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October 2016

Shantelle – Transessions

This is Shantelle playing an acoustic set for

Set list
“En busca del tiempo perdido”
“Aurora y el cine”

Shantelle are four friends and amazing musicians from Tijuana:
Eric Curiel – Guitar, Bass, Sampler
Julio Pillado – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Gabriel Duprat – Keyboards, Bass, Production
David Bravo – Drums

Run the jewels – Talk to me

New song from Run the jewels “Talk to me”, off their long awaited new album RTJ3 and it also appears on the Adult Swim singles 2016.

Planet B – Percussive Noise Generator live

This is a live recording from the Planet B night at Blonde bar on Monday October 10, 2016.
This is not a professional recording, is just decent audio of an amazing improv set of noise and music, we strongly suggest to listen to this music ensemble live, but listen to this, you will thank us later.

Planet B with Percussive Noise Generator improvisational set feat.
Justin Pearson (The LocustHead Wound CityDead Cross)
Mr. Henshaw (PlanetB)
Jung Sing (All Leather, Silent)
Tenshun (Skrapez)
Nathan Hubbard
Matt Resovich (The Album Leaf)

Grrrl Independent Ladies presents: Niña Coyote ETA Chico Tornado, Silent, Le Ra, Blood Ponies


Grrrl Independent Ladies will have their make up date for the Nina Coyote ETA Chico Tornado in Tijuana on November the 4th, 2016 at Moustache bar. For this show the supporting bands will be Blood PoniesLe Ra and Silent (who are a personal favorite!). The music selectors for the night will be ourselves (I Think I Better Follow You Around) just like we were for the previous Nina Coyote date at Blonde bar in San Diego.

If you like or are even inclined to great, loud and in your face rock n roll the you should give yourself the opportunity to go and witness just how amazing Nina Coyote ETA Chico Tornado are. They are from the Basque Country and they’re here to play loud and fast in your face a la the stooges. 

As far as Silent goes, well, they might just be that band that you were looking for to fill in   the void for that post punk/punk that your heart was missing. I don’t want to set the standards too high but in all honesty if you’re a fan of Nick Cave, Morrissey, Joy Division, now imagen that and then they meet Three One G and that’s more or less  what you can expect.

Le Ra is Monica Mendoza band who is also the Grrrl Independent Lady who is also the sometimes a touring member of Tijuana NO who is also a documentarian of the Tijuana Independent ladies scene who is also an ok friend to some and an avid chilaquiles eater, she’s also the promoter of this showcase and as such invited the Blood Ponies from San Diego to open this show.

Please go and listen to the songs we will be selecting and stay for the bands because they will probably blow your mind if the speakers don’t blow out first.

This event is only $50 pesos or $2 dlls. Please go and support your local grrrl gang and some of these bands who are amazing musicians.

See you there!


Andrew Bird & Matt Berninger – Perfect Day

What is this? Oh, it’s just Andrew Bird and “the white girl in a crowd of white girls in the park” Matt Berninger doing a cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”.

How does it sound you ask? Well, just fucking amazing if you ask me. But you can judge it yourself.


So, what do you think happens at the end of a Perfect Day?


The San Diego Central Library will be hosting 2016 edition of CHECKED OUT.

This event will present the following artists in the auditorium: MF Redeemer, Skrapez, Planet B and Author & Punisher.

The San Diego Art Institute will be presenting BUILD A BEAST!! with artwork from Martin Ontiveros and they will also have a FREE monster craft event.

Artists Steve Flato and Scott Nielsen will be amplifying and playing the library itself, which sounds just freaking amazing to be able to witness.

One other highlight is that Pablo Dodero’s project Les Temps Barbares will be providing the soundtrack in between the bands performances. !ZEUQSAV! will be in charge of the visuals.

This event is FREE and all ages are welcome. Please tell your friends and neighbors and family and anyone you can bring to this event. Come and be a part of the music and the art and whatever else you allow to inspire you.


R.E.M. – All The Right Friends

I know you say

Maybe some day

I need never be alone

I know I say

It’s the right way

But you’ll never be the one
I’ve been walking alone now

For a long, long time

I don’t wanna hang out now

With the friends who just aren’t mine
Party to party

You’ve been looking

But your search will never end

You’ve been hanging

With the wrong crowd

You’ve got all the right friends
I’ve been walking alone now

For a long, long time

I don’t wanna hang out now 

With the friends that just aren’t mine
I don’t wanna be with you anymore

I just don’t want you anymore

I don’t wanna be with you anymore

I just don’t want you anymore
I don’t wanna be with you anymore

I just don’t want you anymore

I don’t wanna be with you anymore

I just don’t want you anymore.

Deep Sea Diver – Wide Awake

Watch Deep Sea Diver ‘s video for the song “Wide Awake”,  from their album ‘Secrets‘.

Doomsday Student – A self-help tragedy

This is Doomsday Student, their new album “A self-help tragedy”,  will be out on Dec. 2nd, via Three One G Records and SKiN GRAFT Records.
Their live performances are amazing, intense and loud, check them out if you get the chance.


“A self-help tragedy” 
1. “The First Trip”
2. “LSD Mom”
3. “Angry Christmas”
4. “Wonderful”
5. “Fight and Flight”
6. “Yoko Ono’s Nightmare”
7. “The Kids Are Confused”
8. “Johnston Tar Pits”

“Angry Christmas”


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