Le Ra hosted their Grrrl Independent Ladies showcase at Blonde Bar in San Diego.

Le Ra started the show with a rare guitar and bass only set. And it was a great way of experiencing the band, granted this is not their typical way of doing their set, but they still went ahead and welcomed their new bassist this way. Just some stripped down versions of their catalog and it was a great set up of what was to follow last night.

Boychick came up next and they lifted the room a bit with their energy and sound. It was a good follow up for the set that Le Ra had started with.

And this bring us to the headliner of the night. Niña Coyote ETA Chico Tornado And I honestly don’t think that the audience was ready for the audio assault that was delivered to all of us in the audience. They were loud and amazing and just good old fashioned blues punk rock n roll that delivered all the punches in energy and charisma.

Thank you to these people that were involved in putting this show together and keeping it together with duct tape, and glue and love and passion.

This is us selecting the music in between the bands. Thank you for inviting us!