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Alfredo & Edeath, are a couple of music lovers who met later in life but grew up loving almost the same bands and hating others but always listening to music, old and new, and apart from collecting vinyl and books and going to see every good band coming to town, (or a few miles away), got together and created "I think i better follow you around", a website/music blog, where they share all the music they like and help promote upcoming concerts, local bands from San Diego and Tijuana and amazing artists from around the world. I think I better follow you around is an independent project.

Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler – “LAND TRUST: Benefit for NEFOC”

Erica Dawn Lyle (Bikini Kill) & Vice Cooler (The Raincoats) have announced the release of of their benefit album, “Land Trust: Benefit for NEFOC”, OUT June 3rd.

Track List:

1. Decoder Ring (Featuring Katie Alice Greer)
2. Lost In Thought (Featuring The Linda Lindas w/ Kathi Wilcox)
3. Mirrorball (Featuring Kathleen Hanna)
4. Debt Collector (Featuring Kim Gordon)
5. Soul Fire Farm (Featuring Alice Bag, Emily Retsas)
6. The Immortals (Featuring Brontez Purnell)
7. Can’t Fight Me (Featuring Ah-Mer-Ah-Su)
8. Agave (Featuring The Raincoats)
9. Break A Window (Featuring Rachel Aggs, Emily Retsas)
10. Flashes Of Knowing (Featuring Christina Billotte)
11. Cracks In The Ceiling (Featuring Ali Carter, Emily Retsas)
12. Star Fuck (Featuring Louisahhh)
13. Bodies (Featuring Kelley Deal, Emily Retsas, Sarah Register)
14. PS Forever (Featuring Satomi Matsuzaki)
15. Never Was (Featuring Ivy Jeanne, Mike Watt)
16. Hearing Myself Again (Featuring Palberta, Emily Retsas, Anne Wood)

The first single off the benefit album is “Mirrorball (feat. Kathleen Hanna)”.

The album will be released exclusively via Bandcamp. Hanna shared this about it: “This is the very, very rare benefit album where no one just sent in some crappy B-side. All the songs are fucking great and the performers really put their hearts into it. It’s a testament to Erica and Vice doing a phenomenal job bringing people together.” Lyle shared this: “It’s become so difficult to organize or make change when everybody’s so far flung throughout cities and living so precariously in fear of eviction. But on a farm you have the collective work to produce healthy food, you have meeting and gathering space for visitors from the city to heal and decompress from their work in social movements and the pace of urban life, you have potential employment. And all this without fear of eviction. The ownership of land makes all of these things possible. The land that NEFOC acquires for farmers becomes collectively owned. Farms run by African Americans make up less than 2 percent of all of the nation’s farms. NEFOC is working to change that.” Cooler shared this: “In a lot of ways this record reflects the family we have each built with each other through a lifetime of art and music making. We all help each other out and collaborate, even outside of music.”

Black Star – “No Fear Of Time”

Black Star have released their new album, “No Fear Of Time”, via Luminary and produced by Madlib.

01 “o.G.”
02 “So be it”
03 “Sweetheart. Sweethard. Sweetodd.”
04 “My favorite band”
05 “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”
06 “Yonders”
07 “Supreme alchemy”
08 “Freequency” (Feat. Black Thought)
09 “No fear of time” (Feat. Yummy Bingham)

Talib Kweli shared this about the album: “About 3-4 years ago I was visiting yasiin in Europe and we started to talk about songs to do on an album, so I flew an engineer out just to see what that would be. Once I realized this conversation is starting to organically become a creative conversation, I started making sure to have the engineer around at all times. There was one day we were just in a hotel listening to Madlib beats, and he’s like “Play that Madlib tape again.” I’m playing the beats and he starts doing rhymes to the beats. And that’s how we did the first song.”

The one song you can hear that’s not exclusive to the Luminary site is the track opener “O.g.”.

It only took a couple of decades for them to release their follow up album. Here’s to hoping the next one takes them, Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey, less than a quarter of a century to complete.

Wilco – “Cruel Country”

Wilco Will be releasing their new album, “Cruel Country”, May 27th via dBpm.

01 “I Am My Mother”
02 “Cruel Country”
03 “Hints”
04 “Ambulance”
05 “The Empty Condor”
06 “Tonight’s The Day”
07 “All Across The World”
08 “Darkness Is Cheap”
09 “Bird Without A Tail / Base Of My Skull”
10 “Tired Of Taking It Out On You”
11 “The Universe”
12 “Many Worlds”
13 “Hearts Hard To Find”
14 “Falling Apart (Right Now)”
15 “Please Be Wrong”
16 “Story To Tell”
17 “A Lifetime To Find”
18 “Country Song Upside-down”
19 “Mystery Binds”
20 “Sad Kind Of Way”
21 “The Plains”

The first single off the album is “Falling Apart (Right Now)”. The studio footage was compiled and edited by Zoran Orlic.

