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Hiatus Kaiyote – Mood Valiant

Hiatus Kaiyote released their new album “Mood Valiant” on June 25th via Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune Records.

1. Flight Of The Tiger Lily
2. Sip Into Something Soft
3. Chivalry Is Not Dead
4. And We Go Gentle
5. Get Sun (feat. Arthur Verocai)
6. All The Words We Don’t Say
7. Hush Rattle
8. Rose Water
9. Red Room
10. Sparkle Tape Break Up
11. Stone Or Lavender
12. Blood And Marrow

The first single they released was for the song “Get Sun (feat. Arthur Verocai). The video was directed by Grey Ghost (Jeremy Koren).

That was followed shortly after by the song “Red Room”. This video was directed by Tré Koch.

Hiatus Kaiyote is comprised of Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield (guitar, vocals), Paul Bender (bass), Simon Mavin (keys), and Perrin Moss (drums).

They’ve been sampled and/or collaborated with the likes of The Carters (Beyonce & Jay-Z), Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Chance The Rapper, Q-Tip and others.

The music they create is not something you can just label a specific genre which in a way is very fitting that they released this album on Flying Lotus Brainfeeder label. Just like him or Thundercat they just don’t make a particular style of music. They’re artists and they create.

The journey of the album originally began on the road, as they began to add new material to their live sets in while touring in support of Choose Your Weapon. By the fall of 2018, backing tracks had largely been laid, ready for Nai’s vocals. Then, during a brief swing through the U.S., Hiatus’s frontwoman was diagnosed with breast cancer. “That was a massive scare,” recalls Nai. Her mother’s death from the same disease was never far from her mind. Nai rushed back to Australia and into the hospital, where she underwent a life-saving mastectomy. As Nai recovered, the band turned back to their work with altered perspectives. Her lyrics, even those written before her illness, took on a prescient quality. It wasn’t until a trip to Rio de Janeiro in late-2019 to work with legendary Brazilian arranger Arthur Verocai on “Get Sun” that the vibe of the entire album shifted. “When you think your life is going to be taken away from you, it makes you think about who you are,” Nai says. “I guess after the breast cancer scare I decided that I needed to prove to life that the offering I have is genuine. My only wish is to live and offer my experience of time and beauty.”

As of yet no tour dates have been announced for the USofA.

Sonido De La Frontera

Sonido De La Frontera have announced the release of their upcoming album “Sonidero Guerrillero” vía Three One G out on September 24th, 2021.

Cumbia De La Frontera
Si Quieres Mas (Ft El Chevy)
Sonidero Guerrillero
Cumbia Pacífica Del Mar
La Lucha Continua
Somos Sonideros
Libre Como El Viento
El Callo De Jose
Prisionero Yo No Soy

They’ve shared the first video from the album for the track “Somos Sonideros”. The video was directed by Luke Henshaw, it was shot by Becky DiGiglio and edited by Displaced/Replaced.

Sonido De La Frontera is made up of Karlos Paez, Mr. Henshaw, and DJ Unite. Karlos Paez is also known for his role as vocalist for San Diego’s Latin Music project, The B-Side Players. DJ Unite is a veteran DJ for Tribe of Kings Soundsystem as well as First Power Crew. Mr. Henshaw is the producer for First Power Crew, and has produced many break records directed towards the avid turntablist. His sound is dark and heavy, with an emphasis on big drums and bass, as evident in his current projects Planet B and Satanic Planet.

Sonido De La Frontera is the combination of Soundsystem culture, hip hop production aesthetic and cumbia. The result is a bass oriented, dance driven music with a sound unique to the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. 

Psychic Graveyard – A Good Looking Ghost

Psychic Graveyard have premiered the second single, “A Good Looking Ghost”, off their new album ‘Veins Feels Strange’ out September 10th via Deathbomb Arc.

The video for “A Good Looking Ghost” was directed by the multitalented Eric Livingston and he, as usual, did not disappoint.

As you’ve come to expect from Psychic Graveyard, this song is built around the knob handling from Nathan Joyner and the pounding from Charles Ovett behind the drums, Paul Vieira and the poetry from Eric Paul rounding out the post synth punk sound.

They have 2 upcoming supporting tours for 2022. One with Daughters with a couple of shows so far in NYC.

The other one supporting METZ across Europe.

No additional dates for the USofA (or Tijuana) have been announced yet.


Annette is a magical, glorious and delirious musical tragedy.

Annette comes from a concept album idea from the band Sparks, who are having a mainstream moment thanks to this and a documentary that was directed by Edgar Wright. The band met Carax in Cannes when the director was premiering “Holy Motors” and he had used a Sparks song for that movie and their collaboration began.

(There are some spoilers in the review below.)

Leos Carax directs a wonderful Marion Cotillard (Ann). She’s a revered opera actress. The audience loves her as much as her accompanist. She’s accomplished and always gives more on each subsequent performance. Her audience is captivated and in awe, at one point her boyfriend, Adam Driver (Henry) gets to see her the finale of one of her performances and you bear witness to him realizing (confirming?) that she’s the better part of the relationship.

