This is Bonnie Prince Billy’s “No time to cry”, a beautiful song from the vinyl edition of the album “Best Troubador” available via Drag City.
We transcribed the text from the video:
“This is is ‘No time to cry’, a song written by Iris DeMent and recorded by Merle Haggard for his 1996 CD. Here we (Bonnie Prince Billy and the Bonafide United Musicians) have recorded it in the session for the BEST TROUBADOR record. We had to do it, as Haggard’s take on the song illustrates his masterly tactics, though the undertaking was so daunting that, in the end, we thought to leave it aside to have its own parallel life.
Our take here was recorded and mixed live except for Nuala Kennedy’s flute parts and her harmony singing. Pictured are Drew Miller, Mary Feiock, Van Campbell, Danny Kiely, Cheyenne Mize and Roadie Rodahaffer, along with ourself.
There is one Merle Haggard, and that’s what we set about to illuminating with this adventure.
Thanks for listening” – Body P. Boogie