Black Dice have (finally) announced a new album “Mod Prig Sic” out in October via FourFour Records. With the announcement comes the first single ‘White Sugar’.

01 “Bad Bet”
02 “Tuned Out”
03 “Swinging”
04 “Scramblehead”
04 “White Sugar”
05 “Plasma”
06 “Big Chip”
07 “All The Way
08 “Scramblehead II”
09 “Jocko”
10 “Downward Arrow”
11 “Scramblehead III”

The video for “White Sugar” was directed by Aaron Anderson.

Jonathan Galkin, who is the co-founder of DFA Records, is the founder of FourFour Records and said this: “I started this label to seamlessly continue on with the artistic, creative work I did for the past 20 years, plus sign artists who I have been eager to work and collaborate with. Black Dice’s Beaches & Canyons (2003) was the first full length album released on DFA, and there could be no more appropriate band in which to launch my new label.”.

Black Dice will kick off their tour in San Diego on October 26th with a show at the Soda Bar.