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Dead Cross – Rise Above (Black Flag cover)

Every few years the feeling that the times they’re a changin lingers. This time around is palpable. This time around it rings true. This time around you can feel it surrounding you. And with every change art leads the way. Either in painting or film or graffiti or writing or music; the arts help us navigate the turbulent and fucked up times that unravel around us.

That being said Dead Cross have released a video for the song “Rise Above” a cover from Black Flag. The video was created by Displaced/Replaced.

Dead Cross recorded the cover “in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and staunchly opposing police brutality and systemic racism,” they said in a joint statement. “As such, the track opens with a recording of a Los Angeles resident voicing his displeasure with the LAPD during a public comment period from a regularly scheduled LA police commission meeting; which he finishes by stating: Suck my dick and choke on it. I yield my time.

As always remember if it’s within your means support your local non-profit charities. Volunteer within your community. Help those in need. Stand in solidarity. Be fucking kind.

Psychic Graveyard – A Bluebird Vacation

Psychic Graveyard released their new album “A Bluebird Vacation” on May 22nd on Fat Beat Records.

Track listing

  • 1 I Wanted Anything
  • 2 Is There a Hotline?
  • 3 Backyard Full of Laughter
  • 4 I Know That Woman
  • 5 No
  • 6 A Bluebird Vacation
  • 7 Weapon
  • 8 People Dislike Me
  • 9 Animal I Can’t Avoid
  • 10 Never Get Clean

Their single “Is There a Hotline” was accompanied by a video done by First Church Of The Void (Eric Livingstone).

The noiserock punk band released an album that sounds urgent. It screams to be heard. Once you start playing it you need to make sure to play it loud, as close to 11 as possible. Eric Paul’s lyrics/poetry is as open to interpretation as it is reflective of you. This is an album that feels that it was written with a crisis in mind. Charles Ovett drum work is nothing short of a masterclass in drum punishment. And Nathan Joyner & Paul Vieira work include very few guitars at all. The results work hand in hand with the lyrics
addressing very personal experiences with mental illness, anti-depressants and benzodiazepines, and the difficulty of helping
family going through their own challenges. These sounds don’t blindly spin into despair nor foolishly claim that overcoming just requires finding the right vocal melody. These songs are as messy as life itself, in all its stupid beauty.

Psychic Graveyard’s members previously played in the bands Arab on Radar, Some Girls, All Leather, Chinese Stars, Hot Nerds, Doomsday Student and more. This is their second album and was impeccably produced with Seth Manchester (Lingua Ignota, Lightning Bolt, Daughters).

King Buzzo w/Trevor Dunn – Gift Of Sacrifice

King Buzzo, the iconic Melvins’ singer and guitar player, returns with his second solo album, Gift of Sacrifice, on May 15 via Ipecac Recordings. The nine-song release finds Buzz Osborne joined by longtime friend and Mr. Bungle bass player Trevor Dunn.

Gift of Sacrifice track list:

  1. Mental Vomit
  2. Housing, Luxury, Energy
  3. I’m Glad I Could Help
  4. Delayed Clarity
  5. Junkie Jesus
  6. Science in Modern America
  7. Bird Animal
  8. Mock She
  9. Acoustic Junkie.

The collection’s first single, “Science in Modern America” ( can be heard now. Album pre-orders, available as the same link, include CD, black vinyl, a limited edition hot pink variant available exclusively via the Ipecac webstore as well as a tour only, opaque tangerine vinyl version.

Gift of Sacrifice was a stone groove to record and it will be a f**king blast to finally hit the road with my buddy Trevor Dunn,” says Osborne. “Once we take the stage, I guarantee we’ll kick the crap out of this album.” Dunn and Osborne have worked together several times in the past, both as members of Fantômas and with Dunn performing in the Melvins Lite iteration of the long-running, legendary band.

Photo credit: Mackie Osborne

*This was one of the shows (tour) that we were really looking forward to and now the future is uncertain if these will take place.

Tetema – Necroscape

tētēma, the bi-continental outfit featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) and the Melbourne based, electro-acoustic artist Anthony Pateras, return with their sophomore album, the mind-bending Necroscape (April 3, Ipecac Recordings).

