Danny Elfman has announced he will be releasing “Big Mess”, his first album of new music that is not soundtrack oriented, in June 11th via Epitaph and ANTI-.

Tracklist: 01 Sorry
02 True
03 In Time
04 Everybody Loves You
05 Dance With the Lemurs
06 Serious Ground
07 Choose Your Side
08 We Belong
09 Happy
10 Just a Human
11 Devil Take Away
12 Love in the Time of Covid
13 Native Intelligence
14 Better Times
15 Cruel Compensation
16 Kick Me
17 Get Over It
18 Insects

He has released a video for the latest single “True” directed by Sarah Sitkin.

His comeback started with the release of his first song in 36 years titled “Happy” which he had written for what would’ve been his triumphant show in Coachella 2020. This video was directed by Aron Johnson. The 3D photography was done by Sarah Sitkin.

The single that followed was “Sorry”. The animation was done by Jesse Kanda. This work was originally created as a visual for the Coachella live performance.

This was followed by “Loge In The Time Of Covid” which was directed by Sven Gutjahr.

“Kick Me” followed it. This video was directed by Petros Papahadjopoulos.

As exciting as it is hearing new Danny Elfman music, the excitement is exponentially greater knowing there would/is a tour involved. Seeing, experiencing, a live Danny Elfman show should be in (almost) everybody’s bucket list. He just might be the one artist who EVERYBODY knows at least 2 songs from.

Via a statement Elfman said: “Once I began writing, it was like opening a Pandora’s box and I found I couldn’t stop. None of it was planned. I had no idea how many songs I would write but from the start, it quickly became a two-sided project with heavily contrasting and even conflicting tones.”

Elfman enlisted guitarists Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails, Guns N’ Roses) and Nili Brosh (Dethklok, Elfman), drummer Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, The Vandals) and bassist Stu Brooks (Lady Gaga, Dub Trio).