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Kurt Cobain.

I was 12 years old.
I was sitting on a bus full of other students from my junior high school. We were waiting for the rest of the students to cross the border so they could load up the bus and take us on a school road trip, it could’ve been Magic Mountain or any of those bullshit annual trips.
I didn’t hang with these other kids. Nor the ones we were waiting for. I was just waiting for this long ass bus ride to an amusement park to begin so I could wander alone in the park, and maybe tag along with some other weirdos, but I seriously doubt it that could happen.
In the midst of waiting, and listening to the whole lot screaming and talking loudly on a school bus, one of the older kids comes in rushing to the bus and gets the tape player he had brought from home.
I’m sitting 3, maybe 4, rows away from where all this bullshit chaos nonsense is happening.
And he says to his friends something to the effect of:
– “hey, shut the fuck up and listen”.
– his friends comply.

He goes ahead and pops in a cassette. Puts the vomume close to the max, if not at the max. And this is the first time, of about 25 consecutive times on that same bus ride, my 12 year old ears listen to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.
And needles to say. My 12 year old brain sort of exploded. I had always been surrounded by people I knew whenever music discovery time happened, but here I was alone and surrounded by a shitload of strangers that to this day don’t remember their names but that one asshole kid who was at least 3 years older than me played a song in an environment that caused my head and heart to be filled with the joy of liking something new.
The rest of the day I hummed and made up lyrics to the song while I wandered around the amusement park by myself.

Goddamn right music can change your life.

Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales


Chastity, Brandon Williams outfit from Toronto, released his album “Death Lust” on Captured Tracks back on July of 2018.

They just released a video for the new single “Innocence”.

Children was the other video and single released of their new album and is a must watch also.

The first single released was “Heaven Hell Anywhere Else”:

All in all Chastity is a good torch bearer for the continuation of post rock and ferocious noise. Which might be why they are the best band to open up the tour with Dilly Dally who will be playing the Casbah on April 2nd.
Do not sleep on Chastity album and see them live if you can.

Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

Boy Harsher live at the Casbah

Boy Harsher kicked off their latest leg of their tour in support of their most recent album “Careful”, which was released February 1st by Nude Club Records, at the Casbah with their sold out show.

The gothsynth pop duo took the stage to a sold out crowd, and from the first notes that were played the crowd was ready to be taken on this darkwave of a journey.
The sound delivered from Jae Matthews and Augustus Miller is ripe for the goth, darkwave, post punk, Bauhaus loving scene that San Diego has.

Here’s a gallery from the show:

They’re on the the last dates of their US tour, make sure you go out and see them live. Buy their record. Support the sold out dates anyway you can.



Words and pictures by: Alfredo Tellez and Edith Morales.

David Scott Stone, FEMME, Adiós Mundo Cruel, Simonel

David Scott Stone, FEMME, Adiós Mundo Cruel, Simonel, se presentan hoy Sábado 23 de Marzo en Moustache bar en Tijuana.

David Scott Stone (Los Angeles)
Es un multinstrumentalista y productor de música alternativa, electrónica, ha colaborado con artistas como The Melvins, Unwound, Fantômas, The Locust, Jello Biafra, Keiji Haino, Mike Patton, Adam Jones, Merzbow, Masonna, Big Business, No Age, John Taylor, es ex-miembro de LCD Soundsystem.
Estará de regreso en Tijuana, dando una presentación en vivo, el Sábado 23 de Marzo en Moustache bar.

FEMME (London)
Descrita como una “mujer poderosa” por Annie Mac de la BBC Radio 1, FEMME (Laura Bettinson) es “the real deal” cuando se trata de arte sin adulterar. Como compositora, productora, vocalista y DJ, FEMME ha evitado el gran interés de las discográficas para mantener su visión musical sin interferencia. Este enfoque intransigente no ha impedido que se mezclara con lo grande y lo bueno: FEMME ha realizado una gira por los Estados Unidos con Charli XCX, ha colaborado en canciones por Sasha, Justin Martin, Four Tet y David Lynch. FEMME también es colaboradora y vocalista de la banda ultraísta con el productor de Radiohead Nigel Godrich.
El sonido que FEMME está explorando ahora es un poco convencional y está inclinado más a lo electrónico. Ella es reconocida por la industria del Reino Unido como una de las únicas mujeres Artista-Productora en un campo dominado por los hombres, haciéndose notar en el house y la electrónica. Menciones recientes por Future Music Magazine, DJ Mag y Billboard por nombrar algunos.

