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Kurt Uenela (feat. Dave Gahan) – “G.O.D.”

Kurt Uenela has shared the first single, “G.O.D.”, off his upcoming EP “Manuscript” out December 16th via hfn.

1. Cracks Are Showing
2. Longing
3. Get Out
4. G.O.D.
5. I Think Not

The EP is a collaboration with Dave Gahan, and this is what Uenela shared about the EP: “I always wondered what he was writing in the notebook, but I never pried. During one of our check-ins I eventually asked what he was scribbling down when he was off in some corner, or standing on his own, next to a studio window.”

Dave Gahan shared this: “I’m not sure why, or when, exactly, I wrote these short pieces. I knew they were never to be songs. I do know that they were written when I was alone. Sometimes in a hotel room. Where? I can’t recall. Sometimes standing by the ocean, or walking the beach in winter. Sometimes on the empty streets of New York City, during the lockdown. Always whilst feeling the beauty, power, and loneliness of a world beyond me.”

Weird Nightmare – “So Far Gone”

Weird Nightmare has shared a new single, “So Far Gone”, out now via Sub Pop.

Weird Nightmare is the electrifying new project from METZ guitarist and singer Alex Edkins. This stand-alone track follows the double A-Side split, “I Think You Know” w/ “Bird With an Iron Head” with friends Ancient Shapes.

shame – “Food For Worms”

shame have shared the news that they will be releasing their new album, “Food for Worms”, on February 24th via Dead Oceans.

1. Fingers Of Steel
2. Six-Pack
3. Yankees
4. Alibis
5. Adderall
6. Orchid
7. The Fall of Paul
8. Burning By Design
9. Different Person
10. All The People

With the album announcement the band also shared the first single off the album, “Fingers Of Steel”, the video was directed by James Humby. About the song and video Charlie Steen shared this: “Self-obsession, social media flagellation and death can all be seen in this Oscar-nominated performance. No one’s ever done a video like this before and when you watch it, you’ll see why. Think Casablanca, but in color, and better.”

In a press release shame said this: “…The band called upon renowned producer Flood (Nick Cave, U2, Foals) to execute their vision. Recording each track live meant a kind of surrender: here, the rough edges give the album its texture; the mistakes are more interesting than perfection. In a way, it harks back to the title itself and the way that with this record, the band are embracing frailty and by doing so, are tapping into a new source of bravery…”

Steen added that he believes this is “the Lamborghini of shame records.”

Fake Names – “Expendables”

Fake Names have announced the release of their debit album, “Expendables”, out March 3rd via Epitaph

1. Targets
2. Expendables
3. Delete Myself
4. Go
5. Don’t Blame Yourself
6. Can’t Take It
7. Damage Done
8. Madtown
9. Caught In Between
10. Too Little Too Late

They’ve also shared the first single off the album, “Delete Myself”, the video was animated/ created by Alexis Fleisig.

Fake Names is Brian Baker (Minor Threat / Bad Religion / Dag Nasty), Michael Hampton (S.O.A. / Embrace), Dennis Lyxzén (Refused / INVSN / The [International] Noise Conspiracy), Johnny Temple (Girls Against Boys / Soulside) and newest addition Brendan Canty (Fugazi / Rites of Spring / The Messthetics).

Brian Baker said this about the band/album: “The pop influences are a little more out front on this one, and the production really helps it shine. It sounds more direct, more urgent. In general, Dennis writes about revolution, and Michael and I write pop songs. I’m amazed at how it works, but somehow it strikes the right balance of salty and sweet.”

Flying Lotus – “Ozzy’s Dungeon”

Flying Lotus has shared the scored he made for “Ozzy’s Dungeon” which was released via Warp while the short film he directed for the horror series V/H/S/99 is out now via Shudder.

TRACKLIST: 1. Opening (1996-1999)
2. Rules Of The Game
3. Host Talk
4. Interview Music / What Do YOU Wish For?
5. Catch That Meat
6. Consolation Prizes
7. Battle On!

Serj Tankian – “I Spoke Up”

Serj Tankian has released a new song, “I Spoke Up”, off his upcoming EP “Perplex Cities”.

The video for the song was created by Doodooc and is below:

Tankian has also released a video that offers more insight into his forthcoming performance of “Invocations,” an orchestral suite composed and performed by Tankian, which he debuts on April 29 at The Soraya (California State University Northridge).

Serj Tankian shared this :“’Invocations’ is an operatic suite that can best be described as music that calls on spirits to co-inspire and wander. The music for invocations was written over a long period of time, over many years, composing for film and being inspired by the orchestral ensemble and choir. I find these pieces from all of the compositions I’ve ever done, they invoke a spirituality in us. They invoke this connection in us, that music is meant to do.”

