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Mr. Bungle – Sudden Death (directed by Derek Cianfrance)

Mr. Bungle, who recently released their first album in over two decades, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo (Ipecac Recordings,, have partnered with acclaimed Director Derek Cianfrance (“The Place Beyond The Pines,” “Blue Valentine”) for the band’s “Sudden Death” video.

“If you lived in Lakewood, Colorado, during the early 1990s, there’s a slim chance you would have seen and heard a 16 -year-old boy driving slowly around town in a white, 1974 Mustang II, with his windows rolled down, disrupting the neighborhood by blaring the music of Mr. Bungle. That 16-year-old kid was me, and that music that I listened to, over and over and over again, set the bar for my life as an artist,” explained Cianfrance. “So, 30 years later, when I got a call from Mike Patton asking me to direct a music video for one of the songs on their new album, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, I questioned whether my life was really a dream… I informed Mike that I had never directed a music video before, but he wasn’t dissuaded. I listened to the album and asked if I could work with the song “Sudden Death.” It reminded me of the feelings of angst I carried throughout my youth while growing up in the shadow of a looming, forbidding thermonuclear war. I decided I could make a short film (well, not so short – the song is almost 8 min!) about these fears that haunted me. I was also interested in meditating on the theme of desensitization in modern society, where citizens are gradually and systemically numbed to the possibility of cataclysmic consequences. Since the song was written in the mid-‘80s, I determined that the video should feel like it was made during that time and imagined it as some sort of rediscovered relic. Shooting during a global pandemic proved a fitting backdrop to the malaise of the song. It also presented a unique challenge as I was too nervous to work with actors – so I had to come up with another solution. making this video with a small team of trusted collaborators, and working with my life-long heroes, was nothing short of a total dream come true.”

Cianfrance and Patton came to know one another after working together on the 2013 film “The Place Beyond The Pines.” Cianfrance said, in an interview with Pitchfork, that once he shot the film, he knew the only person who should compose its score was Patton. Cianfrance has also incorporated music from Patton’s discography into his current project, HBO’s “I Know This Much Is True.”

“When we first worked together, he told me he was a fan, and I didn’t believe him,” said Patton. “Years later, he told me he gravitated to the most difficult tunes on Bungle records (“Dead Goon,” “Merry Go Bye Bye,” “Goodbye Sober Day”) so him choosing “Sudden Death” for this iteration of Bungle actually made perfect sense. The least commercial and longest song? That’s where his ears and eyes go.”

Chester Watson – A Japanese Horror Film

Chester Watson has released his latest album “A Japanese Horror Film”.


01 – Life Wrote Itself
02 – Transportation Interlude (feat. Kiminori Chiba)
03 – Taxi Ghost (feat. Ria and Sima Itayim)
04 – Porcelain Geisha (feat. FIfi Rong)
05 – Yokai (feat. Psymum, Kanisono, Fifi Rong & Kent Loon)
06 – Witch Hunter (feat. K Raydio)
07 – Kushiro (feat. K Raydio)
08 – Camp (feat. Kent Loon and SIma Itayin)
09 – Teleportation (feat. K Raydio)
10 – Nujabes
11 – Atlantic Interlude (feat. Manijanai)
12 – Atlantis (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
13 – Hypnagogic Interlude (feat. Manijanai)
14 – Ronin
15 – Sunken Place (feat. Max Wonders and Sima Itayin)
16 – Fog (feat. Dua Saleh)
17 – Daydreams (feat. Dua Saleh)

We saw Chester Watson last year, when touring was still a thing, he supported Puma Blue at the Casbah in San Diego. And while we spoke briefly about the influence from Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder label he mentioned that his forthcoming album did have additional inspirations and that it was something that he was really excited to release.
With his earlier releases the influences from Earl Sweatshirt and MF Doom were palpable and easy to see and now with his “A Japanese Horror Film” it would be kind of easy to think of some members from the Wu-Tang, from the fists of RZA to the swords of GZA.