(aka Pablo Dodero) (San Diego)
Adiós mundo cruel es el proyecto electrónico de Pablo Dodero de Les Temps Barbares.
Su música concilia el lenguaje abstracto del ambient y el drone con el carácter kinetic y mecánico del EBM y el Techno Industrial.� Su estilo no tiene un lugar exacto en donde catalogarse pero es un producto de experimentación pura con la repetición y electrónica psicodélica.� AMC usa una combinación de sintetizadores FM con un sistema modular para crear un set energético y confuso. �Dodero ha girado por Estados Unidos y ha tocado en vivo con actos como Boy Harsher, JT Whitfield, Lower Tar y Somali Extract entre otros y participó en un evento de Mutek en Montreal en el festival Suoni Per Il Popolo.

Proyecto solista de música electrónica a cargo de Obed Márquez en donde desarrolla experimentaciones sonoras basadas en el ambient/drone y el sonido analógico LoFi por medio de grabaciones de campo, sintetizadores y cajas de ritmos procesados; capturadas en “tapeloops” para crear atmósferas en repetición.

Sharon Van Etten live at The Observatory North Park

Sharon Van Etten played the Observatory in North Park on February 28th in support of her amazing, and one of the best releases from this year, latest album “Remind Me Tomorrow” which was released on January 18th by Jagjaguwar.

Hearing (and seeing) Sharon Van Etten live is treat. Days after the show there was still a sense of elation for being there present. Her voice has such a power that carries any song and tune, she could fill you up with hope in one song and then break your heart in the next  and still leave you with a smile in the end. It didn’t matter how many times she changed gears in her set she still commanded the stage. There is a presence to her act now, which may very well be from her work in the amazing TV series Twin Peaks and The OA.

Thee are some tints of bands she might have influenced, and she’s collaborated with, during her career because you could her some live arrangements in the same vein as The National, which whom she worked with recently for their upcoming album.

Sharon Van Etten has the charisma and the songwriting abilities to go down in history as one of the greatest musicians of all time.
Long life to Sharon Van Etten because we cannot give her enough praise.

Below you will find a gallery from the show:


Jupiter Love / Comeback Kid / No One’s Easy To Love / One Day / Tarifa / Memorial Day / Your Shadow / Malibu / Hands / Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O’Connor cover) / Seventeen / Every Time The Sun Comes Up / Stay
I Told You Everything / Serpents / Love More.


Words and Pictures by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales

Author & Punisher, Silent, Warsaw, Beatriz Viterbo

AP poster

Author & Punisher en Tijuana Sábado 9 de Marzo, después de una extensa gira Europea promocionando su nuevo disco “Beastland” (Relapse Records), regresa a presentarse en Moustache Bar con invitados especiales: Silent (MXL), Warsaw (SD) y Beatriz Viterbo de (TJ).

Author & Punisher, es un one-man-band de industrial doom y drone metal, que utiliza principalmente máquinas / controladores fabricados a mano y personalizados, parlantes llamados Drone/Dub Machines. Los dispositivos se basan en gran medida en aspectos de automatización industrial, robótica y herramientas y dispositivos mecánicos, centrándose en el erotismo de la interacción con las máquinas.

Silent, post-punk, goth/death rock desde Mexicali, con ex-miembros de Maniquí Lazer y All Leather.
Su primer disco “A Century of abuse” fue editado por Three One G Records y recientemente lanzaron un cover de “Prayers for rain” de The Cure.
Sus presentaciones en vivo son una experiencia que no te puedes perder.

