Jasmyn has shared her new single, “Crystal Ball”, which is being released via her new label(s) ANTI- and Royal Mountain Records.

The video for the song was animated and directed by Rosalie H. Maheux.

Jasmyn shared this about the single: “I was writing about being afraid of moving into the future but also getting excited by it. I knew that I had to change my life and follow my heart in order to evolve and be happy. I think I leaned on nature to do that. Staring at the sun go down, watching birds just float. Nature seems to move without regret or worry. I wanted to write about leaning on my intuition and charging forward into the future with what felt right. I was hit with fresh love and fresh air and a new beginning, it was exciting. I think this song is about the concept of having a personal renaissance. Looking inward and finding that consistency for yourself even if it means letting go sometimes. Happiness is on the other side.”

The song was co-written with Los Angeles-based producer John Congleton, Burke has teamed with synth player Zac Rae and the amazingly impeccable drummer Joey Waronker on the track.

No tour dates have been announced for the USofA (or Tijuana) yet.