An early preview of the Spring release can be heard now, with “Haunted On The Uptake,” a track Pateras describes as sounding “like The Melvins’ tour van broke down in the Balkans and instead of going home, they decide to open a mountain laboratory dedicated to possible hybrids of Rembetika and hardcore,” streaming now:

Necroscape is sculpted around isolation in the surveillance age; and although lofty/high-concept sounding, it is still an intensely fun and heavy listen. Necroscape synthesizes a lot of territory: odd-time rock, musique concrète, otherworld grooves, soul, industrial noise, microtonal psychoacoustics… seemingly strange bedfellows on paper, yet they seamlessly coalesce into 13 songs which playfully challenge our notions of sonic logic and make you move at the same time. In a nutshell, listening to Necroscape creates the weird sensation of exclaiming “of course!” and “wtf?” simultaneously.

Necroscape track list:

  1. Necroscape
  2. Cutlass Eye
  3. Wait Till Mornin’
  4. Haunted on the Uptake
  5. All Signs Uncensored
  6. Milked Out Million
  7. Soliloquy
  8. Flatliner’s Owl
  9. Dead Still
  10. Invertebrate
  11. We’ll Talk Inside A Dream
  12. Sun Undone
  13. Funerale Di Un Contadino

Pateras and Patton “created an intelligent but ferocious mixture of avant-garde experimentalism, world music accents, and heavy metal velocity” (All Music) within the confines of their 11-track, 2014 debut, Geocidal. NME described the collection as “Roni Size getting spiked with GHB and fed through a woodchipper” while Alternative Press said, “once you are acclimated, it will leave you tingling.” The pair, joined by Will Guthrie (percussion) and Erkka Veltheim (violin), both of whom appear on Necroscape as well, made their live debut, fittingly at the Tasmania Mona music and art festival. The Guardian said of the outing: “tētēma didn’t enrapture with anthems or token festival rock gestures, they enraptured with mood, with surprises, and with evocations rarely felt by audiences…”

Tool / Author & Punisher live at Viejas Arena

On Friday January 10th, 2020 Tool began the 2nd leg of their “Fear Inoculum” tour in San Diego, CA.

This time they brought support from local one man doom band Author & Punisher, who is still promoting his most recent album “Beastland” out on Relapse Records.

Author & Punisher was the perfect opener act to support this tour, A&P showed off as an opener, with a mind blowing set filled with the unique sound of his custom made drone machines.

  • Author & Punisher setlist:
    1. Pharmacide
      Ode to Bedlam
      Crude Sectioning
      The Barge
      Nihil Strength
  • Tool continued being Tool. That means that they brought an audiovisual spectacle for all. That means that every aspect of the show is coordinated so all your senses can react to what they’re witnessing.

    The setlist for the 1st show of the tour focused on their last 4 albums, or basically ignored Undertow and the Opiate EP.


    1. Fear Inoculum
    2. Ænema
    3. Parabol
    4. Parabola
    5. Pneuma
    6. Schism
    7. A Passage To Bangkok (RUSH cover)
    8. Jambi
    9. Vicarious
    10. Descending
      Forty Six & 2
      Chocolate Chip Trip
      (-) ions
      2112 (RUSH cover)

    The RUSH covers were in tribute to Neil Peart since it was announced earlier in the day that he had passed away.

    Below you can see the song Chocolate Chip Trip in it’s entirety, which is in a way indebted to Neil Peart himself and the influence he had on Danny Carey himself.

    Words and Pictures by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

    Thom Yorke – “Last I Heard (…he was circling the drain)

    Thom Yorke released a video for the song “Last I Heard (…he was circling the drain) which is off his latest album Anima.

    The video was done by Art Camp.

    This is what they had to say about the process in creating and achieving the vision for this video:

    “Our first and last goal was to serve the feelings of the song and the record. Thom shared a list of visions with us, disconnected images from his dreams, and we expanded on it with visions from everyone who joined the video team, over a dozen of us. At its core, our intention was to communicate the experience of feeling completely on your own, surrounded by people you see yourself in but don’t understand, who have lost their minds to the city and can’t see that you need their help.

