This Thursday December 15 We eat hate like love at Bar Pink, with live performances by Head Wound City (members from The Locust, The Blood Brothers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and The Blind Shake (Minneapolis), a raffle from local businesses includes items like tattoo gift certificates, works of art, hair services, clothing, and more.
All proceeds will be donated the The San Diego LGBTQ Community Center.
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“A few people have asked why we chose The Center to donate the proceeds of We Eat Hate Like Love. Arguably, there are many people in need right now and many groups under fire from the incoming administration. First, we don’t intend to stop here. Second, with a VP elect coming into office who has such a strong anti-gay record it is our duty to counter act those hateful actions with a show of strong support. People march and protest and write bills and sign things – Chrissy and I, with a lot of help from friends and acquaintances, are putting together a show and bitching raffle that will be a vessel through which we can not only have fun but give to an organization whose members are in the cross hairs.

Here is some additional info on The Center

The Center provides direct services to the many different facets of the LGBT community, including men, women, youth, seniors, families, LGBT Latino community members and their families, as well as those struggling with HIV. The Center has more than 41 years of experience as a health and human services agency. Last year The Center provided 61,550 service visits to 26,671 unique clients a year: 54% of them are people of color, 42% of them women and 12% of Center clients are Transgender.” – Katie Serbian