Tindersticks have shared that they will be scoring Claire Denis new movie “Stars At Noon”, and with it they have shared a video for the title track. The “Stars At Noon” soundtrack will be released October 14th via City Slang.


1) Introduction
2) Opening
3) Taxi Across Town
4) Hotel Bar
5) Dawn Walk Home
6) Los Periquitos
7) The Mercado
8) Motel Rain
9) The Costa Rican
10) Stars at Noon
11) Blood Hands
12) Burning Car
13) The Consultant
14) Blood Hands (version)
15) Apache
16) The Bridge
17) The Crossing
18) The Costa Rican (reprise)
19) Stars at Noon (instrumental)

Stuart Staples shared this via a press release: “I stood in CDG, terminal two, talking to Claire on the cell phone. She was preparing to leave for Panama to start filming ‘Stars at Noon’. “And of course I need the song for the dance scene for the shoot,” she said.

“What dance scene? Is it in the script?” I replied.

“It’s in the new version of the script.”

“Ah, do I have the new version?..”. The line faded and I was left considering this, something that I expected to hit me in the months ahead but was suddenly all over me.

Stars At Noon had been in Claire’s thoughts for a long time, maybe even 10 years. We have had many conversations, I had a strong feeling for it and half a song somewhere in my mind.

I remembered the percussionist David Pattman, he played the bongos on the Trouble Every Day score 20 years before. He was happy to hear from me and we quickly arranged a recording session with Dan McKinna on double bass and Ross Stanley on Hammond organ. We had a blast those days, taking the ideas apart, putting them back together in many different forms.

At the centre was the song “Stars at Noon” – I was pushing it to be slower and slower, until it only just grooved, just on the cusp. Finding that tempo was key for me and the final version was recorded live in one take. Julian Seigel arrived later and played the beautiful tenor sax line.

I sent a rough mix to Claire in Panama, they were having production problems and she said the song cheered them all up – I heard all the crew singing along in the background”.