JR Slayer is the moniker for Cody Votolato latest project, he is of course the guitarist for Jaguar Love, The Blood Brothers & Head Wound City.

This is Half Lyfe, off what will be JR Slayer 2nd album “You Found Me” out February 1st, pre-order here.



1. I’ll Never Leave U (featuring Jenny Lee)
2. There Is Nothing Else Around Me
3. Half Lyfe
4. Nothing & Nowhere To Hide
5. This Is Alone
6. I Think I Might Die
7. In A Sea Of Anonymity
8. How Could Love B So Cruel?
9. 40 Extra Minutes In Heaven
So far, these songs here are great pop songs. Light pop songs that deliver as much as any of his previous post-hardcore guitar work did. This feels like a new chapter In Cody’s musical career. His sound now is more on the genuine feel of longing and connection, of joy and bewilderment.



For this step forward, Cody says, “JR Slayer is just a place where I’m able to navigate all the different things I’ve naturally started doing over the past few years, be it songwriting, solo albums, remixes or producing.”
For now he’s been performing in L.A.
He has a (FREE) show scheduled today at The Echo, RSVP here.



Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales