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Sparks – “Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is”

Sparks have shared the third single, “Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is”, off their just released album “The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte” out via Island Records.

Via a press release Sparks said this of the song: “This song is the exception that proves the rule! It’s written from the perspective of “a 22-hour-old baby petitioning to be readmitted to the womb”

The band will go on tour to support the album starting in May in the UK and coming over to the USofA before hitting Japan.

Capsula – “Sombra”

Capsula have released a new single by the name of “Sombra”.

Capsula shared this about the release: “We’re thrilled to share our new music with all of you. “Sombra” is a very special song for us, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see you soon.”

While trying to think of a way on how to describe this song the only one that comes to mind is to say that this is where garage rock n’ roll meets sci-fi. A song that would fit perfectly well in a Jim Jarmusch film.

The band has continued to tour around Europe with a few surprise visits, in selected cities, in America. We hope that changes soon.

Water From Your Eyes – “14”

Water From Your Eyes have shared the third single, “14”, off their upcoming album “Everyone’s Crushed” out May 26th via Matador.

1. Structure
2. Barley
3. Out There
4. Open
5. Everyone’s Crushed
6. True Life
7. Remember Not My Name
8. 14
9. Buy My Product

The video for the song was directed by Rachel Brown. Via a press release the band, Rachel Brown and Nate Amos, shared this about the song: “This is a quasi-serial inkblot signifying submission to personal demons and the realization that change is both necessary and inevitable.”

Rachel Brown shared this about directing the video: “The video came together in a little under two weeks from conception to edit. There had been another video idea that was planned by a different director, but due to unforeseen circumstances they were unable to shoot it and due to the time crunch of leaving on tour, it made the most sense to just come up with a video and direct it myself. I was largely inspired by “Meshes of the Afternoon”, “Last Year in Marienbad”, and “Spirited Away” as well as the painting “The Triumph of Baccus” by Diego Velázquez, a favorite of Nate’s. I wanted to capture the feeling of being haunted by one’s own inner turmoils and the act of letting those conflicts go. Despite the little preparation time and the fact that I was in many ways winging it, I am quite happy with what my friends and I were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and I think it accurately encapsulates the emotions that I feel when I listen to “14”.”

Anohni & The Johnsons – “It Must Change”

Anohni has shared the first single, “It Must Change”, off the upcoming album “My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross” by Anohni & The Johnsons out July 7th via Rough Trade and Secretly Canadian.


1. It Must Change
2. Go Ahead
3. Sliver Of Ice
4. Can’t
5. Scapegoat
6. It’s My Fault
7. Rest
8. There Wasn’t Enough
9. Why Am I Alive Now?
10. You Be Free

The video for the opening track was directed by Iain Forsythe and Jane Pollard, and it stars Munroe Bergdorf. Anohni shared this about it: “The video stars a personal hero of mine, the British human right advocate Munroe Bergdorf. I’m thinking a lot about our need for resilience during these times, and the courage to be honest with ourselves about who we have been and who we are, as individuals, as consumers, as descendants, as citizens of nations, and as authors of the future landscape. I try to reach for compassion when i am taking a hard look into the mirror at my own complicity in these systems that are overwhelming us all. I find that only by moving with a degree of tenderness through all this imagery can I continue to stay fluid and energized enough to be effective, and not just give up or shut own. A lot is being asked of us, an emergent new maturity. Munroe epitomizes that gracious state to me, in all of her activism.”

About the album Anohni shared this: ” I am releasing a new album in July called My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross. I worked on it with a producer in London named Jimmy Hogarth. I am really pleased with the feeling of it; its a new direction for me, but very much aligned with my heart my previous work. It’s quite a personal record in some ways, and yet i hope that every song finds broader resonance and identification out among the rushes. I just hope that the work will be useful to you, and offer you some energy or solace.”

Esben And The Witch – “A Kaleidoscope”

Esben And The Witch have shared their third single, “A Kaleidoscope”, off their album “Hold Sacred” that was released May 12th via Nostromo Records.


The Well
In Ecstasy
Fear Not
Silence, 1801
True Mirror
A Kaleidoscope
The Depths
Petals of Ash

The band shared this about the song: “A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. This song felt like something being born, a creature opening its eyes for the first time, innocently seeing the world and how beautiful it can be. A butterfly doesn’t live for long, a fleeting dream, soaking up the beautiful things. We wanted the song and the video to capture this spirit. The hazy, psychedelic warmth of summer. The vivid colours of the meadows and the thrum of activity within.”

The band will go on a European tour later this month. No additional dates have been announced yet, and no USofA (nor Tijuana) dates yet.

The Clientele – “Blue Over Blue”

The Clientele have share the first single, “Blue Over Blue”, off their upcoming album “I Am Not There Anymore ” out July 28th via Merge.


