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Alfredo & Edeath, are a couple of music lovers who met later in life but grew up loving almost the same bands and hating others but always listening to music, old and new, and apart from collecting vinyl and books and going to see every good band coming to town, (or a few miles away), got together and created "I think i better follow you around", a website/music blog, where they share all the music they like and help promote upcoming concerts, local bands from San Diego and Tijuana and amazing artists from around the world. I think I better follow you around is an independent project.

Mop Buckets – “Happy”

Mop Buckets have shared the video for their song “Happy” off their upcoming self titled EP out via Order 05 Records.


  1. Happy
  2. Scroll
  3. Drink I Am Drinking
  4. Love Song
  5. Making The Charts
  6. Little Fucker

The animated video for “Happy” was created by Eric Allan Livingston / First Church Of The Void. The great thing about the video is you get to decide which is better, the video or the song. Also, the song as we found out is not a cover of the one by the same title as Pharrell Williams, BUT, it is much much better.

Mop Buckets is a Los Angeles quartet of underground scene veterans Michael Crain (Dead Cross/Retox/Cunts/Festival of Dead Deer), Ryan McGuffin (Niis/Rinse/Okie Dokie), Mathew Cronk (Qui/Cunts), and Kevin Avery (Retox/Cunts/Field Day/Planet B).

Jenny Hval – “Classic Objects”

Jenny Hval has announced the release of her new album “Classic Objects” out March 11th via 4AD.

01 “Year Of Love”
02 “American Coffee”
03 “Classic Objects”
04 “Cemetery Of Splendour”
05 “Year Of Sky”
06 “Jupiter”
07 “Freedom”
08 “The Revolution Will Not Be Owned”

The new single is “Year Of Love”, which is the album’s opening track, the video for it was directed by Jenny Hval, Jenny Berger and Annie Bielski.

The three elaborate on the video: A sense of loss and joy intertwines in a world of disconnected rooms.  The artist inhabits these rooms.  She is frozen in time, space, and mid-vowel.  She is aware of her immediate surroundings.  She is aware that there is more beyond what she can see.  A version of her exists in a compressed, compromised, and objectified state.  She is sitting in a room, in a house, in a neighbourhood, in the art industry.”.

Thundercat – “Satellite”

Thundercat shared a new song, “Satellite”, that’s part of the soundtrack for the final season of “Insecure”.


  1. Get It Girl” – Saweetie
  2. “Snoring” – They.
  3. “Seein Ya” – Jesse Boykins III, Duckwrth, Ambré, ESTA, Mack Keane
  4. “50 Lem Hunnits” – Akeem Ali, 27Delly, Jorge Amadeus
  5. “Time Off” – B.K. Habermehl
  6. “Fun” – Nnena
  7. “What’s the Use” – Josh Levi
  8. “Satellite” – Thundercat ft. Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi
  9. “Mad Bitches” – Mikhala Jené ft. Ro James
  10. “Glock Peaceful” – Mereba
  11. “Pipe Dreams” – TeaMarrr
  12. “Fantasy” – Amindi, 27Delly, Kiah Victoria, Ace Henderson

“Satellite” has Thundercat collaborating with Genevive Artadi and labelmate Louis Cole.

Miles Francis – “Good Man”

Miles Francis announced the release of their new album “Good Man” coming out March 4th.

About the new single “Let Me Cry” Miles Francis had this to say: “Everyone starts from the same place, regardless of gender. As children, we let our emotions go, uninhibited and in touch with our vulnerabilities. As we age, we go through a ‘boxing in’ by family or society – unless we can break out.”

The one shot video for the single “Let Me Cry” was totally improvised and directed by Charles Billot.

The album was produced by Francis and recorded in their longtime studio which is located in the basement of the Greenwich Village building they grew up in. They added: “I grew up with boy-band posters from floor to ceiling in my bedroom, and that music very much dominated my life when I was young,” they point out. “Later on I studied Afrobeat music and started playing with different groups in that world, which helped me to get to a place where I could be totally free in my musical expression. When I’m in my studio, it feels like being completely free of the outside world, free of gender, free of everything except me. I feel like I’m finally figuring out how to take that freedom beyond my musical expression and bring it into every aspect of my life. Now I want to share that feeling with everybody.”

Francis’ experiences during the project helped them come out as non-binary, resulting in works of gorgeous paradox: nuanced explorations of masculinity and all its trappings, presented in a sound that’s joyfully unfettered. No tour dates have yet been announced for the USofA (or Tijuana).

Daniel Rossen – “Shadow In The Frame”

Daniel Rossen has shared the first single, “Shadow In The Frame”, from what will be his forthcoming album, “You Belong There” out April 8th via Warp.

01 “It’s A Passage”
02 “Shadow In The Frame”
03 “You Belong There”
04 “Unpeopled Space”
05 “Celia”
06 “Tangle”
07 “I’ll Wait For Your Visit”
08 “Keeper And Kin”
09 “The Last One”
10 “Repeat The Pattern”

The lead single “Shadow In The Frame” is here. And it has everything that we cared and loved about a Daniel Rossen song, the chamber music and the guitar and the chill inducing trembling vocals and the arrangements and more…

In a press release Daniel Rossen said: “My hope was to make a set of songs with a deeper connection to my actual life and with a longer view of music history. I’m not sure that’s what happened, but it’s what I was thinking about. Finishing this album was a major challenge but it has given me a new sense of possibility. I’m hoping I can hang on to that feeling long enough to keep making music and sharing it. Given the constraints of the pandemic i recorded these songs mostly on my own and played most of the instruments, including some that I’m not so familiar with. My old bandmate Christopher Bear played drums throughout. Amber Wyman played bassoon on a couple songs. Jeremy Barnes added some santur to another, and John Dietrich played the electric guitar on the title track. The album was mixed by myself, Peter Larkin, and Noah Georgeson depending on the song. It was mastered by Heba Kadry.”

