I am not a big fan of Feist, never got into her ‘hit’, “1,2,3,4”, that song kept me from trying to listen to more of her music.
But her new single “Pleasure”, which is not unpleasant at all to listen to, reminded me so much of one of my favorite albums by PJ Harvey ‘Rid of me’ (1993), that it makes me wonder if Feist is actually ripping off Polly Jean’s amazing song/album.
Feist’s new album is set to be released on April 28th via Polydor France.
It is a good thing that we get to see more women creating interesting, intense and why not, aggressive music, so please we need more rocking and less whiny.
Listen to both tracks, they are both good songs, just very similar.

Feist – Pleasure

PJ Harvey – Rid of me