Not only is Tankian overseeing the performance, and singing on several of the pieces, he has also assembled a team of incredible vocalists: renowned tenor Brian Thorsett, world music singer Azam Ali, Francesca Genco and Charles Elliot. The vocalists will be backed by the impressive CSUN Symphony Orchestra, ethnic instrumentalists (including duduk master Jivan Gasparyan Jr.) and a full choir.

Billy Howerdel – “Ani”

Billy Howerdel has shared a new video for the song “Ani” off his recent album “What Normal Was”.

The video for the song was directed by Mynxii White.

The four-plus minute film utilizes low-key lighting, giving the dramatic story line an eerie wash of ambient street lighting. The fiery narrative is juxtaposed with footage of Howerdel recounting the story via the song’s lyrics.

Indigo Sparke – “Hysteria”

Indigo Sparke has released her new album, “Hysteria”, via Sacred Bones.


01 Blue
02 Hysteria
03 Pressure in My Chest
04 God Is a Woman’s Name
05 Why Do You Lie?
06 Pluto
07 Infinity Honey
08 Golden Ribbons
09 Real
10 Sad Is Love
11 Set Your Fire on Me
12 Hold On
13 Time Gets Eaten
14 Burn

The album was produced by Aaron Dessner (the National). This is something she shared about the album itself: “The whole theme of this album, in some ways, is reconciling. Reconciling hysteria, reconciling grief, and reconciling trauma and time and how the time like brings us around in these circles. It was maybe the first time in my life that I was truly, truly, truly alone. It didn’t have family, no friends, no relationship, no safety mechanism. And I had to fortify the sense of home, internally. And the only thing I could kind of keep returning to was my breath.”

From the album a few videos were released. One of them was for the the album opener “Blue”.

The other single they released was for the song “Pressure In My Chest” and was directed by Madeline Clayton.

The last video for the album was for the song “Hysteria”, the video was directed, edited and shot by Nina Gofur. Indigo shared this about the song: “This song is about being inside of love, right at the edge of hysteria,” Sparke says in a statement. “There is often an axis point in things. A place where things can tip into chaos or become unhinged. A marker point. As beautiful and turbulent as these moments are, sometimes it’s hard to return from them to a place that makes sense and feels safe. I think for so long and maybe still, sometimes, I find it hard to keep my balance in love. So many fireworks. So many sorries. So much hope. So much deep yearning. So much joy. So much poignant reflection in the tidal pools of intimacy. This song was the birthplace of the whole album. I had this song and the title before the rest found a home inside of this world too. I am still trying to unravel the bitter sweet nature of love and longing. What it means to truly let go. What it means to truly love.”

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to see her live then go and treat yourself and support her.

Patti Smith – “A Book Of Days”

Patti Smith will release a new book, “A Book Of Days”, out November 15th via Penguin Random House that was inspired by her Instagram account.

In a press statement that was released this was shared: “In 2018, without any plan or agenda for what might happen next, Patti Smith posted her first Instagram photo: her hand with the simple message “Hello Everybody!” Known for shooting with her beloved Land Camera 250, Smith started posting images from her phone including portraits of her kids, her radiator, her boots, and her Abyssinian cat, Cairo. Followers felt an immediate affinity with these miniature windows into Smith’s world, photographs of her daily coffee, the books she’s reading, the graves of beloved heroes William Blake, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Simone Weil, Albert Camus. Over time, a coherent story of a life devoted to art took shape, and more than a million followers responded to Smith’s unique aesthetic in images that chart her passions, devotions, obsessions, and whims. Original to this book are vintage photographs: anniversary pearls, a mother’s keychain, and a husband’s Mosrite guitar. Here, too, are photos from Smith’s archives of life on and off the road, train stations, obscure cafés, a notebook always nearby. In wide-ranging yet intimate daily notations, Smith shares dispatches from her travels around the world”.

Patti Smith will embark on a book tour: ‘A Book of Days’ Tour
11/14 – New York – Strand Books at Cooper Union
11/17 – Washington – Lisner Auditorium
11/18 – Miami Book Fair
11/20 – Chicago Humanities Festival
11/21 – Nashville – OZ Arts
11/22 – Philadelphia – Free Library
11/28 – San Francisco – Sydney Goldstein Theater
11/29 – Santa Cruz – Rio Theatre
11/30 – San Rafael – Dominican University of California
12/01 – Portland – Arlene Schnitzer Hall at Cooper Union
12/02 – Seattle Town Hall
12/05 – Los Angeles – Saban Theatre

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