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Gabe Serbian.

Gabe Serbian passed away on April 30th.

We were fortunate to have met him about 10 years ago. We met him before, or we should say he met Zoe, it was before the Retox and Dillinger Escape Plan show. He and JP were the kindest (punk) dudes to talk and hang with a curious 8 year old. They, he, were the complete opposite of condescending and rude. He was kind and funny and warm.

Some of the moments we cherish that we had with him are the ones were he was more than amazing with our daughter. There is the time that Head Wound City reunited and they had a show at the Echo in 2015. While we were waiting for the show to begin Gabe comes in running, all wide eyed and excited beyond belief, to us and whisks Zoe away with filled with excitement. A few minutes later when he comes back says that they just took a picture with someone super awesome and that was with DJ Lance Rock who had come to see the show. Now, the thing that blew us away was the fact that he came in looking for Zoe because he knew, somehow he knew even though we had never shared it, that she was a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba as well. He didn’t have to do that, yet he did. He went out of his way and did something special for our 10 year old.

The following year they were supporting the band Savages on their tour. After the show while we are saying hello and goodbye and nice to meet you and see you again, we were talking to him and while he was not necessarily ignoring us he was entertaining and cracking up our 1 year old. Why was he doing this? Well because we think (know) that this was the kind of person he was. This is the way he always interacted with us.

We were lucky enough to see him perform with The Locust, Head Wound City, Rat’s Eyes, Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox. To say he was the highlight of any of those shows we saw is a damn understatement. He was one of the greatest drummers to ever walked the earth and we were lucky enough to coincide in this world to see him play. And even better than that is that we were able to connect in such a way that he made some of our daughter’s day’s better. He was one of the best people we’ve ever met. He will be missed by his friends, his band mates, the people he inspired, the ones he made laugh, the ones who loved him.

Deliluh – “Body and Soul”

Deliluh have released the first single, “Body and Soul”, off their upcoming album “Fault Lines” out June 10th via Tin Angel.

1. Memorial
2. Body And Soul
3. Credence (Ash In The Winds Of Reason)
4. Amulet
5. X-Neighbourhood
6. Syndicate II
7. Mirror Of Hope

The video for “Body and Soul” was filmed and edited by Anouk Moyaux & Jake McCarty Wiener. Per a press release the band said this of the song: “‘Body And Soul’ initially came about during the first wave of the pandemic. I was holed up in Marseille, where I had initially planned to take a break between tours. There was a clavichord collecting dust in the hallway of my sublet that I began to mess around with during the lockdown. I tracked the chord progression with an old memory man and a borrowed mic from a neighbour. Once Julius and I were reunited months later, we began experimenting with different accompaniments and ways to build it into a song. We spent over a year throwing new ideas at it (re-amping modular synths, sax through guitar pedals, wacking broomsticks off a metal door, etc), and eventually managed to piece it all together.”

Of the new album the band said this: “…it is somewhat of a crash course in survival and keeping calm; overall it’s taught us a lot about what we want to accomplish, both in the present and the long term.”

The Smile – A Light For Attracting Attention

The Smile have announced the release of their debut album, “A Light For Attracting Attention”, out May 13th via XL Records.

1. The Same
2. The Opposite
3. You Will Never Work in Television Again
4. Pana-vision
5. The Smoke
6. Speech Bubbles
7. Thin Thing
8. Open The Floodgates
9. Free In The Knowledge
10. A Hairdryer
11. Waving A White Flag
12. We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
13. Skrting On The Surface

The announcement of the new album comes with a new single, “Free In The Knowledge”, with the video directed by Leo Leigh.

Jonny Greenwood shared this about the album: “And finally! A release date, a new song, the art work that Thom and Stanley have been painting all winter — and a sense that we will get to share, at last, our new music in full.
I feel grateful that we managed, with Nigel’s help, to record these songs in a way they deserve. And the singles released so far have been liked — as far as I can tell — which makes me feel dangerously confident in the rest of the record. As the all-knowing algorithm has it, if you liked that, you’ll love this, right? Hope so. Aside from anything, the brass and strings players who helped out — I really can’t wait for you to hear all their work too. So yes, we’re properly proud and excited for everyone to have the whole thing — but, it’s been a drawn out process so far, with so many single songs released. I can only apologise for our tentativeness. Patience is a virtue, but then, so are sobriety and humility — and they’re not happening either. Nor can we persuade Apple Music to stop greying-out the titles of the unreleased tracks (the teases!) — but, come May 13th, everything will be out there, instead of in here. As we prepare to play this all live, a small part of me views the record as a way of getting people familiar with the songs first. This is short sighted, but as I type this, I can’t really think beyond the first chord of the first concert in Croatia because that’s where so much of the excitement is for me. Live concerts are short-sighted, short-lived things, and all the more vital because of it.
But really, the record still feels worth your time — both the time spent waiting, and the time we’re asking you to invest in hearing it — which is all I can hope for. I’m listening to it constantly, long after I should have had enough, so maybe that’s the right, long-sighted view of this. I hope you have the same experience. Best wishes, Jonny.”

The band will start their world tour next month in Europe. Dates for the USofA and more will, apparently, be announced later.

Jasmyn – “Edge Of Time”

Jasmyn has shared her new single, “Edge Off Time”, off her upcoming album ‘In The Wild’ out June 3rd via ANTI- / Royal Mountain.

01 – “Green Nature”
02 – “Crystal Ball”
03 – “Edge of Time”
04 – “In the Wild”
05 – “Blank Paper”
06 – “Happy Tarot”
07 – “Cruel Moon”
08 – “Galaxy”
09 – “Killer Instinct”
10 – “Find the Light”
11 – “Purple Reflections”

The video for her latest single, “Edge Of Time”, was directed by Iris Kim. Jasmyn shared this about the song: “For me, this song is about walking through one’s fears in hopes of experiencing a new way of being and seeing the world. It’s the push and pull dynamic of changing and evolving, and how we sometimes can feel sorrow when shedding the old version of ourselves.”

Jasmyn already has some tour dates lined up for the summer, the ones that have been announced are mostly for the east coast. No west coast have been announced yet.

Tiburona – “Sola y Feliz

Tiburona released their album “Sola y Feliz” on October 8th, 2021 via Folc Records.


  1. Sola y Feliz
  2. No Me Interesa Tú Opinión
  3. Besos De Sangre
  4. Queremos Guerra
  5. 4L13N
  6. Escuale
  7. Que Viene El Lobo
  8. Tura Satana
  9. Aquí En Mi Nube

They released a video for the title track which was directed by David Iñurrieta.

Tiburona hails from Madrid, Spain. The trio had previously released a 7″. This is their debut album. Across the album the main theme is women empowerment. Taking on the mansplainers. Taking on what freedom is like for them. A previous video they had released was for the aptly titled “No Me Interesa Tú Opinión”. That video was directed by Diego Cendra Woodman.

Those singles were predated by the would be antifascist anthem that tackles that flock of people who tend to go to the ultra right wing of any government. The song is titled (rightfully so), “Ahi Viene El Lobo”.

For the time being their only tour dates that have been announced are in and or around Spain. No dates for the USofA (nor Tijuana) have been announced.

Lau.ra – “Volume 1”

Lau.ra has announced the release of her first collection, “Volume 1”, out April 15 via Needwant.


  1. Sideways (feat. Secaina)
  2. You
  3. Chengdu
  4. Wicked (feat. Eliza Legzdina)
  5. Body Go
  6. Don’t Waste My Time (fest. JessB)
  7. Get Creative (feat. Nova)
  8. Blow (feat. Eliza Legzdina)
  9. Don’t Waste My Time (feat. JessB) (Model Man Remix)

The first single she released off the upcoming album was “Blow” featuring Eliza Legzdina.

The 2nd, and most recent single, is “Chengdu” which was made by Lau.ra in China. It’s also the only instrumental song on the record.

The theme line on the album, and previous releases, seem to be an unforgiven and wicked bassline throughout the songs. That’s the line that pierces throughout Lau.ra’s songs/beats is that thumping bass. It’s catchy and is addictive and is soothing and is bouncy and it’s a clean thump to your body. You need to play these songs loud either to yourself or to wake your neighbors up.

