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Fever Ray – “Kandy”

Fever Ray has shared a new video, “Kandy”, of her upcoming album “Radical Romantics” out March 10th.

The video was directed by Martin Falco and performed by Karin and Olof Dreijer.

Olof shares this about the song: “I tried to tune in as much as possible into Fever Ray vibes and tried many different styles, or clothes as I usually say when I talk about different music production suggestions. But in the end we took out the same synthesizer, the SH101, used for The Knife track, ʻThe Captain,ʼ and it just worked!”

Clark – “Town Crank”

Clark has shared the first single, “Town Crank”, off his upcoming album “Sus Dog” out May 26th via Throttle.


01 “Alyosha”
02 “Town Crank”
03 “Sus Dog” (Feat. Anika)
04 “Clutch Pearlers”
05 “Over Empty Streets”
06 “Wedding”
07 “Forest”
08 “Dolgoch Tape”
09 “Bully”
10 “Dismissive”
11 “Medicine” (Feat. Thom Yorke)
12 “Ladder”

The album was produced by Thom Yorke (The Smile, Atoms Form Peace and other bands) and he shares this about his role: “Chris wrote me to say he’d started singing, looking for feedback/advice or whatever, cuz it was kind of new shark-infested waters for him. I’ve been into what he does for years, and I ended up being a kind of backseat driver as he pieced all the oddness of it together, which was fascinating…. I wasn’t surprised to discover he came at singing and words through another door completely, which to me was the most interesting and exciting part. The first thing he sent me was him singing about being stuck between two floors and I was already sold. To me the way he approached it all wasn’t the usual singer/songwriter guff thank god; it mirrored the way he approached all his composition and recording, but this time it had a human face. His face.”

Chris Clark (Clark) shared this about it: “It’s a lifetime’s worth of listening to songs and working out how to make them, tuning into how to customize all the other elements to my tastes. It feels like my debut, in a way. My thought process on making this album was ‘What would it sound like if The Beach Boys took MDMA and made a rave record?’”

GEORGE by Efthimis Filippou & Panagiotis Melidis

Efthimis Filippou provides the text and Panagiotis Melidis (Larry Gus) the music for this portrayal of the final days in the life of a man aged around 65 – a man called George. This is released via FourFour Records.

Efthimis Filippou shared this about it: “A science fiction monologue with musical interludes. It’s a work about the nature and causes and aesthetics of a beastly, deadly disease”.

Panagiotis Melidis (Larry Gus) shared this: “It’s a spy story, only here, the murderer is inside you. It’s an exercise in self-assault that includes a survival guide, what to do when your own self, your various possible variants, attack you en masse, like a George to the power of sixty.”

“George” is a record born out of a conversation Efthimis and Panagiotis had in December 2018. Panagiotis handed Efthimis a hard drive filled with original music. Efthimis then wrote the text in November 2019. Among the first musical ideas was a piece titled “Super Soft Guitar” but the music, in its original form, would be abandoned and re-written from scratch during the first half of 2020. The work’s title changed many times. The only song to feature on the record was written specially for the Corfu Men’s Choir.

A surreal spell of a work, that is also a spoken-word narration punctuated by musical interludes, is premiering two ways: on the Main Stage at Onassis Stegi – with Angeliki Papoulia as the narrator – for one night only, and as a collector’s edition vinyl – featuring the voice of Ben Whishaw – for ever.

Ben Whishaw recorded his narration in London. Whishaw rose to fame thanks to his unforgettable performance in the film adaptation of Patrick Süskind’s novel “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” (2006). He was also among the leads in “The Lobster” (2015), the award-winning film by Yorgos Lanthimos co-written by Efthimis Filippou

Thomas Bangalter – “Mythologies”

Thomas Bangalter has announced the release of his new solo album, “Mythologies”, out April 7th via Erato / Warner Classics.

I. Premiers Mouvements
II. Le Catch
III. Thalestris
IV. Les Gémeaux I
V. Les Amazones
VI. L’Arrivée d’Alexandre
VII. Treize Nuits
VIII. Danae
IX. Zeus
X. L’Accouchement
XI. Les Gorgones
XII. Renaissances
XIII. Le Minotaure
XIV. Eden
XV. Arès
XVI. Aphrodite
XVII. Les Naïades
XVIII. Pas de Deux
XIX. Circonvolutions
XX. Les Gémeaux II
XXI. Icare
XXII. Danse Funèbre
XXIII. La Guerre

Via a press release the album is described: “Bangalter was first commissioned to work on Mythologies by Preljocaj in 2019. The score was created alongside the Opéra National de Bordeaux. The body of work reveals a love of Baroque music and hints to traces of American minimalism. This score does not draw on the resources of electronic music but instead involves the large-scale traditional force of a symphony.”

OFF! – “Time Will Come / L”

OFF! have shared a new double song video, “Time Will Come / L”, off their upcoming album/sci-fi movie “Free LSD”

The movie was directed by the bands guitarist Dimitri Coats and the cast is just an impressive ensemble: Jack Black, Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats, Autry Fulbright II, James Duval, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Sydnie Mancini, Bree Essrig, Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks), Cody Renee Cameron, Nathaniel Moore, D.H. Peligro (R.I.P.) (Dead Kennedys), David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Davey Havok (AFI), Chloe Dykstra, Don Bolles (Germs), Chelsea Debo, Dana Gould, and more.

