Phillip Selway has shared a new single, “Picking Up Pieces”, off his upcoming album “Strange Dance” out February 24th via Bella Union.


1. Little Things
2. What Keeps You Awake At Night
3. Check For Signs Of Life
4. Picking Up Pieces
5. The Other Side
6. Strange Dance
7. Make It Go Away
8. The Heart Of It All
9. Salt Air
10. There’ll Be Better Days

The video for “Picking Up Pieces” was directed by William Williamson. The song also features the guitar playing of Adrian Utley.

Selway shared this about the song: “Picking Up Pieces is a song about the masking that we do when we’re young adults. It’s a time of life when your sense of identity can feel shaky, you can feel anxious about making the grade, and life can feel that it’s spinning out of control, but you try to hide this from everyone.” Williamson shared this: “We all viewed this film as a continuation of the last, with the choreography having echoes of our characters worlds whilst simultaneously unfolding new elements and emotions.”