    “The process for making this animation was extremely iterative and cyclical, and started from every direction at once. We experimented with clay sculpture and one-cent 3D horses, crowd simulations and charcoal dust, linear storytelling and abstract expression. We made the entire video and threw it away, made it again, threw it away, dozens of times. This of course was stressful but also beautiful.

    “Our goal is to create work that is surprising to ourselves, that we don’t understand how it happened. A lot of that has to do with trusting in the collaborative process- finding a wavelength where everyone feels free to go crazy in their own way, and push for what they most believe in. Our values are constantly being tested and rewritten in pursuit of creating a community where people really do feel loose and free and safe. When it works the best, you end up with work that speaks in everyone’s voices and one voice.”

    Check out the video below.

    Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

    Orville Peck

    Orville Peck released one of the best albums of this year “Pony”. He is currently on tour and will be playing the Casbah on August 15th. “Pony” is much more than just a gay country album released on Sub Pop.


    Even though there’s always been some sort of homoerotic touches with westerns and cowboys, seeing it represented through this album feels proper and welcomed.

    At first listen the comparison to Roy Orbison is almost inevitable. As is trying to conjure images of a Johnny Cash and any other outlaw hybrid. To our ears, without knowing about the Orville Peck persona the songs sounded like a lost R.E.M. song, there are touches of a Michael Stipe croon to some of the songs, specially Turn To Hate.
    These are the videos released so far for this album:

    Big Sky

    Dead Of Night

    Turn To Hate

    For this his debut album you get a group of songs, or vignettes, told and crooned to you. This is not just a country album as much as it has synth or post-punk guitars to some sort of dream pop sensibilities churned out.

    Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.

    Daughters Announce North American Fall Tour

    Daughters have announced a new round of US dates for their Fall tour. And they will playing San Diego, what is sure to be a loud show, at The Irenic on Friday December 6th.



    Daughters, who stormed back on to the scene with one of the most critically-lauded albums in recent years, You Won’t Get What You Want, return to North America this Fall for a three-week tour across the continent.


    The three-week trek follows two sold out North American tours for the Providence-based outfit, a nod to the band’s riveting, and intimate, live performances. Daughters have continued to rack up accolade after accolade, with music fans clamoring to take part in what has become one of the year’s most sought-after-tickets. “No one is doing this quite like they are,” said Glide Magazine about the band’s recent Austin outing, continuing, “Daughters bring so much energy and vigor live that their older compatriots, even those still on tour, couldn’t hope to match it, and their sound is something few if any bands in the hardcore scene would dare to attempt these days.”


    “This has been a wild year for us,” says Alexis Marshall. “We did not anticipate such an enthusiastic reception and the love has been nothing short of inspiring.”


    Daughters are joined by HEALTH for the bulk of the tour, with support for the co-headlining offering coming from Show Me the Body. The band’s Northwest dates (Seattle, Vancouver and Portland) feature opener Lingua Ignota while Protomartyr join Daughters for the Los Angeles outing.


    A limited edition (500 copies), black and white vinyl edition of You Won’t Get What You Want and an exclusive t-shirt are available as part of the tour pre-sale, available Thursday at 12 noon eastern via General on-sale begins this Friday at 10 am local time.

    Daughters North American tour dates:


    November 30 Seattle, WA Neumos *
    December 1 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre *
    December 2 Portland, OR Star Theater *
    December 4 San Francisco, CA Filmore ^
    December 5 Los Angeles, CA The Belasco &
    December 6 San Diego, CA The Irenic ^
    December 7 Phoenix, AZ The Pressroom ^
    December 8 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater ^
    December 10 Austin, TX Emo’s ^
    December 11 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jack’s ^
    December 13 Birmingham, AL Saturn ^
    December 14 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade ^
    December 15 Tampa, FL The Orpheum ^
    December 17 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle ^
    December 18 Washington, DC 9:30 Club ^
    December 19 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Steel ^
    December 20 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer ^
    December 21 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club ^

    *w/ Lingua Ignota
    ^w/ HEALTH, Show Me the Body
    &w/ Protomartyr, Show Me the Body


    By: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales

    Mr. Bungle to perform “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny”

    In, holy shit this is actually happening news, Mr. Bungle will reunite to play “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny” for ONLY 3 shows, with tickets on sale August 16th:

    – February 7th at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA
    – February 8th at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, CA
    – February 10th at the Brooklyn Steel in NEw York, NY

    Original members Trevor Dunn, Trey Spruance and the one called Mike Patton will be joined by Scott Ian (Anthrax, SOD) and by Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies).