1. Fables of the Silverlink
2. Radial B
3. Garden Eye Mantra
4. Segue 4 (iv)
5. Lady Grey
6. Dying in May
7. Conjuring Summer In
8. Radial C (Nocturne for Three Trees)
9. Blue Over Blue
10. Radial E
11. Claire’s Not Real
12. My Childhood
13. Chalk Flowers
14. Radial H
15. Hey Siobhan
16. Stems of Anise
17. Through the Roses
18. I Dreamed of You, Maria
19. The Village Is Always on Fire

Alasdair MacLean (vocalist/lyricist/guitarist) shared this about the song: “‘Blue Over Blue’ is about getting lost in the woods on Hampstead Heath on an autumn day with my two-year-old son on my shoulders—he loved it and wanted to play hide and seek. I knew he was a ticking time bomb as I had no food with me and was trying to find my way back to a path.”

The band will embark on a tour to support the album starting in August.

Killer Mike – “Motherless”

Killer Mike has shared the second single, “Motherless”, off his upcoming solo album “Michael” out June 16th.

1 Down by Law
2 Shed Tears
3 Run
4 N Rich
5 Talkin Dat Shit!
6 Slummer
7 Scientists & Engineers
8 Two Days
9 Spaceship Views
10 Exit 9
11 Something for Junkies
12 Motherless
13 Don’t Let the Devil
14 High and Holy

The video for Motherless ” was directed by Shane Smith. He also shared this about the song: “When I first played Dion (No I.D.) the album he said two things—one of which was that I was essentially holding something back and that was the song ‘Motherless,’” Mike said in a statement. “It was the last song made for the album because I hadn’t uttered these words [‘my momma dead’] out loud since her transitioning. When I tell the story of my mother the tales told include one when I walked in on her attempting to take her own life—it gets to the heart of how deeply sensitive an artist and human she was. She survived, was diagnosed bi-polar and depressed; she fought that until the day she died. She lived a beautifully rich outlaw of a life and I am honored to show her as the total beautiful badass she was.”

Alongside releasing the video for “Motherless”, which comes in with a PT. II preamble, he’s also sharing a video for the previously released song “Don’t Let The Devil” which has the PT. I II in the opening titles.

Killer Mike shared this about that: “El’s heard me talk about these bohemian-artsy-disco infused parties my mom used to throw when I was a kid. So when we were trying to figure out what the video for ‘Don’t Let the Devil’ should be Jaime came back with this treatment written out and I cried at the end. What’s even crazier is he didn’t know what we were doing for ‘Motherless’ either but that’s the magic I guess.”

Geese – “3D Country”

Geese shared their second single, “3D Country”, off their upcoming album of the same name out June 23rd via Partisan / Play It Again Sam.


1. 2122
2. 3D Country
3. Cowboy Nudes
4. I See Myself
5. Undoer
6. Crusades
7. Gravity Blues
8. Mysterious Love
9. Domoto
10. Tomorrow’s Crusades
11. St Elmo

The video for the song was directed by Andy Swartz & Cameron Winter.

Cameron Winter shared this about “3D Country” in a press release: “The lyrics are this story I had about a cowboy who does psychedelics in the wild west and fries his brain forever. I was imagining at first he’s this stoic, masculine character like out of a Cormac McCarthy novel, but then he unravels and sees his past lives in Ancient Rome, the Great Wall of China. Ultimately he finds himself in the end and it turns celebratory. I liked the idea of contrasting this strait-laced individual with that super mind-bending, interdimensional experience. Similarly, the music is an amalgam of a lot of different country licks, a gospel-ish call-and-response part, things we typically wouldn’t do, but we wanted to push them through this textured, strange, psychedelic lens. We kept jamming around this one groove that’s in the verse for 10 minutes at a time, and then went back to take the best 30-second bits to piece it all together. The original version was over twice as long, and we bring some of those crazier sections back when we play it live and for the version of the song that’s in the music video.”

Puma Blue – “Pretty”

Puma Blue has shared the first single, “Pretty”, off his upcoming new album “Holy Waters” out September 1st via Blue Flowers.


1. Falling Down
2. Pretty
3. O, The Blood!
4. Hounds
5. Too Much, Too Much
6. Epitaph
7. Gates (Wait For Me)
8. Dream Of You
9. Holy Waters
10. Mirage
11. Light Is Gone

The video for the song, which feels heavily influenced by Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch, was directed by Angela Ricciardi.

Puma Blue shared this about the video: “I wanted to capture how it feels to look in a mirror and feel dissonance with what you see. I obscured myself for much of the video, shot on film and directed by Angela Ricciardi, I wanted to hide and sing from the shadows. But I walk around New York City with these angel wings because the lyrics are ‘You make me feel so pretty’, this idea that I am perceived as beautiful by someone else despite how I see myself. At the end, I come home to this lifeless figure, a nothing. The idea that even though you can be loved by someone you can still be haunted by dysmorphia to some extent. This song is an attempt to challenge that, to honour that admiration from the one who sees me as beautiful.”

About the song Puma Blue shared this: “‘Pretty’ is about feeling ugly. So ugly that sometimes you can’t believe the person who loves you sees you how they do. We were playing with beauty and ugliness when producing it, the live studio performance already felt so sweet and delicate, it needed something uglier and haunting so I howled these notes in the bridge and we fed my voice through a synth that made me sound like a swarm of bees.”

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana). A European is set for the fall, so hopefully soon after.

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