Papercuts announced their new album, “Past Life Regression”, out April 1st via Slumberland.


  1. Lodger
  2. Sinister Smile
  3. Fade Out
  4. I Want My Jacket Back
  5. My Sympathies
  6. The Strange Boys
  7. Palm Sunday
  8. Hypnotist
  9. Remarry
  10. Comb In Your Hair

The first single/video off the new album is for “I Want My Jacket Back” which was directed by David Enos. Jason Quever / Papercuts said this about the song: “It started out as a bit of absurdist fun, as I was feeling at my wits’ end during the end of the US election cycle. I was thinking about someone I met in LA who seemed to believe every absurd conspiracy theory they heard, even some that seemed to contradict each other. At the same time, I was for the first time considering leaving the US. I felt robbed of a sense of security and faith in humanity, and was missing a sense of normalcy. It may have been an illusion in the first place, but a pleasant one.”

With the release of “I Want My Jacket Back” he also shared the B-Side for it, “The Strange Boys”, for which he said: “I pictured a Twilight Zone style black and white story about a group of teens that communicate with a supernatural entity. Later I realized it’s probably an analogy about what happens to the spirit upon death. Anyhow, it shows off what real mellotron flutes sound like when you abuse the pitch knob.”

He only has 2 dates scheduled to play this year so far:. 02/10 Los Angeles, CA – Gold Diggers w/ Massage.
02/26 San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill w/ Chime School.