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The Smile – “Skrting In The Surface”

The Smile have released a third single, “Skrting In The Surface”, off their debut album that will be released via XL Records.

The video for the song was directed by the BAFTA winner Mark Jenkin. The video was shot in Cornwall’s disused Rosevale Tin Mine. The film was hand developed in water from the mine because of art.

The song sounds like Radiohead because of course it does also the song did originate as a Radiohead song way back when (In Rainbows era) and now it has been revived with a beautiful orchestral arrangement from Jonny Greenwood. Also, the song was produced by Nigel Godrich and mixed by Mikko Gordon.

The Smile will tour from May to July around Europe. No dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana)

Moderat – “Easy Prey”

Moderat have shared the video for their new single, “Easy Prey”, off their new album “MORE D4TA” out May 13th via Monkeytown.

The video was directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas. This is what the band shared about the song: “The only track on the album whose lyrics were written before the recording process began, it contemplates the relationship between love and independence, lamenting how vulnerable we become when the balance between the two tips too far towards the former. It’s a fraught tale, albeit a beautiful one, and a song where inner turmoil truly takes flight.”

Moderat will be doing what looks like a short, major city, tour and they will be playing San Diego (and LA) in September.

Tool – “Opiate2”

Tool have released their first video in 15 years. It is for “Opiate2” is a re-imagined and extended version of TOOL’s 1992 single “Opiate,” with both the song and video marking the 30th anniversary of the EP of the same name’s release.

A three-minute preview of the Blu-Ray short film is viewable here.

Housed in a 46-page art book with behind-the-scenes and making-of photos, the “Opiate2” Blu-ray also includes interviews and insights from special guests. Visual artist Dominic Hailstone (“Alien: Covenant”, “The Eel”) worked with Adam Jones on the 10-plus minute film. Hailstone and Jones also collaborated on the filmed pieces featured on the current Fear Inoculum tour.

Deserta – “Every Moment, Everything You Need”

Deserta has released their new album, Every Moment, Everything You Need” via Felte.

01 “Lost In The Weight”
02 “I’m So Tired”
03 “Where Did You Go”
04 “Far From Over”
05 “It’s All A Memory”
06 “A World Without”
07 “Goodbye Vista”
08 “Visions”

Off the album he released 4 singles. “Lost On The Weight” and “I’m So Tired” and “Hide” and “Where Did You Go”.

Matthew Doty (Deserta) has announced a spring tour in support of the album.

He will be playing the Soda Bar April 28th.

Thom Yorke – “5.17”

Thom Yorke has released a new song, “5.17”, via XL Recordings.

An additional song, “That’s How Horses Are”, is scheduled to be released on April 3rd, which coincides with the series finale for Peaky Blinders. The song “5:17” was released today which is the same day that the final season of Peaky Blinders premieres.

Papercuts – “Lodger”

Papercuts have shared a new single, “Lodger”, off their upcoming album “Past Life Regression” out April 1st via Slumberland.

The video for the song was done by Papercuts himself.

Jason Quever shared this about the song: “The song had a slight 60s pop inspiration, and I wanted to see if I could pull off a freakout in the middle that felt like an epiphany. Lyrically it’s inspired by a memory of feeling like a fling is just sort of passing through your life, and wondering if that’s all you are to them.“

He will be touring the EU/UK in support for Still Corners. No dates have yet been announced for the USofA (nor Tijuana).

Absent In Body – “Rise From Ruins”

Absent In Body have shared their third single, “Rise From Ruins”, off their album “Plague God” which will be released March 25th via Relapse Records.


1. Rise From Ruins
2. In Spirit In Spite
3. Sarin
4. The Acres/The Ache
5. The Half Rising Man

Mathieu Vandekerckhove shared this about the track: “The blueprints of most AIB songs were made when I was on tour with Amenra. Because of the long journeys, I had a lot of free time on the bus. Different landscapes every day. The emptiness of the mountains, the desolate empty cities at night…At one day, when recording the album, I had too much negative news and havoc on my socials shoved into my face. And the riff to this song was an instinctive reaction to that. I fought it off. This song is definitely a reflection of that moment, that day.”

ABSENT IN BODY formed in 2017, initially the brainchild of AMENRA guitarist Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove, and NEUROSIS vocalist/guitarist Scott Kelly. Immediately recognising their kinship, and with AMENRA frontman Colin H. Van Eeckhout brought in on vocals and bass, what emerged is a reflection of the intervening years of turbulence, extending it’s scope as it navigates across five stretches of unstable terrain. From the opening “Rise From Ruins” with ex-Sepultura drummer, Iggor Cavalera’s tribal beat emerging from foreboding, near-subsonic oscillations to explode in a tide of corrosive riffs and feral howls, through “Sarin’s” steadfast, procession-through-purgatory groove, to “The Half Rising Man’s” matrix of organic/mechanic evolution, it’s an album in constant dialogue between the animalistic, the human and the industrial, and a hunger to distill a truth, something unpolluted from the fray.

Placebo – “Happy Birthday In The Sky”

Placebo have released their 4th and final single, “Happy Birthday In The Sky”, in anticipation of their new album “Never Let Me Go” out March 25th via Rise Records.


Forever Chemicals
Beautiful James
Happy Birthday In The Sky
The Prodigal
Surrounded By Spies
Try Better Next Time
Sad White Reggae
Twin Demons
This Is What You Wanted
Went Missing
Fix Yourself

Brian Molko shared this about the song: “Happy Birthday In The Sky’ for me, is one of the more heartbreaking moments on the album. Happy birthday In the sky is a phrase that I’ve been using for quite some time. When I say, happy birthday to people who aren’t with us anymore, it communicates the kind of heartbreak that we’re really, really good at communicating I think. You know that sense of loss, that sense of desperation. It’s as if a part of your body and your soul has been ripped from you unfairly. And you pine and you pine, and you wait. What I am thinking is that this is kind of so visceral and so intense emotionally that it’s really going to communicate something very powerful to the listener. And that’s basically all I’m interested in. At what cost? Who cares. As long as the song really, really moves people, then whatever sacrifices you have to make in order to get there are fine with me. It’s not such a bad thing to inhabit these emotions – you’re very, very much alive and in the moment while you’re doing so.”

Placebo will have an extensive world tour from September until the end of the year that will have them visiting almost every country in the world, except you know who.

Greg Puciato – “Lowered”

Greg Puciato will release his new album, “Mirrorcell”, on June 17th via Federal Prisoner. He has shared the first single, “Lowered”.


01. In This Hell You Find Yourself
02 Reality Spiral
03. No More Lives to Go
04. Never Wanted That
05. Lowered
06. We
07. I, Eclipse
08. Rainbows Underground
09. All Waves to Nothing

The video for “Lowered” was directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera.

The song is a duet between Puciato and Reba Meyers (Code Orange). This is what Greg Puciato shared about the collaboration: “When she came to the studio we had like…zero vocals for that song. I had been a little unusually stuck with that one lyrically and as far as vocal phrasings and melodies. Reba and I had such an explosion of musical and personal chemistry right away, and we ended up writing and recording all of the vocals in about six hours. It was one of the purest collaborations I’ve ever done, in terms of feeling, just really natural and explosive. She really blew me away overall. The combined energy was instant. That song turned into something really special because of that energy.”

Puciato once again recorded all guitars and bass for the collection, and continued his long-running relationship Producer Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure). Chris Hornbrook (Dhani Harrison, Big Black Delta) played drums on the nine-song album.

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana).

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