Adam Driver plays Henry. Henry is a stand up comedian. He’s the opposite of Ann. His onstage persona is a robe wearing always smoking angry, confrontational smart eloquent and hostile comedian. Basically he’s Bill Hicks with a robe and a great body. Now, there is no way to confirm this but the basis for this assumption comes from the fact that he goes after the audience a couple of times, the self deprecating humor, the constant questioning of why is he funny and why would.anyone find him attractive. The dick jokes. He gets shot onstage.

They get engaged. They get married. They get pregnant. The baby comes along. The stress fractures the fragile relationship. They go away from the spotlight to rekindle their love. Tragedy strikes. A return from the ashes looks possible. Magic and wonder ensues. Self inflicted tragedy strikes again.

It’s in the third act that the movie gets surreal. And magical. And tender. Almost dreamlike before human nature and it’s shortcomings take over and replaces those tender feelings with a hopeless self inflicted tragedy.

The more I think of the movie the more I remember things and the more I find moments that stayed with me permanently.

Obviously the music is the most fundamental aspect of the movie and it doesn’t let down from the start with the aptly titled “So May We Start” at the beginning of the movie that, literally, sets you up for what’s to come. To the voyeuristic romance of “We Love Each Other” to the sociopathic “I’m an Accompanist” to the loving “True Love Always Finds A Way” and “Aria” to the personal favorite “You Used To Laugh” to the tragic “Let’s Waltz in the Storm” and lastly all of the Annette songs “We’ve Washed Ashore” and the “Premiere Songs”. There isn’t a bad song in the whole movie. The performances are impecable. It’s a musical and a tragedy and a comedy and a drama and an opus all into one.

Go watch the movie and let it live within you. Give it the space it needs to breathe and grow.

Caleb Landry Jones – Gadzooks Vol. 1

Caleb Landry Jones has announced the release of his new album “Gadzooks Vol. 1”, out September 24th via Sacred Bones Records.

1. Never Wet
2. Yesterday Will Come
3. The Loon (A Gate Away)
4. Bogie
5. Gloria
6. California
7. For A Short Time (There Was Loving)
8. A Slice Of Dream
9. This Won’t Come Back

The first single off the album is ‘Bogie’. The video was created by Jacqueline Castel.

Caleb Landry Jones just won the Best Actor award at Cannes for his role in the movie “Nitram”. Some of the previous acting roles he’s had have been Banshee in X-Men First Class, Get Out, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, a few episodes in Twin Peaks and the Dead Don’t Die. These last 2, the one’s with David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch, were done with directors that are part of Sacred Bones Records roster. And it was Jim Jarmusch himself that made the introduction between the actor/musician and the label.

Caleb said this of his album: “I stole from what was around me, what fell out of the television, what passed below my windows, relationships, old and new. My frustrations, desires, day dreams and fears scattered themselves throughout my writing. It is a direct response to the album before it. I felt whatever I wrote next needed to be more consistent. I knew that I wanted to put everything down on tape. I wanted the same players as before but to go further. The perspectives from which I write, jump erratically and can turn on a dime. Others grow and burn, only to sometimes vanish on the spot, just before the hat drops… My intention is to not rob the listener of their own fantasies by describing the annals of purpose which in turn, only unearth a fragile magic. I am interested only in the album’s response by its audience. The album is there to be digested, not by the front of your brain, but by the back. It is for the lover of labyrinths and quagmires.”

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (or Tijuana).

Small Isles – The Valley, The Mountains, The Sea.

Small Isles released their debut album “The Valley, The Mountains, The Sea” on June 25th via AKP Recordings, an imprint of Dangerbird Records.

Tracklist: 1 – The Concept
2 – Walked From Ruin
3 – I Came as a Faux
4 – Life at One
5 – Fort Wayne
6 – Lake Superior
7 – Maybe We Will
8 – The Plot to Take Clover

The video for the single ‘Life at One’ was done Riley Anderson. About the video Jim Fairchild said: “I had this vague concept of a person facing down their mortality and then finding redemption and purpose. Where Riley took the song was beyond what I’d hoped for. It is heartbreaking in the best possible way, without becoming didactic. He is also making a chopped and screwed version of the video which will serve as a chaptered visual accompaniment for the whole album. Riley’s work brought the whole album to life in a way I’d hoped for but couldn’t have imagined.”

Small Isles is the new instrumental project of guitarist Jim Fairchild (Grandaddy / Modest Mouse / All Smiles) and songwriter/composer Jacob Snider, Small Isles inhabits a rare hypnotic twilight between motion picture music and incandescent cosmic folk. At once a love letter to film soundtracks and a meditative balm for our troubled times, The Valley, The Mountains, The Sea was recorded by Fairchild on a bare-bones mobile rig while on tour with Modest Mouse, in the cracks of time between soundchecks and performances, from city to city, in darkened hotel rooms and over-lit backstage dressing rooms, giving the album a sense of intimacy, of stolen time and weary after show solitude.