The album, for lack of better terms, is a trip. An astral trip. A projection. It’s an album that needs to be listened from beginning to end, don’t skip a moment and ride the album out. 
It’s an album that feels researched and that it takes the Japanese culture seriously, it’s not just kitsch or chic for the sake of being it, there’s an implied reverence to the samurai because there’s a care for it.

The album feels like a soundtrack. Maybe, like an alternate score to Ghost Dog or a follow up to The Bride.

Here’s a video for the opening song “Life Wrote Itself”:

Puscifer – Existential Reckoning


 TO: [REDACTED]                                                        DATE: SEPT. 18, 2020  
FROM: Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) Mat Mitchell, Special Agent-in-Charge Carina Round (SAC), and Special Agent-in-Training Maynard James Keenan  

SUBJECT: Existential Reckoning (Oct. 30, Alchemy Recordings / Puscifer Entertainment / BMG;, “The Underwhelming” (, and Billy D. disappearance 

Reports out of Jerome, Ariz. confirm the impending arrival of Existential Reckoning, a 12-song album from the special agents operating under code name Puscifer. The release is scheduled for an Oct. 30 arrival via Alchemy Recordings/Puscifer Entertainment/BMG.  

The agents, Mat Mitchell (guitar, bass, keys) and Carina Round (vocals, keys), with agent-in-training Maynard James Keenan (vocals, stories) a.k.a. Dick Merkin, preview the forthcoming release with “The Underwhelming”:

In a report to commanding officers, the trio said: “In the Summer of 2016, we received a call from Hildy Berger, Billy D’s loving wife. [REDACTED]. Billy D, rumored to have been carrying nothing but a bottle of wine and a mysterious briefcase, had disappeared without a trace somewhere in the high deserts of the Southwestern United States.  
Rumors of alien abduction were at the forefront throughout the dark web chatter. Therefore traditional methods of tracking a lost and hopeless drunkard in a dirty leisure suit were not an option. [REDACTED]. We hypothesized the only way to locate the subject was to [REDACTED] construct traversable bridges between intuition and technology, requiring us to explore the metaphorical mycelium between Math and Passion, Art and Order, and Hope and Proof. Through these methods [REDATED] we are able to pinpoint the exact location of both Billy D and the mysterious briefcase.”  
The agents recruited back-up: Greg Edwards (an experienced Agent having worked in operations classified as Failure and Autolux; bass, guitar, keys), Gunnar Olsen (drums) and Sarah Jones (drums). Existential Reckoning was produced by Mat Mitchell and Puscifer. The album was recorded and mixed by Mat Mitchell at Puscifer Studios in North Hollywood, Calif.  

Existential Reckoning track list:  
1) Bread and Circus
2) Apocalyptical
3) The Underwhelming
4) Grey Area 5.1
5) Theorem
6) UPGrade
7) Bullet Train To Iowa
8) Personal Prometheus
9) A Singularity
10) Postulous
11) Fake Affront
12) Bedlamite  

Album pre-orders ( include a number of limited edition vinyl variants including pure clear (indie retail exclusive), high dispersion gold, a wine & vinyl bundle featuring “oakwood” and trans red with black swirl versions as well as translucent tri-color clear blend (Revolver
exclusive). Digital pre-orders include an instant download of both “Apocalyptical” ( and “The Underwhelming.”  

Born somewhere in the Arizona desert, Puscifer is an electro-rock band, multimedia experience, traveling circus, and alien abduction survivors. The group’s catalog consists of three full-length studio albums—“V” is for Vagina [2007], Conditions of My Parole [2011], and Money Shot [2015]—in addition to a series of EPs and remixes. Beyond the core trio of Maynard James Keenan [vocals], Mat Mitchell [guitar, production], and Carina Round [vocals, songwriting], the group’s ever-evolving ecosystem encompasses a cast of characters such as Billy D and his wife Hildy Berger, Major Douche, Special Agent Dick Merkin, and many more. Meanwhile, the moniker’s origins can be traced to a 1995 episode of the HBO classic Mr. Show where Keenan first utilized the name “Puscifer. Entertainment Weekly christened them, “Exceptionally groovy, and Revolver fittingly described them as “indescribable.Renowned for an immersive live show, the group’s performances blur the lines between concert and theater, traversing the dusty American Southwest with Billy D and Hildy or the sweaty squared circle with Luchadores. They’ve brought this to life everywhere from Coachella to Bonnaroo. On their 2020 debut for Alchemy Recordings/BMG, entitled Existential Reckoning, Puscifer track Billy D back to the desert and, just maybe, uncover the truth about aliens once and for all.  

