Alexis Castrogiovanni has shared the titled track, “Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like A Range Of Mountains”, off her upcoming self released EP.

Track List:

1. Ex-Girl
2. Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like A Range Of Mountains
3. A Certain Point
4. To Catch A Feeling

The music video for the title track was directed by Millefiore Clarkes.

Alexis Castrogiovanni shared this about the release: “This EP, “Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains”, was my first time making a studio recording. It felt like an alien world away from the classical music world in which I grew up, where we devoted our time and energy to the art of giving live stage performances. My training concentrated on things like the audience, the room and a high level of perfection that would translate into a polished live performance. Performing to a microphone in a studio was so new for me, recording, editing and mastering felt like utter mysteries before I worked on this EP. My classical music training and language is present in everything I do, whether I’m honoring it or rebelling against it. I think in the title track and “To Catch a Feeling”, you can hear echoes of the many hours I have spent in the cello section in symphony orchestras over the years. There is a sense of expansiveness, textural possibility and sheer human power in an orchestra. I felt that when I was trying to carve and shape those two particular songs, they feel somehow orchestral to me. The deep, raw emotions I was so inspired by in classical music, like in Mahler or Britten, was what came to my mind when writing them, they called for that kind of setting, so that’s what I tried to give to them while still understanding my music as pop”.