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New Album

La Luz – The Creature

Here is a new video from La Luz for the song “The Creature”, taken from their new album ‘Floating Features’ available via Hardly Art.
La Luz plays live tomorrow night at The Loft @ USCD.


King Tuff – Psycho star

This is “Psycho star” from King Tuff‘s new album ‘The Other’ available now via Sub Pop, this is album sounds very mellow down-glam rock, we hope it sounds more energetic when performed live, go check him out on May 3rd at Casbah San Diego.

La Luz – Cicada

This is “Cicada” from La Luz, first single off their third album ‘Floating Features’, out May 11th via Hardly art records.

Palehound / Weaves tonight at Soda Bar

We are very excited for to see Palehound and Weaves perform tonight at Soda Bar.
Both bands have released their second album and are fronted by Ellen Kempner (Palehound) and Jasmyn Burke (Weaves), two talented women with strong and beautiful voices plus combined with intelligent music, makes them great bands to follow, we highly recommend anyone to check them out.

This is Palehound‘s recently released two track  7″ on Saddle Creek Records.
“When I was in middle school my biggest life goal was to release music on Saddle Creek Records. v happy to announce a 7” with them. I wrote “Sea Of Blood” when I was 17 and finally got around to recording it 2 summers ago with Alicia Bognanno of Bully. my friend Sami Martasian did the cover art they are the best” – Ellen Kempner.

Palehound second album ‘A place I’ll always go’ is available via Polyvinyl records.


Weaves have been nominated for the second time for Alternative album of the year at the Juno Awards, thanks to their second full length album ‘Wide Open’ available via Kanine recordsBuzz recordsMemphis industries.


This is “Scream” featuring Tanya Tagaq, one of our favorite songs from ‘Wide Open’

Here is the video for the song “Slicked” 

by: Alfredo Tellez/Edeath Coffey

Wolf Parade – You’re dreaming

Watch Wolf Parade‘s new video for the awesome song “You’re dreaming”, off their fourth full length album ‘Cry, cry, cry’ available via Sub Pop Records.
And don’t miss their show tonight at the Observatory San Diego.

Wolf Parade – Baby blue

This is “Baby blue”, taken from Wolf Parade‘s album ‘Cry, cry, cry’, out now via Sub Pop, one of the best albums from 2017 and we are certain it will keep making noise through 2018.
Wolf Parade are currently on tour, go see them on Tuesday January 23rd at the Observatory SD in San Diego, CA.

Lee Ranaldo – Thrown over the wall

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

“Thrown over the wall” is an amazing song by Lee Ranaldo, taken from his new album ‘Electric Trim’, available via Mute Records.
Ranaldo explains, “This is a song for the resistance: We use a telescope to measure great distances, a micrometer or microscope to explore minutia. The scale is vast, from infinite to infinitesimal; we humans but a momentary blip on the cosmic timeline. Last of your kind? RESIST / Eyes Ahead / Inclusion not Exclusion / RESIST.”

King Krule – Dum Surfer

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

King Krule
has a new album called ‘The OOZ’, out via XL Recordings and True Panther, which is amazing and one of our favorite albums of 2017.
Here is the video for the song “Dum Surfer”
Music video directed by Brother Willis.

Fever Ray – Wanna sip

By: Alfredo Tellez/Edith Morales

Watch Fever Ray’s latest video for the song “Wanna Sip”, off her new album Plunge available now.

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