# # #  

The Kills – Little Bastards

The Kills have announced the release of a new album consisting of B-Sides, demos, rarities and covers titled “Little Bastards” out on Domino Records. The songs date back from the band’s first 7-inch singles in 2002 through to 2009.

The tracklist:
01. ‘Superpowerless’ (from ‘Last Day Of Magic’ 7″, 2008)
02. ‘Passion Is Accurate’ (from ‘Love Is A Deserter’ CD single, 2005)
03. ‘Kiss The Wrong Side’ (from ‘Cheap And Cheerful’ 7″, 2008)
04. ‘Raise Me’ (unreleased demo, 2009)
05. ‘Night Train’ (‘Midnight Boom’ digital bonus track, 2008)
06. ‘Half Of Us’ (from ‘No Wow’ 7″, 2005)
07. ‘London Hates You’ (from ‘Tape Song’ 7″, 2005)
08. ‘I Call It Art’ (from ‘Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited Compilation’, 2006) 09. ‘Forty Four’ (from ‘Black Balloon’ 7″, 2009)
10. ‘Love Is A Deserter’ (recorded for XFM, 2005)
11. ‘The Search For Cherry Red’ (from ‘Pull A U’ 7″, 2003)
12. ‘Magazine’ (from ‘Love Is A Deserter’ 7″, 2005)
13. ‘Blue Moon’ (from ‘Future Starts Slow’ 7″, 2009)
14. ‘Jewel Thief’ (from ‘Fried My Little Brains’ 7″, 2002)
15. ‘Baby’s Eyes’ (from ‘The Good Ones’ 7″, 2003)
16. ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins cover, 2009)
17. ‘Run Home Slow’ (from ‘The Good Ones’ CD Single, 2005)
18. ‘Weed Killer’ (from ‘Black Balloon’ 10″, 2009)
19. ‘The Void’ (from ‘No Wow Expanded Edition CD’, 2005)
20. ‘Sugar Baby’ (from ‘Fried My Little Brains CD single, 2003)

They’ve shared the video for ‘Raise Me’ which was a previously unreleased demo from the Midnight Boom era. The video was directed by the Kills themselves, Jaime Hince and Allison Mosshart:

Jamie Hince explained that the album’s title comes from the nickname he and Allison Mosshart gave a drum machine they used during their early days:
“It was a Roland 880, which isn’t strictly a drum machine – it’s a sequencer, and an eight-track recorder, with its own drum machine built in, and that’s what we’d record all our beats on,” he said.

LNZNDRF – Aguas Frescas

LNZNDRF is Bryan & Scott Devendorf and Ben Lanz. The Davendorf brothers are of course the rhythm section of The National and Lanz is a touring member of the National and of Beirut. They’ve previously released their self titled album on 4AD back in 2016.

They’ve just released an EP ‘To A Lake’ with an accompanying video for the song “Aguas Frescas” directed by Indira Dominici.

“It is difficult in the moment of free-form, group composition to parse out where inspiration is coming from, but then in hindsight, under the editorial “knife”, as these musical things take shape, it becomes clear, as is especially the case with this EP and specifically the song and film “Aguas Frescas”. Our band obsession with Indira Dominici photographic examinations of water, which we had decided needed to be involved in the artwork for our next release, long before these writing/recording sessions, were clearly inspiring us in the studio. Her introspective, heartwrenchingly humanistic Super 8 film capturing of water, from her childhood home in Brasilia, to the saturated color of the coastline in Sicily, to scrambling rocks in Iceland along with our daily, early evening recording swim breaks in Barton Springs, the naturally spring fed “pool” in Austin, TX, where we were holding these sessions with engineer Bella Blasko, were clearly guiding our sonic journey. Barton Springs in the autumnal dusk was our’s, as free of crowds, we could fully give ourselves to its motions, dropping our overly sonically stimulated bodies into the seemingly bottomless swirl of dark colors in the early evening’s low light. From these syncronistic energies, our recording sessions and Indira’s work, it was only natural to collaborate with her towards a film; our water inspired music with her immersive depictions of water and the frontiers between dry land and immersion” said the band.

