Museum Of Love will be releasing their second album “Life Of Mammals” this summer via Skint.

Tracklist: 1. Your Nails Have Grown
2. Life of Mammals
3. Marching Orders
4. Hotel at Home
5. Cluttered World
6. Ridiculous Body
7. Flat Side
8. Army of Children
9. The Conversation
10. Almost Certainly Not You

They’ve released a video for the song “Cluttered World” which was directed by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe.

Museum Of Love is Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany. Mahoney is best known as the drummer in all-conquering NYC band LCD Soundsystem, while Dennis got his studio chops as an intern and assistant engineer at Plantain Studios in the West Village at a time when DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy was in permanent residence and a whole scene was emerging from Manhattan. “In those early days,” says Dennis, “it was just friends coming in and out, occasionally doing projects, so you would meet a lot of people. Pat was in and out and that’s how we got to know each other. It just became a little bit of a family there for a couple years.”

The album was written and produced by the band and it was mixed by James Murphy. The album features appearances from Arthur Russell, Peter Gordon and Matt Shaw.