LIES have shared a new single, “Camera Chimera”, which is out now via Polyvinyl.

The video was directed by the POND creative. Rachel Cabbit of POND Creative shared: “Our inspiration for the video started with the meaning behind the creature of the single title, a chimera, or a mythical hybrid creature. Through the lens of the viewer, we wanted Nate and Mike to become more and more distorted as the video went on, a hybrid form of themselves. We leaned into our abstract analog technique of printing and scanning thousands of frames to further the distortion to create a mysterious lo-fi visual that lives alongside LIES’ new releases.”

Mike Kinsella shared this in a press release: “‘Camera Chimera’ is about the scary, and often crippling, side effects of interacting / existing on social media. It’s about not only feeling manipulated by others, but also being confronted with the reality and consequences of your own lies and manipulation, and how that can mentally and emotionally cause one to spiral.”