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Alfredo & Edeath, are a couple of music lovers who met later in life but grew up loving almost the same bands and hating others but always listening to music, old and new, and apart from collecting vinyl and books and going to see every good band coming to town, (or a few miles away), got together and created "I think i better follow you around", a website/music blog, where they share all the music they like and help promote upcoming concerts, local bands from San Diego and Tijuana and amazing artists from around the world. I think I better follow you around is an independent project.

Matt Berninger – Serpentine Prison

Matt Berninger will release his debut album on October 2nd vía Book Records, a new label formed by Berninger and the producer of the album Booker T. Jones under Concord Records.

The first video single released for the album was the self titled track. Berninger had this to say about it: “For a long time, I had been writing songs for movies and musicals and other projects where I needed to get inside someone else’s head and convey another person’s feelings. I liked doing that, but I was ready to dig back into my own garbage and this was the first thing that came out.”

The video was directed by Tom Berninger, Matt’s brother and director of the great documentary about the National “Mistaken For Strangers”, and Chris Sgroi.

The 2nd video that was released was for ‘Distant Axis’, the video was co-directed by Matt Berninger alongside his brother Tom and Chris Sgroi.

About ‘Distant Axis’ Berninger said this: “I met Walter Martin, from the Walkmen, 15 years ago when the National opened for the Walkmen on a tour of shitty clubs in the American Southeast. On that tour, I learned a lot about how to be in a band without ruining your life. I also learned a lot about Florida, Tennessee and Georgia. Walt and I have stayed friends and about three years ago we started passing ideas back and forth. ‘Distant Axis’ started from a sketch Walt sent me named ‘Savannah.’ I think it’s about falling out of touch with someone or something you once thought would be there forever.”

The 3rd and most recent video released is for the song ‘One More Second’. The video was directed by Chris Sgroi and it finds Matt Berninger dancing all by himself. About the song he said this: “I wrote ‘One More Second’ with Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander, EL VY) with the intention for it to be a kind of answer to Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, or sort of the other side of that conversation. I just wanted to write one of those classic, simple, desperate love songs that sound great in your car.”

The tracklist for the album:

1. My Eyes Are T-Shirts
2. Distant Axis
3. One More Second
4. Loved So Little
5. Silver Springs
6. Oh Dearie
7. Take Me Out of Town
8. Collar Of Your Shirt
9. All For Nothing
10. Serpentine Prison

About the recording and release of his debut album Berninger shared with NME on an interview from December of 2019 that the record is “not the greatest solo album in the world, but it’s in the top five” before elaborating on its sound. “I wasn’t trying to do anything with a genre in mind,” he revealed. “With the covers, which you might never hear, I was singing some country songs, some soul songs and different things. I didn’t think about the style of the songs or even trying to avoid sounding like The National or [side-project] El Vy. There’s cross-pollination, but I wasn’t trying to go after anything. I just wanted to find some good songs. I just wanted to see if I could do something by myself, so I brought in 20 of the most brilliant musicians and some of the coolest people I know.”

Keaton Henson – Monument

Keaton Henson released a video for the song “Prayer” off his new album Monument which will be released on October 23rd vía Play It Again Sam (PIAS).

The video was directed by Geej Ower.

Keaton Henson said about the recording of this album: “I suppose it is, at its heart, much like my first record; a collection of things I wanted to say, just so they’re out of my system, and not necessarily for anyone else to hear. I made it at home, mostly alone, to the sound of birds and rainstorms, at strange hours of day and night. But, once the bones were recorded, I was somewhat unexpectedly joined by an amazing group of people, who came to musically lift me on their shoulders, and take these unsaid feelings to another plain in terms of sound.”

“‘Prayer’ is a meditation on the act of preparing to lose someone, in whatever form that takes,” Henson explained. “It’s about the feeling of helplessness, and the realisation that there are no words you can say to someone before they leave that will make it less painful when they do, as much as we feel like there must be. The orchestral section is a more personal statement; I didn’t know what to say to my dad before he left and I don’t really know what to say now, so it is, for once in the record, just simply goodbye.”