No USofA tour dates have been announced. Maybe one day Lau.ra will play Tijuana again.

Melts – “Maelstrom”

Melts have announced the release of their debut album, “Maelstrom”, out May 13th via Mother Sky.

1. Maelstrom
2. Signal
3. Outlier
4. Circular
5. Spectral
6. Waltzer
7. Skyward
8. Tides

Their most recent single is “Waltzer”, this is what Eoin Kenny had to say about it: “The influence for the lyrics came from Rob’s organ line on the track, it has the same mechanical rhythm of a fairground waltzer. The song is set in a fairground with people and machines moving, a couple dancing, giving ground and winning ground, and a tight rope walker diving and returning to the rope. All throwing themselves into something unknown but knowing they’ll return to the same place, like a waltzer spinning.”

They’ve also released two singles before this one. The first one they shared was for the title track “Maelstrom”. This is what the band shared about the song: “‘Maelstrom’ is about a storm that sweeps through a town or a world one day and causes an irreversible change to the order of things. The song is also written from the point of view of someone caught in currents, beyond their own making and understanding and the frustrations felt by someone who feels powerless against the effects of the upheaval.”

The other single released by Melts was for “Outlier”. This is what the band shared about the track: “‘Outlier’ is about the imaginable distance between objects in space and how leaving one way of life and moving on to another life falling into space, into the void. The title refers to an object or person existing at a distance from the centre of the system.”

The band just played their first shows in the USofA at SXSW. No future dates for the the USofA (nor Tijuana) have been announced yet.

Zola Jesus – “Arkhon”

Zola Jesus has announced the release of her new album, “ARKHON”, out May 20th via Sacred Bones.

1. Lost
2. The Fall
3. Undertow
4. Into The Wild
5. Dead and Gone
6. Sewn
7. Desire
8. Fault
9. Efemra
10. Do That Anymore

The first single/video, “Lost”, which is the album’s opening track was done by Mu Tunç and it was shot in Cappadocia. Zola Jesus shared this about it: “I wanted to shoot the video in a place that carried a lot of energy, with someone that I felt understood the spiritual backbone of the song. It was a surprisingly natural process to make this video with Mu Tunc in Turkey. I put my faith in him and in Cappadocia, a labyrinthine city built within 60 million-year-old caves. Throughout human history these caves have served as a citadel for so many different groups of people who went there to get lost. It is a testament to the resilience of humanity, and the durability of our earth.”

About the album’s title she shared this: “Arkons are a Gnostic idea of power wielded through a flawed god. They taint and tarnish humanity, keeping them corrupted instead of letting them find their harmonious selves. I do feel like we are living in an arkhonic time; these negative influences are weighing extremely heavy on all of us.”

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana).

Bauhaus – “Drink The New Wine”

Bauhaus have released a new single, “Drink The New Wine”. This is their first song together in 14 years.

The band, Peter Murphy, David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, shared this about the song in a statement: “Drink The New Wine” was recorded last year during lockdown with the four members sharing audio files. The track employs the Surrealists’ ‘Exquisite Corpse’ device whereby each artist adds to the piece without seeing what the others have done. Bauhaus have used this technique in the past to great effect. The title refers to the very first Cadavre exquis’ drawing rendered by André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Prévert and Yves Tanguy which included words which when strung together made up the sentence, ‘Le cadavre exquis boiara le vin nouveau’ (‘The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.”) For the recording, the four musicians each had one minute and eight tracks at their disposal plus a shared sixty seconds plus four tracks for a composite at the end. All done without hearing what the others had laid down. The only common link being a prerecorded beat courtesy of Kevin. The final playback came as synchronistic revelation.”

Bauhaus have some shows lined up, no additional dates have been announced yet: May 14-15: Cruel World Festival, Pasadena, CA
May 17: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR
May 20: Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
May 21: The Masonic, San Francisco, CA
May 22: The Masonic, San Francisco, CA
May 25: Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO
May 27: The Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ
June 4: Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Aug. 24: EDP Vilar de Mouros, Vilar de Mouros, Portugal
Sept. 8: Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
Sept. 9: Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

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