Mr. Bungle – Sudden Death

Mr. Bungle, who are mere days away from the release of The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo (Oct. 30, Ipecac Recordings), have shared a third and final single ahead of the 11-song release, streaming “Sudden Death”.

The song’s arrival comes as the Bay Area-born band, which features core Mr. Bungle members Trevor Dunn, Mike Patton and Trey Spruance with Scott Ian (Anthrax, S.O.D.) and Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies), prepare for the Halloween virtual live concert experience dubbed “The Night They Came Home!” The online event screens at 12 noon pacific/3 pm eastern on Oct. 31 with the on-demand program available for the following 72 hours. Tickets and exclusive merchandise are available now via As Rolling Stone said in their Fall music preview: “musical curveballs are encoded in Mr. Bungle’s DNA” so fans can, and should, expect the unexpected.

“Mr. Bungle is featured on the current cover of Revolver. The magazine, in partnership with Ipecac Recordings, released a highly limited variant (400 copies) of The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo yesterday:

Mr. Bungle announced the forthcoming release of The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo to great fanfare. The album news followed a spate of early 2020 live performances that sold out immediately and saw the band playing to some of its biggest audiences ever. The album, which is a proper recording of Mr. Bungle’s much traded, yet unreleased, 1986 demo cassette, has been previewed with singles and videos for “Eracist” ( and “Raping Your Mind” (

Carcass – Despicable EP

Carcass are releasing their new EP Despicable on October 30th via Nuclear Blast.

The track listing:
01. The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue
02. The Long And Winding Bier Road
03. Under The Scalpel Blade (album version)
04. Slaughtered In Soho

The band released this video for “The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue” in anticipation of their EP release:

Jeff Walker released this statement about the EP: “Well the COVID situation has put the release of the new Carcass album on the back burner for the time being. Given that we said there’d be new music in August we thought it would be cool to have a stop gap release and let you hear some of the tracks that never quite made the cut. Don’t say we never give you anything. Enjoy.”

The band now have a tentative release for “Torn Arteries” in 2021. But, given the state everyone is in, who knows when it will be physically unleashed. This would be their first full length album in 7 years and 2nd in 24. Not even TOOL have taken that long in between albums for whatever reason.

The EP itself runs shy of 20 minutes and is loud, instinctual and somewhat emotional for a doom(y) death metal EP.
IF these are songs that didn’t make it to the upcoming album, then the new album just might be one of the best things Carcass have ever released.

Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Hears Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G

Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G marks the 100th release for the label. It is an important one. Almost as important as the night that label founder Justin Pearson saw the band live when he was just 12 years old. Which needless to say made an impact on him that still resonates today.

The Tracklist for this album:
Child Bite “TV Set”
Metz “Call of the Wighat”
Secret Fun Club feat. Carrie Gillespie Feller “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”
Chelsea Wolfe “Sheena’s in a Goth Gang”
Sonido de la Frontera “Zombie Dance”
Qui “New Kind of Kick”
Zeus! feat. Mike Patton “Human Fly”
Retox “Garbageman”
Magic Witch Cookbox “People Ain’t No Good”
Microwaves “Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk”
Daughters “What’s Inside a Girl”
Panicker “I’m Cramped”

