Caleb Landry Jones has announced the release of his new album, “Gadzooks Vol. 2”, out November 4th via Sacred Bones.

1. Croc Killers 2
2. Little Lion Blues
3. Touchdown Yolk
4. The Shanty Shine
5. Georgie Borge (The Termite)
6. Jeepers
7. Anyone But You
8. Slink On Fido
9. The Puppet Rush
10. Croc Killers 1

The first single off the album is “Touchdown Yolk”. The video directed by his own creative collective Shalah Shakah Productions, collages handheld camcorder footage recorded around New York City.

Caleb Landry Jones shared this in a statement: “I’m aware of only half the picture. It comes down upon me like a heavy rain. The psycho Deli is out of mustard and all the Porn Stars won’t leave their homes. I’m out only to get myself, but don’t get in the way. The bugs which throw themselves at windows rarely get their say.”