Serj Tankian has released a new song, “I Spoke Up”, off his upcoming EP “Perplex Cities”.

The video for the song was created by Doodooc and is below:

Tankian has also released a video that offers more insight into his forthcoming performance of “Invocations,” an orchestral suite composed and performed by Tankian, which he debuts on April 29 at The Soraya (California State University Northridge).

Serj Tankian shared this :“’Invocations’ is an operatic suite that can best be described as music that calls on spirits to co-inspire and wander. The music for invocations was written over a long period of time, over many years, composing for film and being inspired by the orchestral ensemble and choir. I find these pieces from all of the compositions I’ve ever done, they invoke a spirituality in us. They invoke this connection in us, that music is meant to do.”

Not only is Tankian overseeing the performance, and singing on several of the pieces, he has also assembled a team of incredible vocalists: renowned tenor Brian Thorsett, world music singer Azam Ali, Francesca Genco and Charles Elliot. The vocalists will be backed by the impressive CSUN Symphony Orchestra, ethnic instrumentalists (including duduk master Jivan Gasparyan Jr.) and a full choir.