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August 2016


“Maybe go out, maybe stay home..No Fun to be alone.”

We are hosting NO FUN nights at Mofo Bar, during the month of September on Saturday nights, join us!

Party in style, come hang out, grab a drink, cold beer and listen to good music.
Ven a divertirte con estilo, con deliciosas bebidas, tarros de cerveza fría y buena música.
Post Punk, Glam Rock, Brit Pop, Rock, Brit Rock, Alternative, Indie, and everything in between.
NO FUN nights at Mofo Bar, todos los Sábados de Septiembre.
Music selected by: I Think I Better Follow You Around

Av. Alfonso Reyes 9351 Modulo 4 Local 13-A Zona Urbana Río Tijuana (C.C. Pueblo Amigo), 22010 Tijuana, Mexico
18+ with I.D.
No Cover
Walking distance from the border, plenty of parking.

Aquí no tienes que pretender ser alguien, nosotros sabemos que eres único. Te esperamos.


Tijuana Record Show V


El próximo domingo 11 de Septiembre,  estaremos presentes en la quinta edición del  Tijuana Record Show, que se llevará a cabo en La Mezcalera picnic patio,  a partir de las 10:00 a.m., el evento es gratuito y para todas las edades.

Next Sunday September 11, we will be at the fifth edition of the Tijuana Record Show, this time at La Mezcalera picnic patio, it starts at 10:00 a.m., NO COVER, All Ages are welcome.

Tendremos a la venta en exclusiva parte del catálogo del sello discográfico de San Diego, CA, Three One G Records, LP’s, 7″ de artistas como Retox,  Doomsday StudentHead Wound CityHot Nerds, Kill The Capulets, Warsawwasraw, Zeus, Some Girls, Holy Molar, Planet B,Unbroken, Rats Eyes, Etc. y el nuevo libro “Locust House” by Adam Gnade, ademas de CD’s de The Locust para regalar.

We will have part of the catalog of THREE ONE G Records for sale, Vinyl, 7″, from artists like RetoxDoomsday StudentHead Wound CityHot Nerds, Kill The CapuletsWarsawwasraw,Zeus, Some GirlsHoly Molar, Planet B, Unbroken, Rats Eyes, Etc. and the new book “Locust House” by Adam Gnade, also CD’s from The Locust to give away.

Los esperamos / See you there!

Dj Shadow ft. Run The Jewels

Dj Shadow featuring Run The Jewels for the song “Nobody Speak” from his latest album ‘The Mountain Will Fall,’ out now on Mass Appeal Records.

Stranger Things


The fascination with the series “Stranger Things” is baffling to me. The show is ok at best but it sure as hell/the upside down is not the best. The arguments as to why is one of the great series seem hollow and shortsighted. The supposedly great music selection is in reality just subpar at best. The original music in it is ok, not amazing and breathtaking as it has been insisted upon. The acting on the show is equally as middle of the road (why has no one said that Mike acted and looked like Shelley Duvall in the Shining?) as is the editing trying really hard to keep you on the edge of your seat as it is trying to “genuinely” scare you or to get you to jump out of your couch, now that being said if this is the kind of thing that gets you off in a movie or tv show then in that case I sort of kind of understand why you would be so enthralled in a show like this.

One of the many issues with the show is that I found it really hard to care about almost any of the characters in the show. The children were boring. The supporting cast seemed like they were just hanging around. Winona Ryder I just can’t seem to understand, neither why was she in the show or why is she even an icon of sorts to some.

The one thing that the Duffer brothers got right was the tribute that they were paying to all of their filmmaking heroes of the late 70’s and the unremembered 80’s. The homages were not subtle either, nods to the movies were so blatant that you could almost taste a lawsuit occurring. the one thing I sort of hoped from this was that some of the fans would go watch some of the great works that they might not be familiar with. I’m sure by now they’ve seen the videos or comparison charts as to who they were paying tribute to.

The show felt like an exercise in nostalgia and fans of anything/everything cannot get enough of their daily serving of the same. Here’s to hoping that the inevitable Season 2 is better (I doubt it), the the acting improves (one can only hope), that the music selection actually improves and that the score can actually make you feel uneasy or scared instead of just being there filling up dead air time and making you feel almost nothing, that they stop with the fade out/cut into the next scene, that technique is just dull.

Hopefully for their next season they can find other (better) movies to pay homage to. I doubt it. Nostalgia will always sell.

Massive Attack – The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval

Massive Attack new song, “The Spoils” featuring Hope Sandoval.
The video was directed by John Hillcoat and shows images of the queen, Cate Blanchett.


This is Silent, the most recent release from the record label Three One G.

“Miles Davis said that “it’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play”. It’s when one is silent that sound suddenly becomes the most meaningful, the most necessary—moments of reflection or restraint punctuate the importance of what’s there versus what’s not. This is the case not only in music, but in history and in daily life. Framed in this way, a band named Silent suddenly seems like less of a paradox and more of an awareness. This is especially the case when considering their album title, “A Century of Abuse”, of which one could draw many connections between oppression and silence.

