Taleen Kali has released a new single, “Fine Line”, off their new album “Flower Of Life” out March 3rd via Dum Dum Records.

Taleen Kali shared this about the song: “”Fine Line” kicks off side B of the record. I wanted to explore the ways we feel marked by love and pain. How much of an impact the smallest of impressions can make. And how they can feel when they fade. I wrote this song in the summer of 2018 right when the last album Soul Songs was coming out. The process of putting out my first solo record was so strange and cathartic that a handful of new songs just came spilling out during that time, and this was the first one. I really wanted there to be a demarcation for side B of Flower of Life so “Fine Line” is written in a minor key, setting the tone for the 2nd half of the album.”