This is what Jeff Tweedy said of the album: “There have been elements of Country music in everything we’ve ever done. We’ve never been particularly comfortable with accepting that definition, the idea that I was making country music. But now, having been around the block a few times, we’re finding it exhilarating to free ourselves within the form, and embrace the simple limitation of calling the music we’re making Country. It isn’t always direct and easy to spot, but there are flashes of clarity. It’s all mixed up and mixed in, the way my personal feelings about America are often woven with all of our deep collective myths. Simply put, people come and problems emerge. Worlds collide. It’s beautiful. And cruel. The specifics of an American identity begin to blur for me as the record moves toward the light and opens itself up to more cosmic solutions—coping with fear, without belonging to any nation or group other than humanity itself. More than any other genre, Country music, to me, a white kid from middle-class middle America, has always been the ideal place to comment on what most troubles my mind—which for more than a little while now has been the country where I was born, these United States. And because it is the country I love, and because it’s Country music that I love, I feel a responsibility to investigate their mirrored problematic natures. I believe it’s important to challenge our affections for things that are flawed.”

Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler – “The Eagle And The Dove”

Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler have announced the release of their album, “For All Our Days That Tear Our Heart”, out June 10th.

01 “The Eagle & The Dove”
02 “For All Our Days That Tear The Heart”
03 “20 Years A-Growing”
04 “Babylon Days”
05 “Seven Red Rose Tattoos”
06 “Footnotes On The Map”
07 “We’ve Run The Distance”
08 “We Haven’t Spoke About The Weather”
09 “Beautiful Regret”
10 “I Cried Your Tears”
11 “Shallow The Water”
12 “Catch The Dust”

They’ve shared the video for the opening track “The Eagle And The Dove”, and both the song and the video are amazing. This was the first song the pair wrote together, which is named after a book by the interwar proto-feminist writer Vita Sackville-West, set the tone for the project. The video was directed by Harvey Pearson with footage from Juana Jimenez.

Jessie Buckley, the amazing actress from films like “i’m thinking of ending things”, “the lost daughter”, “taboo” and more, said this about the album: “Right now, I feel like I’ll never make another album again, because I can’t imagine another album happening the way this one did. It’s amazing that it even happened once. This obscure, organic, odd little thing that just found us.” Bernard Butler, guitar player from the (more than just) britpop legendary band Suede, The Tears, said this about the album: “More than anything, I wanted it to be joyous, properly joyous, because there is such joy in Jessie, there really is. In spite of the darkness and the intensity in these songs, I’m just flying when I listen back to them.”

Tijuana Panthers – “False Equivalent”

Tijuana Panthers have shared their new single, “False Equivalent”, off their upcoming album “Halfway To Eighty” out June 24th via Innovative Leisure.


  1. Helping Hand
  2. Slacker
  3. Not Your Business
  4. Take Back Time
  5. False Equivalent
  6. Man Of Dust
  7. April New Yorker
  8. Quantum Entenmann’s
  9. Cricket Meditation
  10. Reflections
  11. Beware Of Dog

Their latest single, “False Equivalent”, is somehow catchier and a bit more poppies than all of their previous material. It’s a great fun and jangly track.

Daniel Michicoff shared this about the release: “Not to get all spiritual about it, but when we were younger, we played really hard for nobody, and now the fans do all the work for us. They have the fun and we just kind of rock out, and it’s nice. It’s cool to sit back and play the songs and watch. They’re putting on a show for us.

The Tijuana Panthers have a few live dates lined up. They will be playing Dodger Stadium for the Viva LA festival, they won’t be headlining even though they should but they’re not. And they also are playing Bakersfield this weekend. No other dates have been announced yet for either the rest of the USofA (or Tijuana).

Gabe Serbian.

Gabe Serbian passed away on April 30th.

We were fortunate to have met him about 10 years ago. We met him before, or we should say he met Zoe, it was before the Retox and Dillinger Escape Plan show. He and JP were the kindest (punk) dudes to talk and hang with a curious 8 year old. They, he, were the complete opposite of condescending and rude. He was kind and funny and warm.

Some of the moments we cherish that we had with him are the ones were he was more than amazing with our daughter. There is the time that Head Wound City reunited and they had a show at the Echo in 2015. While we were waiting for the show to begin Gabe comes in running, all wide eyed and excited beyond belief, to us and whisks Zoe away with filled with excitement. A few minutes later when he comes back says that they just took a picture with someone super awesome and that was with DJ Lance Rock who had come to see the show. Now, the thing that blew us away was the fact that he came in looking for Zoe because he knew, somehow he knew even though we had never shared it, that she was a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba as well. He didn’t have to do that, yet he did. He went out of his way and did something special for our 10 year old.

The following year they were supporting the band Savages on their tour. After the show while we are saying hello and goodbye and nice to meet you and see you again, we were talking to him and while he was not necessarily ignoring us he was entertaining and cracking up our 1 year old. Why was he doing this? Well because we think (know) that this was the kind of person he was. This is the way he always interacted with us.

We were lucky enough to see him perform with The Locust, Head Wound City, Rat’s Eyes, Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox. To say he was the highlight of any of those shows we saw is a damn understatement. He was one of the greatest drummers to ever walked the earth and we were lucky enough to coincide in this world to see him play. And even better than that is that we were able to connect in such a way that he made some of our daughter’s day’s better. He was one of the best people we’ve ever met. He will be missed by his friends, his band mates, the people he inspired, the ones he made laugh, the ones who loved him.

Deliluh – “Body and Soul”

Deliluh have released the first single, “Body and Soul”, off their upcoming album “Fault Lines” out June 10th via Tin Angel.

1. Memorial
2. Body And Soul
3. Credence (Ash In The Winds Of Reason)
4. Amulet
5. X-Neighbourhood
6. Syndicate II
7. Mirror Of Hope

The video for “Body and Soul” was filmed and edited by Anouk Moyaux & Jake McCarty Wiener. Per a press release the band said this of the song: “‘Body And Soul’ initially came about during the first wave of the pandemic. I was holed up in Marseille, where I had initially planned to take a break between tours. There was a clavichord collecting dust in the hallway of my sublet that I began to mess around with during the lockdown. I tracked the chord progression with an old memory man and a borrowed mic from a neighbour. Once Julius and I were reunited months later, we began experimenting with different accompaniments and ways to build it into a song. We spent over a year throwing new ideas at it (re-amping modular synths, sax through guitar pedals, wacking broomsticks off a metal door, etc), and eventually managed to piece it all together.”

Of the new album the band said this: “…it is somewhat of a crash course in survival and keeping calm; overall it’s taught us a lot about what we want to accomplish, both in the present and the long term.”

The Smile – A Light For Attracting Attention

The Smile have announced the release of their debut album, “A Light For Attracting Attention”, out May 13th via XL Records.

1. The Same
2. The Opposite
3. You Will Never Work in Television Again
4. Pana-vision
5. The Smoke
6. Speech Bubbles
7. Thin Thing
8. Open The Floodgates
9. Free In The Knowledge
10. A Hairdryer
11. Waving A White Flag
12. We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
13. Skrting On The Surface

The announcement of the new album comes with a new single, “Free In The Knowledge”, with the video directed by Leo Leigh.

Jonny Greenwood shared this about the album: “And finally! A release date, a new song, the art work that Thom and Stanley have been painting all winter — and a sense that we will get to share, at last, our new music in full.
I feel grateful that we managed, with Nigel’s help, to record these songs in a way they deserve. And the singles released so far have been liked — as far as I can tell — which makes me feel dangerously confident in the rest of the record. As the all-knowing algorithm has it, if you liked that, you’ll love this, right? Hope so. Aside from anything, the brass and strings players who helped out — I really can’t wait for you to hear all their work too. So yes, we’re properly proud and excited for everyone to have the whole thing — but, it’s been a drawn out process so far, with so many single songs released. I can only apologise for our tentativeness. Patience is a virtue, but then, so are sobriety and humility — and they’re not happening either. Nor can we persuade Apple Music to stop greying-out the titles of the unreleased tracks (the teases!) — but, come May 13th, everything will be out there, instead of in here. As we prepare to play this all live, a small part of me views the record as a way of getting people familiar with the songs first. This is short sighted, but as I type this, I can’t really think beyond the first chord of the first concert in Croatia because that’s where so much of the excitement is for me. Live concerts are short-sighted, short-lived things, and all the more vital because of it.
But really, the record still feels worth your time — both the time spent waiting, and the time we’re asking you to invest in hearing it — which is all I can hope for. I’m listening to it constantly, long after I should have had enough, so maybe that’s the right, long-sighted view of this. I hope you have the same experience. Best wishes, Jonny.”

The band will start their world tour next month in Europe. Dates for the USofA and more will, apparently, be announced later.

Jasmyn – “Edge Of Time”

Jasmyn has shared her new single, “Edge Off Time”, off her upcoming album ‘In The Wild’ out June 3rd via ANTI- / Royal Mountain.

01 – “Green Nature”
02 – “Crystal Ball”
03 – “Edge of Time”
04 – “In the Wild”
05 – “Blank Paper”
06 – “Happy Tarot”
07 – “Cruel Moon”
08 – “Galaxy”
09 – “Killer Instinct”
10 – “Find the Light”
11 – “Purple Reflections”

The video for her latest single, “Edge Of Time”, was directed by Iris Kim. Jasmyn shared this about the song: “For me, this song is about walking through one’s fears in hopes of experiencing a new way of being and seeing the world. It’s the push and pull dynamic of changing and evolving, and how we sometimes can feel sorrow when shedding the old version of ourselves.”

Jasmyn already has some tour dates lined up for the summer, the ones that have been announced are mostly for the east coast. No west coast have been announced yet.

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