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All My Friends Music Festival

Un mensaje importante del fundador de All My Friends
An important message from AMF’s founder Argenis Garcia:

AMF Message


Smerz – Worth it

We love Smerz, they know how to soothe our ears and get us in the right mood any day, here is ‘Worth it’ part of their Have fun EP available via XL recordings.

Henriette & Catharina are Smerz, they will be touring selected dates in USA as support for Mount Kimbie, make sure to check them out!



Daniel Rossen – Deerslayer

Art by: J. Penry

In “Deerslayer”, the piano makes the song sound a little ‘Beatlesque’ but the guitar, the arrangements and Daniel Rossen’s distinctive-beautiful voice makes it darker, sinister, we can imagine this song being part of the soundtrack of a film.
It’s the type of songwriting/composing we can’t have enough of.

“Deerslayer” will be released on April 21 as part of Record Store Day, it includes a B-side, a cover of ‘You’re Crossing a River’, originally released by Fred Nicolaus (Department of Eagles) for his Golden Suits project.

“Announcing a special release this Spring. Deerslayer is a song from recent times that hasn’t found a proper home. Though it doesn’t quite fit in with other tunes I’m working on now, I’d like to put it out into the world.

If you happened upon an old version of this tune that was floating around my semi-defunct 20th century style website, this new version is rounded out with horns and extra instrumention.

You’re Crossing A River is one of my favorite recent tunes of my old DoE bandmate Fred Nicolaus, and I had a good time making this version. Psyched to be able to give it a physical release as well.

And anyway, it feels like it’s time I put something out. Damn it.

In the near future (can’t commit to a timescale more specific than that) I will try to finish the rest of the jumble of songs and fragments that I’ve been mulling over, throwing out, retrieving from the trash, reworking, and starting over for the last 5 years and hopefully come back with an actual album length release…

thanks for listening



The Color Forty Nine/Rob Crow at Cine Tonalá


Vayan a disfrutar de la excelente música que The Color Forty Nine viene a presentar este Sábado 17 de Marzo en Cine Tonalá, promete ser una noche muy especial.
Aunque The Color Forty Nine, (con miembros de Maquiladora, The Black Heart Procession y The Album Leaf) proviene de San Diego, muchas de las canciones de su siguiente álbum fueron inspiradas por amigos, personajes y lugares de Tijuana durante el año pasado. Así que para la banda es un honor tener la oportunidad de compartir su música con el público de Tijuana en Ciné Tonalá para su tercer presentación en vivo. The Color Forty Nine combina tonos oscuros y cambiantes con historias cuasi ficticias de tiempos pasados, confesiones y reflejos de los muy extraños tiempos en que vivimos. Tendrán a un invitado muy especial, Rob Crow de Pinback, quien tocará un set acústico para abrir el show.
Boletos: The Color Forty nine / Rob Crow


Come to Tijuana to enjoy the excellent music that The Color Forty Nine is presenting next Saturday March 17 at Cine Tonalá, it’s going to be a very special night.
Though The Color Forty Nine (featuring members of Maquiladora, The Black Heart Procession and The Album Leaf) comes from San Diego, many of the songs on their forthcoming album were inspired by friends, characters and locales of Tijuana over the past year. So the band is honored to have the chance to share their music with the audience at Ciné Tonalá, for just their third show.
The Color Forty Nine blends dark and moody tones  with quasi fictional stories of times gone by, confession and reflections of the very strange times we live in.
Very special guest, Rob Crow from Pinback, will be playing an acoustic set to open the show.
Tickets: The Color Forty nine / Rob Crow

Shame and Protomartyr live at Space Bar

The band Shame from the UK made their debut here in San Diego on March 8th, 2018 when they played Space Bar. They did this in support of Protomartyr.

Shame came out and played one of the most energetic and fun and (post)punk shows that we’ve witnessed in a while. It truly felt like you were in the presence of something that can grow to be one of the biggest bands of their era.

Here’s a gallery from their show:

There are no pictures from Protomartyr because we had to leave. After Shame were done there was nothing left to experience live that night.

Protomartyr do have a show in Tijuana at Moustache bar on Tuesday March 13th, so go check them out there.

Black Pistol Fire live at the Casbah

Black Pistol Fire played the Casbah on November 19th, 2017. They didn’t just play it, more like shredded the place back to scale. It was a blues assault. It felt like a breath of fresh air to those tired blues duo band that don’t sound like that anymore.

Here’s a gallery from the show:

Here’s a clip of a song from their set:

By: Alfredo Tellez & Edeath Coffey

Weaves and Palehound at the Soda Bar

Weaves and Palehound brought their co-headlining tour to the Soda Bar on February 19th.

We’ve written about them before and we continue to sing praises to how amazing they sound live.

These are 2 bands that we feel still have so much to write about and more to give to their audiences. Jasmyn Burke (Weaves) and Ellen Kempner (Palehound) are the frontwomen for these bands and we know that you could gain so much from listening to them.

These are some pictures from Weaves:

These are some pictures from Palehound:

By: Alfredo Tellez/ Edeath Coffey

Gary Numan at the Observatory North Park

Here’s a gallery from when Gary Numan played the Observatory North Park on November 15th, 2017 in support of their latest album “Savage: Songs from a Broken World”.

Here’s the setlist from that show:

Ghost Nation / Metal / The Fall / Films / Bed Of Thorns / Dead Sun Rising / Down In The Park / Pray To The Pain You Serve / Here In Black / Mercy / Love Hurt Bleed / My Name is Ruin/ Cars / When The World Comes Apart / A Prayer For The Unborn.

ENCORE: M.E. / The End of Things / Are “Friends” Electric?

By: Alfredo Tellez / Edith Coffey

James Blake – If the car beside you moves ahead

“If the car beside you moves ahead
As much as it feels as though you’re dead
You’re not going backwards.”
James Blake

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