Orville Peck released one of the best albums of this year “Pony”. He is currently on tour and will be playing the Casbah on August 15th. “Pony” is much more than just a gay country album released on Sub Pop.


Even though there’s always been some sort of homoerotic touches with westerns and cowboys, seeing it represented through this album feels proper and welcomed.

At first listen the comparison to Roy Orbison is almost inevitable. As is trying to conjure images of a Johnny Cash and any other outlaw hybrid. To our ears, without knowing about the Orville Peck persona the songs sounded like a lost R.E.M. song, there are touches of a Michael Stipe croon to some of the songs, specially Turn To Hate.
These are the videos released so far for this album:

Big Sky

Dead Of Night

Turn To Hate

For this his debut album you get a group of songs, or vignettes, told and crooned to you. This is not just a country album as much as it has synth or post-punk guitars to some sort of dream pop sensibilities churned out.

Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.