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Bush Tetras – Too many creeps

“Too many creeps” by Bush Tetras, it seems fitting in this day and age, after 37 years the song was released.
Ever since, Bush Tetras have been a big influence for so many bands.

I just don’t wanna go
Out in the streets no more
I just don’t wanna go
Out in the streets no more
Because these people they give me
They give me the creeps
Because these people they give me
They give me the creeps

I don’t wanna
Too many creeps

I just can’t pay the price
Of shopping around
No more
I just can’t pay the price
Of shopping around
No more
Because there’s just nothing
That’s worth the cost
It’s the worst
Because there’s just nothing
That’s worth the cost
Cause it’s the worst


The following is a series of videos with Nine Inch Nails most recent music.

The Nine Inch Nails appeared on the 8th episode of the new season of the show  Twin Peaks, this was one of our favorite episodes plus we got the chance to listen to the song “She’s gone away” from the EP ‘Not the Actual Events’.

A few days ago this music video was released, the song “Less than” from the ‘Add Violence’ EP, this is a more dancy tune.

“This isn’t the place” released today, this song reminds us a little bit of Radiohead‘s song “Nude” and also of the most recent work Reznor/Ross have done for films.

Radiohead – Nude

Electric Healing Sound at the Ken Club (again).

Here’s a photo gallery of Electric Healing Sound show (7/1/17) at the Ken Club.

As an added bonus here’s a live rendition of   “Baby, It’s Suede (Ode To The King)”…

The Dears.

The Dears matter to me.

The reason for this is quite simple. I feel that I’ve grown (older) with the band. I was lucky to hear them for the first time when I used to work in a record store (cliché, I know) and one of my co-workers (thank you Nick!) started playing the album “No Cities Left”. Before the second song was even finished “Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe” I was in love. No, that is not an exaggeration that is the feeling I had. The voice, the music, the lyrics, the arrangements. Everything got under my skin. I heard what Murray was singing and I believed him. I thought he was singing about me. I now it sounds childish, but when music makes you feel something more it becomes magical and that is exactly what The Dears became to me.

I was lucky enough to see them in a Sold Out show at the El Rey Theatre in 2005. At the same show Morrissey was there to see them perform, I know this because I saw him and I waved at him and he waved back. Yes, that was a very special moment for me as well. A year later I was at their 2 pm set at Coachella, that set I’m somewhat afraid to admit was not one of their very best. They deserved a different slot, maybe something later in the evening. But that’s the life in the festival circuits. After a few months their album “Gang Of Losers” was released and to my taste it did not disappoint. Granted this was the last time I would hear them make music like that.

Their next album “Missiles” saw them moving in a different direction, moving away from their ‘The Smith’s-like” arrangements and more into a brave new direction that didn’t necessarily connect with me immediately, or after multiple listens. On this tour I saw them open up for “The Secret Machines” in their Belly-up show in Solana Beach, (that show became even more special after the passing of Benjamin Curtis). This doesn’t mean is a bad album, nor does it mean that it’s their most disliked, this just means that just like any relationship I had to accept this album as their thing and move on and wait for their follow-up. And waiting I did. 3 years later they release “Degeneration Street”. And again the almost the same story as with their prior album. I heard it. I wanted to like it more that I actually did. I wanted to feel something new again. Maybe I was asking for too much, maybe I didn’t know what I was looking for at that time. Maybe what I was going through was not what they were singing about. Maybe. I don’t know. I needed to see them live again. I needed to hear Murray’s voice live and loud. I didn’t. A few more years had to pass before news broke that the band was releasing “Times Infinity, Vol 1”. At first glance I thought it was the band toying with my emotion hinting at a continuous collection of songs that manage to exist in the same breath but not in the same album at the same time, but that are connected. The album came out and it was like falling in love again. It had some what I think are some of the best songs that they have ever recorded. Seeing them live at the Casbah was an amazing experience, the set had a perfect balance of old and new songs, it did so to the point where you felt that all the songs could’ve been from the same album, within the same breath.


Now they ‘ve announced that “Times Infinity, Vol 2” is coming out and a tour right behind that LP to promote it. These are the songs that they’ve released so far on Spotify:


All The Hail Marys

I’m Sorry That I Wished You Dead

Taking It To The Grave

Needless to say, if they come within driving distance to you, then you should make an effort to go to at least two of their shows. They truly are wonderful live and to be able to hear Murray’s voice now, 20 years later and still making music and having an impact in the music world, is truly a spectacle to be able to witness.

After being a fan of the band for more than a decade. After having their music become a part of my life soundtrack. After being able to witness the evolution of such a band. After all of this and still being able to stand tall. After this and still being able to deliver songs that can be meaningful, it’s such a privilege to be in the audience listening in.

I just want to say thank you to The Dears for being there more than 10 years ago. Thank you for making those albums that in a way saved me.

Arcade Fire – Electric blue

Stop what you’re doing, Arcade Fire just released another video…for the song “Electric blue”, it is obvious that the title of the song is in reference or homage to the amazing David Bowie and his song “Sound and Vision”.
Régine Chassagne’s voice sounds a bit annoying, (she sounds great when she sings in french like in “Reflektor”), and the video reminds us, so much, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs video “Zero”, the lighting, the woman walking down the street at night, wearing a very similar studded leather jacket.
Which leaves us with the following questions, What is it with Arcade Fire?, Are they NOW a “cover” “tribute” band of other bands like for example Talking Heads, ABBA, etc.?

Arcade Fire –  Electric Blue

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Metz – Cellophane

New music from METZ  “Cellophane” is taken from the new album “Strange Peace” out Sept 22 via Sub Pop Records.

We hope the rest of the album is more energetic than “Cellophane”, which is a good song, but we loved them when they sound loud like they did with “Eraser“.
They are amazing live, be sure to check them out at The Casbah in San Diego, CA on December 13th.

Toro y Moi – Boo Boo

Listen to the new album from Toro y Moi, streaming via a short film that features Chaz Bear driving around California’s Bay Area while the new record plays in its entirety.
Boo Boo” is out now via Carpark records.

This is Panicker

This is Panicker and you should be listening to the awesome music he creates.
Buy the self-titled debut album from Three One G records:

PANICKER’s self-titled debut LP seeks to give a voice (sans vocalist) to the anxious emotional state occupied by musician/producer/sound engineer Brent Asbury– as well as, it seems, society as a whole. The feeling is frightening, all-consuming and urgent, and he captures this well.
Having worked with artists across the gambit from The Locust to Pinback to Michael Bolton, it might be hard to imagine what his own dissonant brainchild would sound like. The answer is, surely, none of the above– or at least, unlike any one individual category or predecessor. Tracks such as “Habits” tap into the horror vibe heavily, building tension and yet shifting into upbeat slides and bright accents with fluidity. “Airport” strikes like an alarm signalling for emergency evacuation, yet works in a techno-dance beat that seems welcoming of a jam-packed, sweat-stained party. Asbury reluctantly describes Panicker as “an attempt to make pretty normal music–blending aspects of EBM, industrial, techno and hip hop with the intensity and heart of punk, metal, and horror films,” which is apt if not still slightly nebulous. But, where genres may be negligent, the title, “PANICKER,” serves well.”

The National – Guilty Party


This is The National latest single “Guilty Party”, from the new album ‘Sleep well beast‘, out September 8th via 4AD.
Don’t miss them on their tour stop in San Diego on October 12.

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