Electric Healing Sound played the Ken Club.

They played/tested out some new songs that will be on their new record.

I’ve said this before and I’ll state it again, Electric Healing Sound are the only garage rock band from the border that matters. They are the only ones wearing their influences on their sleeve. You can feel that these songs matter to Ricky, Julio, Eric and Beto. If given the right chance they might make you feel the way “Subterreanen Homesick Blues” played through a “Psychocandy” filter made you feel once.

Go over to their Spotify so you can listen to the best bass riff of at least half a decade and also “From an Oldsmobile”.     (why isn’t this a 7″?!??)

Young Man Highway Blues and From an Oldsmobile

Also, listen to what might be their next single:

Baby, It’s Suede (Ode To The King)