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September 2016

NO FUN – October

And we continue hosting NO FUN nights at Mofo bar, October 1st.

“Maybe go out, maybe stay home..No Fun to be alone.”

Party in style, come hang out, grab a drink, cold beer and listen to good music.
Post Punk, Glam Rock, Brit Pop, Rock, Brit Rock, Alternative, Indie, and everything in between.

Join us…



Captain Murphy – “Crowned”

Captain Murphy – “Crowned”
Presented by Adult Swim Singles 2016.

Some things don’t change..

Some things don’t change..


• the act or process by which something is spread or passed from one person or thing to another.


Transmission, starts tonight September 30th, and upcoming Friday nights at Mofo Bar, filled with music from punk, post-punk, new wave, underground, new romantic, ska, hardcore, alternative and indie rock of the ’80s.
Cold beer, delicious drinks and martinis.

18 & UP / ID required
#MOFOBAR #petfriendly

Dead Cross at Ozzfest

How good are Dead Cross? Well, according to a (poor) writer at the OC Weekly they are so damn good live that they will make the top 6 of any festival EVEN if they don’t play. That’s just the sheer power of having Dave Lombardo, (Slayer, back when they were good), Justin Pearson (31GHead Wound CityThe LocustRetox and a few more bands), Michael Crain (Retox) and Gabe Serbian (The LocustHead Wound City, and quite possibly in the top 4 best drummers in the world) in the band.

They released one song a few months back:

And yes ,the song in amazing and fast and on the thrash punk metal side. But the band had already announced well in advance that they were not going to be able to play.

They are in one of those last stages of getting the album ready to be released at some point in the future. We were fortunate enough to be on their first show ever at The Casbah in San Diego on December of 2015 and it was amazing.

we’ll gladly wait for the new album to be released and we will see them when they tour again, and wherever they play you bet they will be one of the best bands that you will ever get to see and then that article might make some sense.

Gimme Danger by Jim Jarmusch

Well, the first trailer for the documentary Gimme Danger by Jim Jarmusch was released. What’s Gimme Danger? It’s a song by The Stooges. The Stooges are quite possibly the greatest rock n roll band that came out from America, they practically invented punk rock and Iggy Pop might be the last, and quite possibly only living, punk rock legend left alive.

This documentary was made by Jim Jarmusch. If you’re not familiar with the director well you are seriously missing out. Almost all of his films are classics or should be treated as such. Amazing artists have worked with him as well as incredible actresses and actors. He is an auteur.

Which brings us to talking about a trailer. It’s just a 2:00+ minute trailer and we are more than excited for this. It looks amazing. It looks dangerous. It looks somewhat violent and tons of fun. This looks like it should be mandatory viewing for everyone that wants to know about the history of music.

Just click on the trailer, and enjoy because…well because it’s the fucking Stooges!!!


Depeche Mode countdown

There is a countdown clock on Depeche Mode‘s web site. The release of their Video Singles Collection is schedule for November 11.

What is this countdown about then?, new album?

Stay tuned..

A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory

It’s been 25 years since A Tribe Called Quest “Low End Theory” was released.
It’s been 25 years since an album shaped what hip hop could be.
It’s been 25 years of influencing artists of different genres.
It’s been 25 years and hip hop/rap has not been the same.

I cannot imagine being someone who has not heard Low End Theory. If you are a fan of music and have not heard this album then you are simply doing a disservice to yourself.
You can almost see/hear that there are no bad songs on this album. It’s (almost) immaculate. And it’s fitting that 25 years have passed and it still sounds as fresh.

This album simply put changes lives. It changed mine, it changed a lot of who’s who artists lives too, most recently it influenced the Low End Theory party in L.A.

Long live the Tribe.

We still miss Phife.

MOFO Playlist Sept. 24

Here is the playlist with the music we selected last Saturday Sept.  24 at MOFO Bar.
We will be there again every Saturday night in October, hosting NO FUN nights, we hope you can join us from 9:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m., there is plenty of parking, No Cover, 18 and up with I.D., pet friendly, patio, cold beer, delicious drinks, martinis and Oscar, (the bartender), prepares the best clamato.
We hope you like the music, follow us on Facebook and  Instagram.

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