As a disclaimer, first and foremost this is just something that came across our minds since the passing of the artist known as David Bowie. There is no known evidence other than looking at the music and circumstances at a certain angle, kind of like the “Blackstar” record itself if you must.

This theory starts off with the idea that in his last years everything that Bowie was planning was more or less controlled by him. He was known to only collaborate with artists/musicians that he wanted to, not to follow a trend but to participate in what he thought of meaningful. SO, we arrive at the collaboration at hand for the album “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire. Why is this meaningful? Well, because the band itself could have elevated the anticipation of their album just by mentioning that Bowie himself would be singing backup vocals on the title track, BUT they did not do it. The track itself is great, however the line that Bowie sings on is the following: “Thought you would bring to me the resurrector, Turns out it was just a reflektor”, now the lyric itself might not be much then, but in retrospect and specifically with the theme of his last album it gives us more into what he might have been thinking as fas as themes go for his album. Now, i’m not saying that he came up with the idea for Blackstar here but I’m pretty sure the thought did cross his mind now.

Also, it must be said that this is where he met/worked with James Murphy, at this point in Murphy’s career he had already said goodbye to LCD Soundsystem. Now, I firmly believe that Murphy’s intention was to have LCD Soundsystem retired for good. I really did believe him. BUT, when you have Bowie in a stage in his life where he is terminally ill and still being productive and creative and still has vitality in his career; when he speaks to you, you shut the fuck up and listen.

Before I move forward I have to point out that he “resurrected/saved” Iggy Pop’s career. He also produced Lou Reed’s “Transformer”. He also “resurrected/saved” Trent Reznor’s life/career. He worked with Brian Eno. With Goldie. With Giorgio Moroder. With Queen. With Robert Fripp. And on his much latter collaborations he sang with TV On The Radio and more frequently with Arcade Fire who he really liked.

This is where the idea come in that his last artist to convince to get back to work was James Murphy. Just imagine being on the receiving end of the conversation that Bowie tells you that you have to get your band back together. Not so much for the fans, or the tours, but because you still have to get that music out and who cares if you retired your band and who really cares if you are called a hypocrite and who cares if you have to eat your words, IF Bowie speaks to you, you listen. Who are you to argue with a man that has influenced punk rock, fashion, art, music, film, AND he also killed/retired some of his most memorable characters to further his career.

In James Murphy’s letter to announce that he was coming back from retirement he did and said everything that you could expect from someone like him. He acknowledged the silliness of the fake retirement, the possible backlash, but he was being as honest as he could. I’m pretty sure that was the only rule, Bowie’s name was NOT to be mentioned in any of this. Not the Arcade Fire album. Not the imminent return of LCD Soundsystem.

I have high hopes that the new album by LCD Soundsystem will be one of the best albums of the decade. Mostly because you wouldn’t want to disappoint Bowie himself. And besides I’m sure you would want your album to be on the great company that is “The Idiot” “Lust For Life” “Transformer” “Hunky Dory” and many many more. I’m sure Bowie is the honorary producer of the album. I’m positive that LCD Soundsystem wouldn’t be here had both of them not worked together in the Arcade Fire album and on Blackstar itself.