Godspeed You! Black Emperor played the Observatory North Park on may 22nd and it was near perfect.
This show was in support of their most recent album “Luciferian Towers” out now via Constellation Records.

The performance felt and looked like a juxtaposition of elements meeting in contradictory terms.
It felt hopeful and brimming with hopefulness.
It felt joyous and lachrymose.
It was like a meeting of doppelgangers at opposite ends of the spectrum.
It was one of the best experiences that we’ve had at the Observatory. The sound was great (it could’ve been a little bit more louder). The crowd was respectful on all sides, they were quiet and if they needed to move they would do so in a polite manner. They were loud and responsive when the show required for them to be such.
And the visuals were amazing.

Having 4 projectors running at the same time and having someone manually change the film to convey the images it gave the show another layer.

This is the setlist:

Hope Drone / Bosses Hang / Anthem for No State / Fam/Famine / Undoing a Luciferian Towers / Moya /BBF3