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The following is a series of videos with Nine Inch Nails most recent music.

The Nine Inch Nails appeared on the 8th episode of the new season of the show  Twin Peaks, this was one of our favorite episodes plus we got the chance to listen to the song “She’s gone away” from the EP ‘Not the Actual Events’.

A few days ago this music video was released, the song “Less than” from the ‘Add Violence’ EP, this is a more dancy tune.

“This isn’t the place” released today, this song reminds us a little bit of Radiohead‘s song “Nude” and also of the most recent work Reznor/Ross have done for films.

Radiohead – Nude

Radiohead – I promise

Here is Radiohead‘s video for the song “I Promise”, one of three previously unreleased tracks from the album OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 – 2017

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