Rodrigo Leão has shared the 1st single, “Friend of a Friend”, off his upcoming album ‘A Estranha Beleza da Vida’ vía Modern Recordings. The single features the multitalented Michelle Gurevich.

The video concept for the song was by Michelle Gurevich and Lisa Bregneager. It was shot by Lisa Bregneager, Robin Thomson and Henrique Oliveira. Editing was done by Michelle Gurevich and Robin Thomson.

Rodrigo Leão said this of the song: “It was a song that initially started from the search for a happy rhythm, with some influence from the music of the 50s, and that gave me the enthusiasm I was looking for to find new ideas. It sends us back to a time very different from the one we currently live in.”

The song and the video do have a cinematic feel and sound to it, somewhere around the french wave without being situated in France per se. It’s a wonderful song sang by one of the best around, and that would be Michelle Gurevich.