Fucked Up have shared a video for the song, “Oberon”, off their upcoming self-titled EP to be released October 7th via Tankcrimes.

1. Oberon
2. Strix
3. Mashhit
4. The Aquarium (Saint-Saens)

The video for the song was directed and edited by Colin Medley.

A band statement read: “Pummeling curveball from Fucked Up channeling the world of HC that birthed them, despotic and horrendously sludgy riffs exploding in octaves lower than Hades, crashing against hellish bellowing all while the rhythm section heaves at a pace that only Noothgrush, Crossed Out, Kiss it Goodbye, and Bloodlet would tread upon. Topped off with an absolutely despicable cover of Saint-Saens “The Aquarium” this is the mythologically psychedelic sludge record you never thought Fucked Up would make. 4 tracks of pure audio excretion”.