Warsaw – Band, es una banda basada en San Diego, con un sonido oscuro, sexy y siniestro, envuelto en un ambiente casi cinematográfico. Las comparaciones con The Cure, Depeche Mode y Portishead se han elaborado, pero Warsaw ha definido y refinado por completo un sonido propio. Con miembros actuales y ex miembros de Ilya, KATA y Goodbye Blue Monday.

Beatriz Viterbo, punk rock puro de Tijuana

More Pain – Hammering Tenderness

Nick Zinner and Justin Pearson have a history, they’ve been touring together or recording since the early 00’s. Justin Pearson’s band The Locust toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. They also worked together, along Cody Votolato and Jordan Billie from the Blood Brothers and Gabe Serbian from the Locust, on the criminally underrated Head Wound City.

Now comes More Pain and their upcoming release on Three One G as a 3 song EP on a flexi disc 7″ on April 19th, with a layout by The Black Moon Design.
The video was directed by Joanna Lopes and is a great juxtaposition of skulls and crosshairs.



State of bore, shadow war.
God swore life’s a chore.
You lost me at, “God says”, suck on those warheads.
Pre-war/Post-war: Die some more, and furthermore …
God fucking swore.
So if you have 30 seconds to spare. Push play. Play it loud. Repeat. Let’s hope there’s news of live dates coming soon.



1. Hammering Tenderness
2. Life and Leisure
3. Unfaithful Disadvantage


Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

Mormor – Pass The Hours

Mormor released a new song titled “Pass The Hours”.
We’ve written before about how much we enjoy and love the work that the singer multi instrumentalist producer Seth Nyquist does. And this song is no exception, you can have this on a hypnotic loop and still find something new everytime.

Will this be a part of a full length album or another EP, we don’t know yet. But its still exciting to be able to listen to new music.



Mormor will be on tour this Spring.

US TOUR Dates:

4/16 – Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
4/17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
4/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
4/20 – Montreal, QC @ Le Minestre
4/24 – Toronto, ON @ Longboat Hall
4/25 – Detroit, MI @ El Club
4/26 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
4/30 – Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret
5/1 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza
5/2 – Portland, OR @ Holocene
5/4 – San Francisco, CA @ Swedish American Hall
5/7 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge

Peter Murphy 40 years of Bauhaus, Ruby Celebration featuring David J

Peter Murphy and David J are celebrating 40 years of Bauhaus debut album “In The Flat Field” by performing it live in it’s entirety. Some of the songs in the album have not been played live since the album debuted on November back in 1980.


Trying to express the importance and/or the influence that this album has had in the almost 40 years that have passed since it was released is kind of futile. This is a benchmark and a cornerstone. Peter Murphy’s aging voice gave the songs a new gravitas, while having David J cemented the seriousness of the album.

Getting to hear the whole album played live was a very special treat. With some bands it might feel trite or gimmicky, but there are certain albums that deserve to be heard in order live, even if you only have half of the original band members on stage, they deserve to be felt and experienced that way. We are on this time when more and more bands are venturing out to celebrate their milestones and we are the lucky ones that get to bare witness.

Peter Murphy’s theatrics have aged well as he still commands the stage as if he’s possessed by the music and entranced by his lyrics. The sold out crowd sounded satisfied singing the chorus to Bela Lugosi’s Dead, and cheering on to She’s In Parties and Kick In The Eye. And always a highlight to hear Telegram Sam into Ziggy Stardust.

SETLIST: <In The Flat Field> Double Dare / In The Flat Field / A God In An Alcove / Dive / Spy In The Cab / Small Talk Stinks / St Vitus Dance / Stigmata Martyr / Nerves <In The Flat Field>
Burning From The Inside / Silent Hedges / Bela Lugosi’s Dead / She’s In Parties / Adrenalin
ENCORE: Kick In The Eye / The Passion Of Lovers / Telegram Sam (T. Rex cover) / Ziggy Stardust (Bowie cover)
ENCORE 2: Severance (Dead Can Dance cover).


Words & Pics by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

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