Another video released was for the song Ontario.

About Ontario Keaton shared: “I have found great solace in the icy winds of Canada. Where, upon opening the door in the morning, the instant freezing of your skin takes any lingering sleeplessness and unreason from you, making you move forward, no matter what else is going on. It is an ode to that landscape, and a portrait of a place I find beautiful, albeit strange.”

The 1st song and video released in anticipation for this album was ‘Career Day’.

About this song and video Henson said: “The video is a collection of often abstracted shots from deeply personal home videos. I just liked the idea of hearing an ageing weary man, singing about his failings over distorted shots of his childhood, and how it colours those captured gleeful moments with the sadness of the passage of time.”

The 4th and most recent video release is for ‘Husk’. About it Henson shared: “Husk is about waking up and realising that you’ve aged. That time, the traitor, has taken from you your best years, the ones where your bones didn’t ache and you could make it through the day without questioning existence.”

The tracklist for Monument, which contains collaborations from Phillip Selway on drums and percussion, Leo Abrahams on guitar and Charlotte Harding on saxophone, is:

1. Ambulance
2. Self Portrait
3. Ontario
4. Career Day
5. Prayer
6. While I Can
7. Bed
8. The Grand Old Reason
9. Husk
10. Thesis
11. Bygones

METZ – A Boat To Drown In

METZ have announced their upcoming album “Atlas Vending” due in October on Sub Pop.

On limited Loser Edition pearlescent grey and silver colored vinyl.

With the announcement came the release of the video for the closing track “A Boat To Drown In”.

Through a press release Tony Wolski, the director of the video, said: “the song has a beautiful, crushing numbness to it that we wanted to mirror in the visual. So we chose to romanticise our main character’s descent into her delusions of love and togetherness. At a time when everyone’s simultaneously coping with some sort of isolation, a story about loneliness – and the mania that comes with it – seems appropriate to tell.”

This is their first release since “Strange Peace” came out in 2017. Last year they released their rarities compilation titled “Automat”.

The tracklist of ‘Atlas Vending’ is:

1. ‘Pulse’
2. ‘Blind Youth Industrial Park’

3. ‘The Mirror’
4. ‘No Ceiling’
5. ‘Hail Taxi’
6. ‘Draw Us In’
7. ‘Sugar Pill’
8. ‘Framed by the Comet’s Tail’
9. ‘Parasite’
10. ‘A Boat to Drown In’

It goes without saying that this song is ripping, just like almost everything they’ve released so far. Every time we see them live we get the sense, or feel, that that’s what it must’ve felt like to have seen Nirvana live pre-Nevermind.

Here’s to looking forward to an upcoming tour.

Death Eyes – State Of Fear EP

Death Eyes’ final EP, State of Fear, was released digitally through Three One G Records.

Death Eyes first came to be in January of 2014, a merging of members from San Diego bands Rats Eyes and Death Crisis (hence the name), made up of Alberto Jurado (vocals), Jimmy Armbrust (bass), Jason Blackmore (guitar), and John Cota (drums). More recently, Cole Mears took over as bassist, with plans of more extensive touring. Having played with bands such as The Weirdos, Agent Orange, M.D.C., Nails, and Big Business, it’s evident that what emerged was something brutal, potent, and relevant to hardcore punk.

Tragically, in the midst of working on what was to be their upcoming LP, the band suddenly lost vocalist Alberto Jurado in January 2020, just weeks before they were set to tour with Big Business. This EP is what was completed from these final sessions. The accompanying video for “Management Is Not Your Friend” serves as a mix of brutal, relevant found footage, as well as live performances that celebrate all of the life and swagger that Alberto had, always. “We Miss You, Alberto. Rock’n Roll!!!”

