Sonido De La Frontera have announced the release of their upcoming album “Sonidero Guerrillero” vía Three One G out on September 24th, 2021.

Cumbia De La Frontera
Si Quieres Mas (Ft El Chevy)
Sonidero Guerrillero
Cumbia Pacífica Del Mar
La Lucha Continua
Somos Sonideros
Libre Como El Viento
El Callo De Jose
Prisionero Yo No Soy

They’ve shared the first video from the album for the track “Somos Sonideros”. The video was directed by Luke Henshaw, it was shot by Becky DiGiglio and edited by Displaced/Replaced.

Sonido De La Frontera is made up of Karlos Paez, Mr. Henshaw, and DJ Unite. Karlos Paez is also known for his role as vocalist for San Diego’s Latin Music project, The B-Side Players. DJ Unite is a veteran DJ for Tribe of Kings Soundsystem as well as First Power Crew. Mr. Henshaw is the producer for First Power Crew, and has produced many break records directed towards the avid turntablist. His sound is dark and heavy, with an emphasis on big drums and bass, as evident in his current projects Planet B and Satanic Planet.

Sonido De La Frontera is the combination of Soundsystem culture, hip hop production aesthetic and cumbia. The result is a bass oriented, dance driven music with a sound unique to the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico.