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i think i better follow you around

Alfredo & Edeath, are a couple of music lovers who met later in life but grew up loving almost the same bands and hating others but always listening to music, old and new, and apart from collecting vinyl and books and going to see every good band coming to town, (or a few miles away), got together and created "I think i better follow you around", a website/music blog, where they share all the music they like and help promote upcoming concerts, local bands from San Diego and Tijuana and amazing artists from around the world. I think I better follow you around is an independent project.

Flavio Etcheto – “Superbrillantes”

Flavio Etcheto has released a new EP “Superbrillantes” on Casa Del Puente Discos. The Ep was released on October 12th, 2018. The physical release of the album will have the following tracklisting:


  1. Encontrarnos
  2. Sibilancias
  3. Súbito
  4. Superbrillantes
  5. Lejos de esto
  6. Meditera (Bonus Track CD/LP)
  7. Oleaje inmenso (Bonus Track CD/LP)
  8. Antes de aclarar (Bonus Track CD/LP)

The last 3 songs from that album are from his Triptico EP 7″ released late last year.

The EP has 5 amazing songs that are some of the best latin dream pop songs released in the last few years. Superbrillantes sounds like a companion piece to Bocanada and Colores Santos, both albums that Etcheto worked on with Gustavo Cerati and Daniel Melero (on the latter). For whatever reason the work that Flavio Etcheto does here feels like he’s weaving a connection to the era in those albums, even though those albums were almost 10 years apart. It does not feel nostalgic, and I applaud him for that. The EP just feels right.
The way the songs sound. The way the sounds feel. The feeling you get that you’re hearing something familiar yet in a new way or form. They feel connected and you feel connected to them.

For those fans that have been missing, or clamoring, for the sound that Cerati left behind years ago, here’s your opportunity to jump back in and enjoy some amazing work.
This would also help by showing your support to this independent artist that relies on fan support and word of mouth.

The fact that he plans on touring this album is quite exciting. He’s recruited Jupi Medvescig (Tantra) in guitar and Pedro Moscuzza (touring members of the Siempre es Hoy band from Cerati) on drums. He says he has plans to hopefully visit Mexico at some point to present this album, if this is the case then hopefully he can make the trek all the way to the Tijuana border.



Words and pics by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales

Music to go Vote!

Today is voting day in the U.S.A., make your voice heard and go vote and if you need inspiration, listen to the playlist we created and go Vote!



R.E.M. at the BBC

R.E.M., one of our all time favorite bands/musicians/artists just released a box set of their live and in-studio performances at the BBC.
“R.E.M. grew up with the BBC, and this historic relationship is lovingly celebrated across an incredible collection that beautifully illustrates the career trajectory of one of modern music’s greatest bands. The collection—available as a super-deluxe edition 8-CD/1-DVD box set, as well as 2-CD, 2-LP and digital formats—comprises a treasure trove of rare and unreleased live and studio recordings culled from the BBC and band archives. This is a must-have collection for R.E.M. fans and an authoritative introduction for newcomers. In-studio performances featured in the 8-CD/1-DVD box set include a John Peel Session (1998), Drivetime and Mark and Lard appearances (2003) and a glorious Radio 1 Live Lounge performance (2008). Live broadcasts include a rough-and-tumble show from Nottingham’s Rock City (1984), the stunning 1995 Milton Keynes Monster Tour (their first after a six-year break), a blistering 1999 Glastonbury headline set and an invitation-only 2004 show at London’s St James’s Church.”

Still Corners – The Message

This is the video for the song “The Message”, third single from Still Corners amazing fourth album ‘Slow Air‘, available via Wrecking Light, their own label.
Still Corners are Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, they are currently on tour, don’t miss their performance tomorrow night at Casbah San Diego.


Slow Air track listing:
1. In The Middle Of The Night
2. The Message
3. Sad Movies
4. Welcome To Slow Air
5. Black Lagoon
6. Dreamlands
7. Whisper
8. Fade Out
9. The Photograph
10. Long Goodbyes

Marc Ribot – Bella Ciao (Goodbye beautiful) feat. Tom Waits

Marc Ribot – ‘Bella Ciao (Goodbye beautiful)’ featuring Tom Waits, from the album “Songs of Resistance 1942 – 2018” available via ANTI- records.
Video directed by Jem Cohen.

Capsula – Candle Candle

Capsula ‘Candle Candle’ (From the album “Santa Rosa“), Live Pim Pam Ville, Pamplona, Spain

We just heard that “BESTIARIUM” is the title of their new album to be released soon!
Hopefully they will tour the USA and visit California again.

capsula bestiarium

Capsula are:
Martín Guevara – Guitar & Vocals
Coni Duchess Duchess – Bass & Vocals
Jorge Cayama – Drums

Michelle Gurevich – Way you write

We are very excited to hear that the one of our favorite singers/producers, Michelle Gurevich, has a new album called ‘Exciting Times‘, out on November 9th, you can pre-order here.

01. Way You Write
02. Fatalist Love
03. Something Has Changed
04. Almost Shared a Lifetime
05. Exciting Times
06. Music Gets You Girls
07. Let’s Get Along
08. Wilderness Will Wait
09. Memories of Three

Here is the video for the new single “Way you write”

“Way you write”

Good looks never hurt no one
Yet they fail to
Turn me on

If you’d like a way with me
Then a way with words
Is the key

My, my
The way you write, write
Blows my mind, mind
Way you write

What a brilliant line
Can we spend the night?

Send me just a phrase or two
No one says things quite
Quite like you

I just cannot help but smile
Got me so intrigued
By your mind

My, my
The way you write, write
Blows my mind, mind
Way you write

What a brilliant line
Can we spend the night?

Grizzly Bear at the Observatory North Park

Grizzly Bear played what they said would be their last headlining show for the foreseeable future last night at the Observatory North Park in support of their latest album “Painted Ruins”.

The San Diego crowd came out to see the band perform, even though it wasn’t officially sold out it felt and it sounded like it was and they made their presence felt.

The band sounded as good, or better, than ever. There is not a single musician that outperforms the other. Their chemistry is cohesive. From Ed Droste pressence, vocals, keys and guitar into Chris Taylor bass, saxophone and samples / loops to Christopher Bear impeccable drumming, all held together by Daniel Rossen and his piano, guitar and voice (quite possibly one of the best around).

This was the setlist:

Four Cypresses / Losing All Senses / Cut-Out / Yet Again / Fine For Now / Ready, Able / Mourning Sound / Sleeping Ute / Two Weeks / Foreground / Aquarian / While You Wait For The Others / Three Rings.


Souther Point / Sun In Your Eyes.

This band is where we typically set the bar and start the argument that this is where “dream pop” got perfected. This might well be the quintessential American pop band of the XXI century so far. And we’ll gladly wait for them to return.

Words and Pictures by: Alfredo Tellez and Edith Morales.

Triste Polizonte – Sociedad de la media noche

This is Triste Polizonte‘s “Sociedad de la media noche” EP, released on May 2018.
Triste Polizonte are performing tonight with Adam Gnade and Demetrius Antuña at the live presentation of “Voicemails from the Great Satan” at Lycanthro Pub in Tijuana.

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