The press release from the label: Eighteen years ago, Three One G Records flew in the face of Queen purists with the release of Dynamite With A Laserbeam: Queen As Heard Through the Meatgrinder of Three One G, the label’s 20th release. On it, bands like Melt-Banana, Weasel Walter, The Locust, Bastard Noise and The Blood Brothers unapologetically tackled some of the most beloved and universally recognizable music in popular culture and made it nasty, noisy, and brutal– and they did so with nothing but love and respect. This was followed by an equally bold tribute to Australian avant-garde legends The Birthday Party, entitled Release The Bats. More frenetic energy from the likes of bands like Cattle Decapitation, Das Oath, SSion and Some Girls, more chaotic feedback giving way to unsettling synth lines, and still (knock on wood) not a lawsuit in sight.
It is only fitting, then, that Three One G’s one hundredth release be another tribute, this time to an iconic band known for its raunchy and pure punk spirit, all while looking effortlessly cool: The Cramps. For the label’s third comp, the lineup of musicians enlisted to take part is even more diverse, including the likes of Chelsea Wolfe, Daughters, Mike Patton, and Metz, among others– all members, in some way or another, of the extended Three One G family. Here you’ll hear everything from Cumbia-style Cramps as interpreted by Sonido De La Frontera, to Panicker’s electronic dance-centric distorted version of “I’m Cramped”. Just as The Cramps mastered the art of covering music through their own warped lens, Three One G carries on the torch of re-imagining songs with swagger and style, making it their own while honoring a band whose influence on the label is obvious.

Some of the videos released were for the song “Human Fly”, created by First Church of the Void, done by the Italian duo Zeus! with Mike Patton on vocals.

One of our favorite renditions was the cover done by METZ for “Call of the Wighat”.

Another amazing cover was the one done by the now defunct RETOX for the song “Garbageman”.

This is what Alexis Marshal had to say about the Daughters version of “What’s Inside a Girl”: “We knew no matter what song we choose to cover that we could never create an alternate version to supersede the original. We can only hope our cover of ‘What’s Inside a Girl’ does justice to the Cramps and their undeniable embodiment of rock & roll.”

Also, Panicker did an amazing rendition for “I’m Cramped”:

If you haven’t picked this up do so, three one g just might be the label that releases the best looking colored records out there, hands down.

Mr Bungle – Eracist

Mr. Bungle, who recently announced the Oct. 30 release of The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo(Oct. 30, Ipecac Recordings), the band’s first newly recorded music in 21 years, have released a second single and accompanying video from the forthcoming album: “Eracist”

The dystopian video was directed by Derrick Scocchera with photography by Nicholas Finn Myggen.

Rolling Stone, who included the album in their most anticipated Fall 2020 releases, said: “The idea of throwing musical curveballs is encoded in Mr. Bungle’s DNA, so it makes sense that for their first LP in 21 years, the NorCal avant-metal weirdos aren’t going the traditional comeback-album route. Instead, they’re offering up a re-recording of their very first demo — the never-reissued 1986 tape The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo — with three-fifths of their original lineup and a couple of high-profile ringers: Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.”

The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo pre-orders are available now (, with the release available as a standard digipak CD and digitally as well as a collection of limited edition offerings (listed below with many sold out upon pre-order). A video for “Raping Your Mind” ( arrived in late August. The 11-song album was produced by Mr. Bungle, recorded by Husky Höskulds at Studio 606, and mixed by Jay Ruston. Rhea Perlman narrates “Anarchy Up Your Anus.”

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Mr. Bungle was formed in an impoverished lumber and fishing town by a trio of curious, volatile teenagers. Trey Spruance, Mike Patton and Trevor Dunn beget the amorphous “band” in 1985 up in Humboldt County, Calif., sifting through a variety of members until around 1989 when they settled on a lineup that managed to get signed to Warner Bros. Records. No one really knows how this happened and it remains a complete mystery that even the algorithms of the internet can’t decode. Up until 2000 they released three albums (Mr. Bungle in 1991, Disco Volante in 1995 and California in 1999), toured a good portion of the Western hemisphere and avoided any sort of critical acclaim. Some argue that the band subsequently broke up but there is also no proof of this. What is true is that they took 20 years off from performing under said moniker while they pursued various other musics that, in contrast, paid the rent.

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