Daniel Rossen has shared the first single, “Shadow In The Frame”, from what will be his forthcoming album, “You Belong There” out April 8th via Warp.

01 “It’s A Passage”
02 “Shadow In The Frame”
03 “You Belong There”
04 “Unpeopled Space”
05 “Celia”
06 “Tangle”
07 “I’ll Wait For Your Visit”
08 “Keeper And Kin”
09 “The Last One”
10 “Repeat The Pattern”

The lead single “Shadow In The Frame” is here. And it has everything that we cared and loved about a Daniel Rossen song, the chamber music and the guitar and the chill inducing trembling vocals and the arrangements and more…

In a press release Daniel Rossen said: “My hope was to make a set of songs with a deeper connection to my actual life and with a longer view of music history. I’m not sure that’s what happened, but it’s what I was thinking about. Finishing this album was a major challenge but it has given me a new sense of possibility. I’m hoping I can hang on to that feeling long enough to keep making music and sharing it. Given the constraints of the pandemic i recorded these songs mostly on my own and played most of the instruments, including some that I’m not so familiar with. My old bandmate Christopher Bear played drums throughout. Amber Wyman played bassoon on a couple songs. Jeremy Barnes added some santur to another, and John Dietrich played the electric guitar on the title track. The album was mixed by myself, Peter Larkin, and Noah Georgeson depending on the song. It was mastered by Heba Kadry.”

Rossen will be on tour this Spring / Summer and he will be playing the Casbah June 9th.