††† have released a new single, “Sensation”, off their upcoming EP “PERMANENT.RADIANT” out December 9th.


01. Sensation
02. Vivien
03. Cadavre Exquis
04. Day One
05. Holier
06. Procession

The video was directed by Shaun Lopez and Lorenzo Diego Carrera.

Chino Moreno shared this: “There are certain sounds that we’re drawn to, and that has quite a lot to do with the music we grew up listening to. Shaun and I have pretty similar tastes. It’s about using all of those influences, but not making something that sounds like it has been made for today or is trying to sound like the past. We’re just taking those influences and running them through us. The moods that we try to create tend to come from quite a stark place. It’s not the most colourful music in the world, but once we tap into it it’s hard to go anywhere else. We just dive deeper into the darkness. We just run with it. It feels organic.”