD’s, Libros, DVD’s del sello discográfico de San Diego, CA, Three One G Records, de artistas como Retox,  Doomsday StudentHead Wound CityHot Nerds, Kill The Capulets, Warsawwasraw, Zeus, Some Girls, Holy Molar, Planet B, Unbroken, Rats Eyes, Etc. y el nuevo libro “Locust House” by Adam Gnade.

Thanks to Justin Pearson, we will have the exclusive sale of Vinyl, CD’s, Books, DVD’s from THREE ONE G Records artists like RetoxDoomsday StudentHead Wound CityHot Nerds, Kill The CapuletsWarsawwasraw, Zeus, Some GirlsHoly Molar, Planet B, Unbroken, Rats Eyes, Etc. and the new book “Locust House” by Adam Gnade.

Además de otros discos de nuestra colección personal, de los que tenemos más de una copia, algunas t shirts, souvenirs, calcas, posters, etc.

In addition to other records from our personal collection, also a few t shirts, souvenirs, stickers, posters, etc.

Ahí los esperamos! / See you there!

Iggy Pop Live at the Greek

Iggy Pop might just be the last living punk legend that we have. And for the life of me I cannot think of a single relevant band in the last 40 years that has not been influenced in one way or another by him.

Seeing him perform live is not for nostalgic purposes, at least not for me, it was about the fact that this 69 year old artist is still running around, jumping, dancing, singing, creating, inspiring, etc. I believe he is one of the few (old) artists that would still create/earn new younger fans. That’s the type of legacy that he has. It’s the type of influence that he carries. It’s the persona where we can almost feel that he might be forever, and in a way he will be, but not on this earth.

Which brings me to the show on April 28th, 2016 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The set list was amazing:

  • Lust for life
  • Sister midnight
  • American Valhalla 
  • Sixteen
  • In the lobby
  • Some weird sin
  • Funtime
  • Tonight
  • Sunday
  • German days
  • Mass production 
  • Nightclubbing 
  • Gardenia
  • The passenger
  • China girl
  • Break into your heart
  • Fall in love with me
  • Repo man
  • Baby
  • Chocolate drops
  • Paraguay
  • Success

The backing band that he had consisted of Dean Fertitia, Troy Van Leewun, Matt Sweeney, the drummer from the Arctic Monkeys (Matt Helders) and the band leader was the ginger Elvis himself, baby duck Josh Homme. To say that they sounded tight and amazing is an understatement, they sounded like they were honored to be Iggy’s backing band. And they acted the part to the fullest letting him run the show, run around and call the crowd out.

Below are a couple of short videos.

There did come a time during the show where something was felt, I don’t know by how many but something was there. The crowd had been something weird as far as enthusiasm went, however when the 1-2 of “The Passenger” and “China Girl” came on and apparently half the crowd’s phones too a sense of sadness came over me. Granted, this was due to the fact of both Bowie and Prince passing away so recently, but it also felt like the crowd all of a sudden remembered why they were there it was almost like if they were not paying attention to the stage for the last 65 minutes. It was this sense of mortality that came over me.

If this is in fact Iggy Pop’s swan song and there will be no more records and no more tours, then this was one hell of a way of saying goodbye. He sounded with energy, and he ran around more than your typical punk band. He will always be Iggy Pop. 

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