Rossen will be on tour this Spring / Summer and he will be playing the Casbah June 9th.

Loop – “Sonancy”

Loop will be releasing their first album in 32 years with “Sonancy” coming out March 11th.

1. Interference
2. Eolian
3. Supra
4. Penumbra I
5. Isochrone
6. Halo
7. Fermion
8. Penumbra II
9. Axion
10. Aurora

The first single released is for the song “Halo” which video was directed by Ben Unwin.

Robert Hampson said of the new album: “Style wise, it’s incredibly different, going back to thinking about guitars and guitar sounds. Obviously you have to take into consideration things like percussive elements such as drums, which I haven’t been using in my other projects; but this is the mind set that makes up Loop. I started writing songs that were much more immediate, tighter, dare I say more aggressive – although not aggressive in the old Loop way, but with a spikiness. It needed to sound more modern. With Sonancy I also wanted to take a post-punk sound, spin it on its head and mix it with a psych influence. A total gumbo. Which has always been Loop, this mash up of spicy rhythms.”

“I formed Loop, I’m the sole original member, I’ll just carry on, but the current Loop line-up has been pretty stable for the last six or seven years. We have Wayne [Maskel, drums] and Hugo [Morgan, bass] from The Heads, who a lot of people know, a fantastic rhythm section, and Dan [Boyd] on second guitar, who offered us his services. I was very anti-guitar for a long time. You hear progressively through the Main period the guitar fading away. I just felt that it didn’t have any place in what I was sonically trying to do and I didn’t miss it at all. Now, having a guitar in my hands doesn’t bother me anymore as long as I can do something useful with it; and working with the current line-up we have, it’s very enjoyable indeed. Long may it reign.”

No tour dates have been announced yet. It’s been 8 years since we’ve seen them live and we’re hoping we can see them soon again.

Placebo – “Try Better Next Time”

Placebo share “Try Better Next Time” from the band’s forthcoming album, Never Let Me Go out March 25th, via Rise Records.


  1. Forever Chemicals
  2. Beautiful James
  3. Hugz
  4. Happy Birthday In The Sky
  5. The Prodigal
  6. Surrounded By Spies
  7. Try Better Next Time
  8. Sad White Reggae
  9. Twin Demons
  10. Chemtrails
  11. This Is What You Wanted
  12. Went Missing
  13. Fix Yourself

“Try Better Next Time” further opens up what we know about Never Let Me Go’s frank and honest depiction of our modern times. Where opening single “Beautiful James” revealed a stern commentary on the proliferation of ignorant opinions, and follow-up track “Surrounded By Spies” spun themes of tech-saturation, “Try Better Next Time” – the album’s poignant centrepiece – can be easy to mistake as an apocalyptic vision of the future. Instead, we find the band focusing less on endings and more on new beginnings. It’s an anthem for the end of a world that we know – not the end of it completely – and a celebration of the possibility of what might come next, whether humanity has a seat at the table or not.

When Brian Molko considers how we might “grow fins, go back in the water” it is proposed with the greater good in mind. It is the setting aside of ego in the face of eco-disaster, in recognition of all that mankind has done to the planet. The world keeps turning whether under the influence of humanity or not. Commenting, he says: “It is not the end of the world, only the end of humanity, a distinction that in our overblown hubris we are unable to detect. Mother Nature has grown extremely weary of us. Try Better Next Time.”

Tour dates have been announced and they’re only for European and UK dates for October thru December 2022.

Boris – “W”

Boris is releasing their new album “W” this January 21st via Sacred Bones Records.

01 “I Want To Go To The Side Where You Can Touch…”
02 “Icelina”
03 “Drowning By Numbers”
04 “Invitation”
05 “The Fallen”
06 “Beyond Good And Evil”
07 “Old Projector”
08 “You Will Know (Ohayo Version)”
09 “Jozan”

The first single they released was a video for the song “Drowning By Numbers” which was directed by YUTARO and featured dancer Yukiko Doi. Boris said in a statement: “This video was filmed at a private showcase with limited invitation in April of 2021. It is a collaborative performance with a contemporary dance team. The song was transformed from its original performance and visualized; a big hat dances symbolically at the beginning of the new album.”

For their new single “Beyond Good and Evil” the video was once again directed by YUTARO. The band said in a press release: “There is a vast magnitude in a huge mushroom cloud and in decaying ruins. We feel both the sadness and beauty of these things at the same time; that is who we are. This video was made from the perspective of a mushroom cloud. The album W focuses on Wata’s vocals – and she is from HIROSHIMA.”

No tour dates have been announced for 2022 yet.

Tears For Fears – “Break The Man”

Tears For Fears have shared the third single, “Break The Man”, off their upcoming album “The Tipping Point” out February 25th via Concord.

Curt Smith said of the new single: “‘Break The Man’ is about a strong woman, and breaking the patriarchy. I feel that a lot of the problems we’ve been having as a country and even worldwide to a certain degree has come from male dominance. It’s a song about a woman who is strong enough to break the man. For me, that would be an answer to a lot of the problems in the world: a better male-female balance.”

Tears For Fears North American tour begins May 20th and they will be playing North Island Credit Union Amphitheater on San Diego on June 5th.

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