    This is the press note released today:

    “Aug. 13, 2019, Eureka, Calif. – Mr. Bungle performs The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny, the Eureka-born band’s 1986 self-produced/released demo, in a trio of February shows: Feb. 7 at the Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles), Feb. 8 at the Warfield Theatre (San Francisco) and Feb. 10 at Brooklyn Steel (New York City). The dates mark both the first time Mr. Bungle has performed in close to 20 years and the first time these songs have been played live in over 30 years.”


    Mr. Bungle plays The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny featuring Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo in their own words:

    “Ever since Trevor hatched The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny v.2 idea a few years back, Patton, Lombardo, he and I had each been incubating some idea of that egg. Lombardo called me one day and asked me to make some guitar demos so he could learn the songs. He had this generous idea to surprise the other guys with being totally ready to go with the tunes. It just so happened that I was in Eureka at the time. So, I found myself re-visiting all of those riffs in the same goddamned town and in the same goddamned house where I recorded all the original guitars on that demo 33 years earlier. There was something about actually physically working out the mania of those riffs again at DAVE LOMBARDO’S request, in that environment — it just split my head open. It wasn’t long before the train of destiny had picked up too much speed for any of us to jump off.” – Trey Spruance

    “When we recorded that demo, we were 16 and 17 years old and we were absolutely serious about the music. At the time, we were living the deluge of ’80s metal and absorbing every riff and every drum fill from every known band from Denmark to San Francisco. The recording and playing were amateurish (save for Trey’s video-game-solos) but the schooled composition and spirit were solid. I always felt like this music held its own and deserved to be presented in a clearer and more defined package even if it meant being 33 years later.” – Trevor Dunn

    “I remember writing riffs for this cassette in my parent’s garage, with no heat, so I recorded in a sleeping bag for analog warmth, playing a one-stringed acoustic guitar that was piped into a ghetto blaster. Thank god I had Trevor and Trey to help decipher my rotten riffs into something intelligible!” – Mike Patton

    “When Mike hit me up about this my brain thought he was asking me if I wanted to come to a show, him knowing I am a HUGE Bungle fan. When I realized he actually meant for me to play guitar with them it broke my brain, I was a giggly drooling mess. Somehow I pecked out Y E S on my keyboard and holy crap I’m playing in Mr. Bungle. Seriously, it’s an honor and a privilege to get to play with my favorite ‘Mr.’ band of all time.” – Scott Ian

    “I don’t know what was in the water in Eureka California, but it certainly wasn’t clean. This is going to be a ridiculously, insane band to play with and I am honored to have been asked to join the wrath.” – Dave Lombardo

    The idea that Dunn, Patton and Spruance will be joined by their early musical heroes is not lost on the musicians:

    “They are a significant percentage of ‘The Big Four’, all of which had a major impact on us. Aside from their obvious skills and –for crying out loud, INVENTION of this genre– there’s nothing like being in a band with those whom which you have rapport. If we are going back to the source with this stuff we might as well go ALL THE WAY back.” – Trevor Dunn

    “To have Scott and Dave with us on this suicide mission is more than an honor. THEY are a big part of the reason we wrote this stuff in the first place, and to realize it 30+ years later with these maestros is an absolute miracle… we can finally play this teenage nonsense correctly! A total catharsis for us. “ – Mike Patton

    “At our very first show, at the Bayside Grange Hall, Nov. 30, 1985, we played Slayer’s ‘Chemical Warfare’ and a S.O.D. cover. I mean, are you kidding?? We WORSHIPPED those guys! And now they’re gonna PLAY in our band?” – Trey Spruance
    By: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales

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