Guitarist Jason Blackmore: “We had been working on new material in 2019 for what would have been our new full length record. The plan was to do ten songs more in the vein of our “AmRep/Jesus Lizard” kinda rock song vibe. No short thirty second hyper hardcore songs. Hell, one of the songs was actually over six minutes long. Anyway, we recorded the music for five new songs in September of 2019 and Alberto started writing lyrics for those soon after. We were set to do a West Coast tour with Big Business in February. So Alberto had been putting the vocals down for the songs that we had already recorded and the plan was to record the music for the other five new songs directly after the Big Biz tour. And then go into the studio and record Alberto’s vocals for those tunes. Turn everything in by early June. Drop the new album by October and hit the road to spread the word. On January 20th Alberto died suddenly after being rushed to the hospital while experiencing chest and stomach pains. He had been super excited about writing, recording and touring. More so than he had been in a long time. It was almost like he knew that he was living on borrowed time. He never talked about his health situation. He never wanted to bore you with conversations about himself. He just wanted to be himself. Play music. Talk about music. Drink beer. Love and laugh. And he had an infectious laugh. And a genuine soul. He was a true one of a kind. We miss him dearly. Rock’n Roll!!!”

If you were lucky enough to have met and known Beto then chances are you have a sweet story to tell. He was a great performer and a good human being. He is missed.

In Alberto’s own words: Stay magical.

Ultraísta – Sister

Ultraista released the follow up to their self titled debut album on March 13th, 2020 our on Partisan Records.

For those that choose not to remember, Ultraísta are drummer extraordinaire Joey Waronker (Atoms For Peace, Beck, R.E.M.), the incomparable voice of Laura Bettinson and producer Nigel Godrich.

The first single/video released was the beat heavy and hypnotic “Tin King”.

It was followed by “Anybody”.

The last one released was “Harmony”.

What does the album sound like? It sounds like a Nigel Godrich produced album. If you’re familiar with his work with Radiohead, Thom Yorke solo albums, Beck, Air and more, then you know what a song or album of his sounds like. It’s the sound of 21st century synthpop. Impeccable sounding and produced wall of sound synthpop.

The standout of the album is Laura Bettinson’s voice, as mesmerizing the work from Joey Waronker can be and Nigel’s bass lines are it’s Laura’s voice that makes the album and it makes it glow.

Here’s to hoping that the cancelled shows happen sometime in the not too distant future.

Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

Dead Cross – Rise Above (Black Flag cover)

Every few years the feeling that the times they’re a changin lingers. This time around is palpable. This time around it rings true. This time around you can feel it surrounding you. And with every change art leads the way. Either in painting or film or graffiti or writing or music; the arts help us navigate the turbulent and fucked up times that unravel around us.

That being said Dead Cross have released a video for the song “Rise Above” a cover from Black Flag. The video was created by Displaced/Replaced.

Dead Cross recorded the cover “in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and staunchly opposing police brutality and systemic racism,” they said in a joint statement. “As such, the track opens with a recording of a Los Angeles resident voicing his displeasure with the LAPD during a public comment period from a regularly scheduled LA police commission meeting; which he finishes by stating: Suck my dick and choke on it. I yield my time.

As always remember if it’s within your means support your local non-profit charities. Volunteer within your community. Help those in need. Stand in solidarity. Be fucking kind.

Psychic Graveyard – A Bluebird Vacation

Psychic Graveyard released their new album “A Bluebird Vacation” on May 22nd on Fat Beat Records.

Track listing

  • 1 I Wanted Anything
  • 2 Is There a Hotline?
  • 3 Backyard Full of Laughter
  • 4 I Know That Woman
  • 5 No
  • 6 A Bluebird Vacation
  • 7 Weapon
  • 8 People Dislike Me
  • 9 Animal I Can’t Avoid
  • 10 Never Get Clean

Their single “Is There a Hotline” was accompanied by a video done by First Church Of The Void (Eric Livingstone).

The noiserock punk band released an album that sounds urgent. It screams to be heard. Once you start playing it you need to make sure to play it loud, as close to 11 as possible. Eric Paul’s lyrics/poetry is as open to interpretation as it is reflective of you. This is an album that feels that it was written with a crisis in mind. Charles Ovett drum work is nothing short of a masterclass in drum punishment. And Nathan Joyner & Paul Vieira work include very few guitars at all. The results work hand in hand with the lyrics
addressing very personal experiences with mental illness, anti-depressants and benzodiazepines, and the difficulty of helping
family going through their own challenges. These sounds don’t blindly spin into despair nor foolishly claim that overcoming just requires finding the right vocal melody. These songs are as messy as life itself, in all its stupid beauty.

Psychic Graveyard’s members previously played in the bands Arab on Radar, Some Girls, All Leather, Chinese Stars, Hot Nerds, Doomsday Student and more. This is their second album and was impeccably produced with Seth Manchester (Lingua Ignota, Lightning Bolt, Daughters).

King Buzzo w/Trevor Dunn – Gift Of Sacrifice

King Buzzo, the iconic Melvins’ singer and guitar player, returns with his second solo album, Gift of Sacrifice, on May 15 via Ipecac Recordings. The nine-song release finds Buzz Osborne joined by longtime friend and Mr. Bungle bass player Trevor Dunn.

Gift of Sacrifice track list:

  1. Mental Vomit
  2. Housing, Luxury, Energy
  3. I’m Glad I Could Help
  4. Delayed Clarity
  5. Junkie Jesus
  6. Science in Modern America
  7. Bird Animal
  8. Mock She
  9. Acoustic Junkie.

The collection’s first single, “Science in Modern America” ( can be heard now. Album pre-orders, available as the same link, include CD, black vinyl, a limited edition hot pink variant available exclusively via the Ipecac webstore as well as a tour only, opaque tangerine vinyl version.

Gift of Sacrifice was a stone groove to record and it will be a f**king blast to finally hit the road with my buddy Trevor Dunn,” says Osborne. “Once we take the stage, I guarantee we’ll kick the crap out of this album.” Dunn and Osborne have worked together several times in the past, both as members of Fantômas and with Dunn performing in the Melvins Lite iteration of the long-running, legendary band.

Photo credit: Mackie Osborne

*This was one of the shows (tour) that we were really looking forward to and now the future is uncertain if these will take place.

Tetema – Necroscape

tētēma, the bi-continental outfit featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) and the Melbourne based, electro-acoustic artist Anthony Pateras, return with their sophomore album, the mind-bending Necroscape (April 3, Ipecac Recordings).

An early preview of the Spring release can be heard now, with “Haunted On The Uptake,” a track Pateras describes as sounding “like The Melvins’ tour van broke down in the Balkans and instead of going home, they decide to open a mountain laboratory dedicated to possible hybrids of Rembetika and hardcore,” streaming now:

Necroscape is sculpted around isolation in the surveillance age; and although lofty/high-concept sounding, it is still an intensely fun and heavy listen. Necroscape synthesizes a lot of territory: odd-time rock, musique concrète, otherworld grooves, soul, industrial noise, microtonal psychoacoustics… seemingly strange bedfellows on paper, yet they seamlessly coalesce into 13 songs which playfully challenge our notions of sonic logic and make you move at the same time. In a nutshell, listening to Necroscape creates the weird sensation of exclaiming “of course!” and “wtf?” simultaneously.

Necroscape track list:

  1. Necroscape
  2. Cutlass Eye
  3. Wait Till Mornin’
  4. Haunted on the Uptake
  5. All Signs Uncensored
  6. Milked Out Million
  7. Soliloquy
  8. Flatliner’s Owl
  9. Dead Still
  10. Invertebrate
  11. We’ll Talk Inside A Dream
  12. Sun Undone
  13. Funerale Di Un Contadino

Pateras and Patton “created an intelligent but ferocious mixture of avant-garde experimentalism, world music accents, and heavy metal velocity” (All Music) within the confines of their 11-track, 2014 debut, Geocidal. NME described the collection as “Roni Size getting spiked with GHB and fed through a woodchipper” while Alternative Press said, “once you are acclimated, it will leave you tingling.” The pair, joined by Will Guthrie (percussion) and Erkka Veltheim (violin), both of whom appear on Necroscape as well, made their live debut, fittingly at the Tasmania Mona music and art festival. The Guardian said of the outing: “tētēma didn’t enrapture with anthems or token festival rock gestures, they enraptured with mood, with surprises, and with evocations rarely felt by audiences…”

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