Created in Baja California, Silent’s music takes on various aural approaches. Interludes bring forth hypnotic sounds that have an almost cinematic quality, all heartbeat and boots on cement rhythms with sunsets on a desert landscape distortion. Other tracks take on a more fast-paced approach, sometimes even crossing barriers into catchy, surf-like guitar riffs. While Andrea Varela’s drumming, Rodo Ibarra’s (Maniqui Lazer) bass, and Alejandro Lara’s guitar lines do vary quite a bit depending on the track, Jung Sing’s (Maniqui Lazer, All Leather) vocals are a common thread throughout, consistently emitting honeyed grief: soothing but woeful, desperate and yet in no rush, perhaps calling to mind something in the spirit of a Mexicali-reincarnated Nick Cave. – Becky DiGiglio”

Lies co.
Lost voice
nothing for nothing
Near to us
If you said
Ripped me
Wrong dream
Damage and violence
A Century

Listen to their single “Self”

Head Wound City & Savages at the Observatory…Or, how Zoe spent 2 days following bands she liked around and creating memories for almost a lifetime.

For 2 more dates Head Wound City joined Savages on tour. Both of these shows were at the Observatory, the first date in San Diego the second up in Santa Ana. As always Head Wound City were loud and fantastic and energetic and fun and fast. Towards the end of their set, Justin Pearson (Retox, The Locust, Dead Cross, 31G) reached over the railing and invited a very lucky girl (Zoe Ren) to play his bass for the last 2 minutes of the amazing set closing song “Love Is Best”.

They served as great openers for the show. And being able to see them live is always a great treat.

Their next show will be at the FYF in Los Angeles, CA later this month. If you already have tickets for the fest make sure you go and see them live, you will not be disappointed. 

Now, for Savages themselves. Where to begin. The band sounds amazing. They have a clear understanding of their roles on stage. They sound like some veteran bands try to sound like. Their energy is pure and their songs are loud.

In all honesty if the only show we would’ve seen was the one on Friday in San Diego I would have left disappointed in them. Something was off, it could have been the crowd maybe the sound in the venue or some weird energy, but whatever it was one thing was clear. I just hoped they would inspire more women and girls to go and pick up an instrument and start playing their songs.

But as life would have it, the lucky girl (Zoe Ren) that got to play Justin’s bass, wanted to see them again with a chance of possibly meeting them. So, up to Santa Ana we headed. That show there was even louder, the band sounded tighter and the songs just soared there. Again, this could have been the crowd, the venue or some weird energy. But whatever it was, that night did turn us into fans. Their set list was mostly the same, with them also doing a cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream” in observance of Alan Vega’s recent passing.

One other highlight is them closing out their set with “Fuckers” and inviting Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers) and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) on stage to create another layer of noise to the already great song.

To top everything off they were all incredibly kind and nice to talk and  hang out with her.

To all involved that made this happen, much love to you all.
Thank you.


Is David Bowie the reason LCD Soundsystem reunited?

As a disclaimer, first and foremost this is just something that came across our minds since the passing of the artist known as David Bowie. There is no known evidence other than looking at the music and circumstances at a certain angle, kind of like the “Blackstar” record itself if you must.

This theory starts off with the idea that in his last years everything that Bowie was planning was more or less controlled by him. He was known to only collaborate with artists/musicians that he wanted to, not to follow a trend but to participate in what he thought of meaningful. SO, we arrive at the collaboration at hand for the album “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire. Why is this meaningful? Well, because the band itself could have elevated the anticipation of their album just by mentioning that Bowie himself would be singing backup vocals on the title track, BUT they did not do it. The track itself is great, however the line that Bowie sings on is the following: “Thought you would bring to me the resurrector, Turns out it was just a reflektor”, now the lyric itself might not be much then, but in retrospect and specifically with the theme of his last album it gives us more into what he might have been thinking as fas as themes go for his album. Now, i’m not saying that he came up with the idea for Blackstar here but I’m pretty sure the thought did cross his mind now.

Also, it must be said that this is where he met/worked with James Murphy, at this point in Murphy’s career he had already said goodbye to LCD Soundsystem. Now, I firmly believe that Murphy’s intention was to have LCD Soundsystem retired for good. I really did believe him. BUT, when you have Bowie in a stage in his life where he is terminally ill and still being productive and creative and still has vitality in his career; when he speaks to you, you shut the fuck up and listen.

Before I move forward I have to point out that he “resurrected/saved” Iggy Pop’s career. He also produced Lou Reed’s “Transformer”. He also “resurrected/saved” Trent Reznor’s life/career. He worked with Brian Eno. With Goldie. With Giorgio Moroder. With Queen. With Robert Fripp. And on his much latter collaborations he sang with TV On The Radio and more frequently with Arcade Fire who he really liked.

This is where the idea come in that his last artist to convince to get back to work was James Murphy. Just imagine being on the receiving end of the conversation that Bowie tells you that you have to get your band back together. Not so much for the fans, or the tours, but because you still have to get that music out and who cares if you retired your band and who really cares if you are called a hypocrite and who cares if you have to eat your words, IF Bowie speaks to you, you listen. Who are you to argue with a man that has influenced punk rock, fashion, art, music, film, AND he also killed/retired some of his most memorable characters to further his career.

In James Murphy’s letter to announce that he was coming back from retirement he did and said everything that you could expect from someone like him. He acknowledged the silliness of the fake retirement, the possible backlash, but he was being as honest as he could. I’m pretty sure that was the only rule, Bowie’s name was NOT to be mentioned in any of this. Not the Arcade Fire album. Not the imminent return of LCD Soundsystem.

I have high hopes that the new album by LCD Soundsystem will be one of the best albums of the decade. Mostly because you wouldn’t want to disappoint Bowie himself. And besides I’m sure you would want your album to be on the great company that is “The Idiot” “Lust For Life” “Transformer” “Hunky Dory” and many many more. I’m sure Bowie is the honorary producer of the album. I’m positive that LCD Soundsystem wouldn’t be here had both of them not worked together in the Arcade Fire album and on Blackstar itself.

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