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R.E.M. – Drive

R.E.M.‘s amazing album ‘Automatic for the people’ turned 25 years, here is the video for the song “Drive”.


Lee Ranaldo – Thrown over the wall

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

“Thrown over the wall” is an amazing song by Lee Ranaldo, taken from his new album ‘Electric Trim’, available via Mute Records.
Ranaldo explains, “This is a song for the resistance: We use a telescope to measure great distances, a micrometer or microscope to explore minutia. The scale is vast, from infinite to infinitesimal; we humans but a momentary blip on the cosmic timeline. Last of your kind? RESIST / Eyes Ahead / Inclusion not Exclusion / RESIST.”

King Krule – Dum Surfer

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

King Krule
has a new album called ‘The OOZ’, out via XL Recordings and True Panther, which is amazing and one of our favorite albums of 2017.
Here is the video for the song “Dum Surfer”
Music video directed by Brother Willis.

Fever Ray – Wanna sip

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

Watch Fever Ray’s latest video for the song “Wanna Sip”, off her new album Plunge available now.

Ride – Pulsar

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

Listen to “Pulsar“, new track by Ride, the song is not included in their latest album ‘Weather diaries’.

“Pulsar re-imagines old organ samples, transmissions from space, effects, heavy beats and pulsing chords. The song title tips its head to the 60’s instrumental ’Telstar’ in name and theme; and the idea was to come up with some kind of ‘space anthem’ about light, existence, travel and return. The band all contributed to make the song what it is, and it all really came together in the studio when we worked with Erol Alkan once again, following on from the success of the ‘Weather Diaries’ sessions.” – Loz Colbert.

Adam Gnade at Space Bar

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

Adam Gnade (Pioneer Press / Three One G) played Space Bar in San Diego as part of the official after party of the San Diego Zine Fest and he delivered big.

His set was a mix of Lynchian folk noise music being played and poetry being delivered to your ears. It was eerie yet filled with warmth.

Adam started the set by himself, his guitar and his voice. Eventually he was joined on stage by the other half of the noise that conpmimented his set. If they had told you that most of this was improvised we could of just shrugged it off as heresy. For the some of us that were there to witness the show it was such a pleasure.

Rainer Maria at the Casbah

Rainer Maria played the Casbah on 10/13/17.

They just released their self titled album, their first one in over 10 years over at Polyvinyl on August 18th.

Welcome back Rainer Maria.

Here’s a gallery from the show.

Swervedriver live at the Casbah

Swervedriver played the Casbah last night to perform the albums “Raise” and “Mezcal Head” and holy shit they did not disappoint.

The sound was loud and clear and the band sounded amazing.

Here’s a gallery of pictures from their set last night.

U2 at Qualcomm Stadium

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

U2 played Qualcomm Stadium last night.

Larry Mullen came out first, walked out all the way to his drum set that was set up in the extension of the stage out with the public. Adam Clayton and The Edge followed. And “Sunday Bloody Sunday” promptly started.

And in a way maybe it should’ve stayed that way and just done instrumentals of all the songs, or maybe just bring out Bono for the Joshua Tree album performance.

The band (sans Bono) was great. Really rehearsed, but then again how hard can it be to go out and play 30 year old songs (again), I mean those same songs have been played for the last 7 tours at leeast.

The screen was impressive, but that’s mostly because it was very hi def and it was massive. Some of the picture stills were good but forgettable. The one song with a horn section was reduced to the band playing live and having “the horn section” on screen as playback. Yawn. Some of the live footage shown was reminiscent of those screensavers of about 20 years ago, which as about how long ago the band released a good album.

The sound was horrible at the beginning, it got better when they took the stage for the album performance, then slowly it started getting worse again and at one point it almost sounded as if the speakers, or some of them might blow because of the over saturation of sound the engineer tried to pour out.

Bono. His voice sounded tired and off. There was almost no passion or feeling delivered, yes the preaching was there, but now it mostly felt like a job than a desire. It felt like he was just cashing in on the nostalgia and the majority of fans there didn’t or don’t seem to care.

Hearing an album like the Joshua Tree played live in its entirety and in order is special and there were some great moments, (Bad, In God’s Country, Bullet the Blue Sky, and all of side B from the album). But in all honesty it might not be worth the price of admission.

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