The Horrors released on March 12th via Wolf Tone titled “Lout”

The tracklist: 1 Lout
2 Org
3 Whiplash

The band released an audio video for Lout:

Faris Badwan said: “’Lout’ is about the relationship between choice and chance, compulsive risk-taking and pushing your luck. As a band, particularly live, we’ve always had an aggressive side and as we began writing new songs it became clear that we were heading in that direction.” Bassist Rhys Webb added: “It’s the nastiest music we’ve made since Strange House. An intense barrage of industrial noise. A return to the spirit and attitude of our debut LP but blasted into the future.”

Indeed as the statement reads the 3 songs are louder, heavier and more of a Skinny Puppy / Ministry industrial sound to them. The songs sound amazing. We cannot wait for touring to start so we can see them again.