The synopsis for the film reads like this: “A punk rock, sci-fi midnight movie, Free LSD follows the story of Keith (played by Keith Morris) as he embarks on an inter-dimensional journey after using an experimental drug that provides a glimpse into a parallel universe where he is not only the singer of the band OFF!, but also the target of an evil alien species that will stop at nothing to prevent the group from making a new album which holds the key to an awakening of human consciousness”

Dimitri Coats shared this about the experience: “Making a movie is a cross between climbing Mount Everest and fighting a war. But the struggle has allowed our band access to worlds we don’t normally get to explore”.

Izzy and The Black Trees – “Revolution Comes In Waves”

Izzy and The Black Trees released their album “Revolution Comes In Waves” back in October via Antena Krzyku.


1. I Can’t Breathe
2. Liberate
3. Devil on the Run
4. National Tragedy
5. Break Into My Body
6. Petty Crimes
7. Visions
8. Kick Out the Damned
9. Love’s in Crisis
10. Candy

From the album they released a handful of singles. The first they shared was for the song “Liberate”. The video for it was directed by Sebastian Juszczyk.

A few weeks later this was followed by “Petty Crimes”. This video was handled by Mariusz Dojs. Izabela “Izzy” Rekowska said this about the meaning behind the song: “While writing the song I was thinking about the political situation in Poland where so-called “petty crimes” are a common way to deceive people, making them think that they have a choice while in reality they don’t. The current state of democracy in our home country is perceived as flawed; not only by other countries, but also by many young people who do not support the ruling party, or the ways that they treat LGBT+ communities and cut down on abortion rights. It is not right. It is not how a modern society should look like. There is a need for a change, and it has to come soon, otherwise we will be a mere bird on a wire”.

The third single selected off the album was “Kick Out The Damned”, and this was done with a stop motion video by Mariusz Dojs. Izabela “Izzy” Rekowska shared this about the song: “Kick Out the Damned is a simple message for those who long overstayed their unwanted welcome, for those who unrightfully claim what’s theirs, particularly authoritarian leaders whose golden statues will tumble and fall eventually”.

The last, and most recent, video single shares by the band was for “Love’s In Crisis”, and the video was directed by Nicolas Imbert.

The band has shared that they plan on touring more this 2023. How far across and wide has yet to be determined, but we’re hoping the current state will allow them to come and play the USofA (maybe Tijuana too).

Frankie Rose – “Anything”

Frankie Rose has announced the release of her new album, “Love As Projection”, out March 10th via Slumberland. With it comes the release of the first single “Anything “.


01 Sixteen Ways
02 Anything
03 Had It Wrong
04 Saltwater Girl
05 Feel Light
06 DOA
07 Sleeping Night and Day
08 Molotov in Stereo
09 Come Back
10 Song for a Horse

Via a press release from the label they shared this: “Painstakingly written, recorded, and engineered through some of the most tumultuous times in history, this new collection of songs harnesses the power and propulsion of Frankie’s early DIY-centric punk days without losing sight of the immersive, dreamlike world-building she’s been known for in recent years. Her love of new wave hooks and post-punk drive remain omnipresent, elevated by her utilization of modern production and an improved, polished palate of state-of-the-art instrumentation. It’s more than a rebirth, a refinement, a resurgence – it’s a culmination of influence, a newly-defined scope using the tools at her disposal, a long-form project that was heavily considered for half of a decade – resulting in the most personal and accessible collection of art-pop that Frankie has delivered yet, propelling her signature melodies and dense, ethereal harmonies into the future”.

Phillip Selway – “Picking Up Pieces”

Phillip Selway has shared a new single, “Picking Up Pieces”, off his upcoming album “Strange Dance” out February 24th via Bella Union.


1. Little Things
2. What Keeps You Awake At Night
3. Check For Signs Of Life
4. Picking Up Pieces
5. The Other Side
6. Strange Dance
7. Make It Go Away
8. The Heart Of It All
9. Salt Air
10. There’ll Be Better Days

The video for “Picking Up Pieces” was directed by William Williamson. The song also features the guitar playing of Adrian Utley.

Selway shared this about the song: “Picking Up Pieces is a song about the masking that we do when we’re young adults. It’s a time of life when your sense of identity can feel shaky, you can feel anxious about making the grade, and life can feel that it’s spinning out of control, but you try to hide this from everyone.” Williamson shared this: “We all viewed this film as a continuation of the last, with the choreography having echoes of our characters worlds whilst simultaneously unfolding new elements and emotions.”

Lonnie Holley – “Oh Me, Oh My (feat. Michael Stipe)

Lonnie Holley has shared the first single, “Oh Me, Oh My” featuring Michael Stipe, off his upcoming album “Oh Me Oh My” out March 10th via Jagjaguwar.

1. Testing
2. I Am A Part Of The Wonder
3. Oh Me Oh My
4. Earth Will Be There
5. Mount Meigs
6. Better Get That Crop In Soon
7. Kindness Will Follow Your Tears
8. None Of Us Have But A Little While
9. If We Get Lost They Will Find Us
10. I Can’t Hush
11. Future Children

Lonnie Holley shared this in a press release about the album: “My art and my music are always closely tied to what is happening around me, and the last few years have given me a lot to thoughtsmith about. When I listen back to these songs I can feel the times we were living through. I’m deeply appreciative of the collaborators, especially Jacknife, who helped the songs take shape and really inspired me to dig deeper within myself.”

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