The Smile have released a second single, “The Smoke, off their upcoming debut album which should/will? be released sooner rather than later.

The video was done by Mark Jenkin. The band is joined by tuba player Theon Cross and jazz trumpeter Byron Wallen, along with saxophonists Chelsea Carmichael and Jason Yarde, trombonist Nathaniel Cross and Robert Stillman.

The band has 3 shows scheduled at Magazine London on January 29th and 30th and in a press release said this: “The performances bring together a live show, a livestream, and a cinematic film, captured by award-winning director, Paul Dugdale and produced by Driift.” The broadcasts for the 3 shows are broken down as follows:

BROADCAST #1: London – 8PM Sat. / New York – 3PM Sat. / Los Angeles – 12PM Sat. / Sydney – 7AM Sun. / Tokyo – 5AM Sun.

BROADCAST #2: London – 1AM Sun. / New York – 8PM Sat. / Los Angeles – 5PM Sat. / Sydney – 12PM Sun. / Tokyo – 10AM Sun.

BROADCAST #3: London – 11AM Sun. / New York – 6AM Sun. / Los Angeles – 3AM Sun. / Sydney – 10PM Sun. / Tokyo – 8PM Sun.