This is what Jim Fairchild had to say about Small Isles: “I began writing this album with a vague prompt. I wanted to conceive music that would inspire Ang Lee and Rick Moody to come together and use my work as a mood board for creating a spiritual sequel to The Ice Storm. And then use the album as cues for the score to the movie. I worked on it backstage almost every day during a tour with Modest Mouse. It was a dark time and it was healing to set up my rig and make music as a ritual. I was feeling good about the results, but it wasn’t until Jacob Snider started adding to the songs that they felt as beautiful and evocative as I’d imagined they could. Once Mike Cresswell sent me back the mixes, my favorite songs were the ones Jacob was on. So Small Isles the band was born. Now we have this album and another five-song EP that we’ll start mixing in the next couple of weeks with live strings and a fully formed collaboration between Jacob and me.”

There are no tour dates as of yet for the USofA (or Tijuana).

Clinic – Fantasy Island

Clinic have officially announced the release of their new album “Fantasy Island” to be released October 22nd via Domino Records. With the announcement they’ve also shared their new single ‘Fantasy Island’.

01 “The Lamplighter”
02 “Fine Dining”
03 “Take A Chance”
04 “Refractions (In The Rain)”
05 “Dreams Can Come True”
06 “Miracles”
07 “On The Other Side…”
08 “Fantasy Island”
09 “I Can’t Stand The Rain”
10 “Feelings”
11 “Hocus Pocus”
12 “Grand Finale”

The video was directed by Emily Evans. The band say about the single: “Get out of your tree tonight with Clinic’s new electro-rockabilly shebang.”

The band revealed in a soundbite that: Clinic look to a brighter future. This time they are embracing the idea of looking at the future and the different ways it can unfold. It’s a tin of fruit cocktail.

Referencing H.G. Wells’ Things to Come, Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage and Sombrero Fallout by Richard Brautigan, the themes Clinic explore on this album are time, music and entertainment. In a (coco) nutshell, Clinic have gone funky disco, broadening their sonic palette with the addition of several new gadgets including an electronic acid bass machine, a 1970s cocktail rhythm unit, a Casio digital horn and space drum.

They are also heading out on their first live tour since 2012 later this year. No dates have been announced for the USofA (or Tijuana) yet.

James Blake – Friends That Break Your Heart

James Blake has announced his new album “Friends That Break Your Heart” to be released September 10th. With the album announcement came the release also of the first single ‘Say What You Will’.


The video stars James Blake and Finneas. Blake said this of the song: “The song is about finding peace with who you are and where you’re at regardless of how well other people seem to be doing. Comparison really is the thief of joy.”

He’s announce some tour dates kicking off in San Diego, CA.
September 16 – San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park
September 19 – San Francisco, CA @ Greek Theatre
September 21 – Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
September 22 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
September 25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl
September 28 – Denver, CO @ The Fillmore
September 30 – Minneapolis, MN @ The State Theatre
October 2 – Detroit, MI @ Fillmore Auditorium
October 3 – Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre
October 6 – Boston, MA @ Boch Center Wang Theatre
October 8 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore Philadelphia
October 9 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
October 12 – Washington, DC @ The Anthem
October 13 – Charlotte, NC @ Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
October 15 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy – Superwolves

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Matt Sweeney have finally gotten around, 16 years later, in making the follow to their album Superwolf aptly titled “Superwolves” which was released via Drag City.


01 Make Worry for Me
02 Good to My Girls
03 God Is Waiting
04 Hall of Death
05 Shorty’s Ark
06 I Am a Youth Inclined to Ramble
07 My Popsicle
08 Watch What Happens
09 Resist the Urge
10 There Must Be a Someone
11 My Blue Suit
12 My Body Is My Own
13 You Can Regret What You Have Done
14 Not Fooling

The duo released a few videos in anticipation of the album’s release. This one is for “My Body Is My Own” and it was recorded at the Apex Protection Project wolf rescue and sanctuary in L.A.

Another one was for “Resist The Urge”. This one was directed by Atiba and Kevin “Spanky’ Long.

The video for “My Blue Suit” was directed by Geoff McFetridge.

Sai Selvarajan & Jeff Bednarz directed the video for “Hall Of Death”.

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe directed what was the first offering from the album “Make Worry For Me”.

They started the process for this album 5 years ago sending sketches and demos and ideas back and forth. There were instances were Will Oldham would send the lyrics over to Matt Sweeney so he could put music to the words. There’s a delicate nature on how Sweeney knows Oldham’s voice so well that he can put music to the lyrics. “I love the challenge to write melodies for Will to sing,” Sweeney said. “Struggle with that challenge, too. Knowing that Will’s voice will elevate the melody makes me reach higher and dig deeper for the tune. Makes me want to match it with a guitar part that holds his voice like a chalice holds wine (or blood, or whatever is needed to live the best life). I also love singing harmonies and responses to this voice of his.”

Will said this about the record: “Even if it’s only for the two and a half minutes or four minutes that the song is on…. You don’t want people to just sit back and hear it and say, ‘That’s awesome,’ you want people to sit with it for, you know…if you’ve done your job right, sit with it for days or weeks or months or years.”

Go and immerse yourself in this album and once you’re done go and chase the rabbit hole that is both of their discographies.

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