Grrrl Independent Ladies had their latest show in Tijuana last night at Moustache Bar. This time they had Niña Coyote ETA Chico Tornado, Silent, Le Ra and Blood Ponies. And the thing that these bands had in common was their drummers and the fact that they are all women. And they were all different ways of amazing. That was something great to see.

They had the band Blood Ponies (San Diego, CA) open the show and they did just that. They warmed the stage up and gave the (small) audience at the time a little taste of what was to come.

The band themselves were ok. They managed to sound decent (even with the sound problems that the venue always seems to have) the band had a couple of songs that were good but they still need to find that one thing they might be missing and that way they won’t become just another local band.

Le Ra were next. And as host and performers too, they managed to do very well. The addition of their new bass player has made a world of a difference in their live sound. Again, the venue is not conditioned completely for live shows and it showed a little bit on their set, but a good highlight was their take on Portiahead’s “Glory Box” which they managed to do an incredible job. The band sounded right and it made their set a very good one.

Now was time for Three One G’s band Silent, and they came out with what looked liked hunger on their eyes and anger in their music. They were fast, they were loud and they were fun to watch. The crowd were mesmerized by the stage presence of the whole band form the thunderous drumming to the hypnotic bass line to the wonderful shrieking noise of the guitar and the towering presence of the lead singer. The look on the faces on some of the attendees was like they were going to be ran over by a loose train or something. They were not expecting something so loud and so good.

And finally, after another delay from what seems to be the norm of faulty installations at the venue, Niña Coyote ETA Chico Tornado took the stage and they did not disappoint the crowd. They were in good spirits and played what seemed (or felt like) a shorter and faster set than the one at the Blonde Bar a few weeks earlier. It’s a shame that more people weren’t there due to the lack of promotion for the show that was almost nonexistent, but they still stormed through a fantastic set and afterward hung around to say hi and meet some of their (new) fans.

We want to take this time to say thank you to all those that assisted, hopefully some of you became fans of some of these bands and that you bought some of their merch. Thank you to the ones that stayed and listened to the songs we selected. Hopefully we meet again down the road.