So, At The Drive-In just announced that they’re reuniting (again), that there will be a tour in 2016 and the possibility of new music from the band too!

And all of this is supposed to get us fans all excited about the possibility of seeing them live, and in some cases again!

But here is where my concern lies. First and foremost, will the new music be any good?

I don not doubt for a second the ability of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to write a great song and for Cedric Bixler-Zavala to deliver an electrifying performance both on record and live. However, their most recent album (Antemasque) left much to be desired. The new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez band album, with Cedric on vocals also felt it lack something. The last couple of The Mars Volta albums were somewhat underwhelming, mostly due to Jon Theodore not drumming for them anymore.

Now I know that this is a ATDI album, but this also means that expectations fore what an album from them should/could potentially/hopefully will sound like. By no means do I want or need a repeat of any of their previous albums but I am expecting a great album that lives up to their name.

Just please don’t make this reunion about a cash grab and have the live performances dull and repetitive. Please have them be powerful and exciting!