Psychic Graveyard released their new album “A Bluebird Vacation” on May 22nd on Fat Beat Records.

Track listing

  • 1 I Wanted Anything
  • 2 Is There a Hotline?
  • 3 Backyard Full of Laughter
  • 4 I Know That Woman
  • 5 No
  • 6 A Bluebird Vacation
  • 7 Weapon
  • 8 People Dislike Me
  • 9 Animal I Can’t Avoid
  • 10 Never Get Clean

Their single “Is There a Hotline” was accompanied by a video done by First Church Of The Void (Eric Livingstone).

The noiserock punk band released an album that sounds urgent. It screams to be heard. Once you start playing it you need to make sure to play it loud, as close to 11 as possible. Eric Paul’s lyrics/poetry is as open to interpretation as it is reflective of you. This is an album that feels that it was written with a crisis in mind. Charles Ovett drum work is nothing short of a masterclass in drum punishment. And Nathan Joyner & Paul Vieira work include very few guitars at all. The results work hand in hand with the lyrics
addressing very personal experiences with mental illness, anti-depressants and benzodiazepines, and the difficulty of helping
family going through their own challenges. These sounds don’t blindly spin into despair nor foolishly claim that overcoming just requires finding the right vocal melody. These songs are as messy as life itself, in all its stupid beauty.

Psychic Graveyard’s members previously played in the bands Arab on Radar, Some Girls, All Leather, Chinese Stars, Hot Nerds, Doomsday Student and more. This is their second album and was impeccably produced with Seth Manchester (Lingua Ignota, Lightning Bolt, Daughters).