Jonathan Bree has announced the release of their 5th studio album, “Pre-Code Hollywood”, out April 14th via Lil’ Chief Records.

1. “City Baby”
2. “Pre-Code Hollywood”
3. “When We Met”
4. “Miss You”
5. “We’ll All Be Forgotten”
6. “Epicurean”
7. “Politics”
8. “You Are The Man”
9. “Destiny”
10. “Steel And Glass”

The first single off the album is the self titled track with a video directed by Jonathan Bree.

Via a press release this is how the album was described: “A dark disco album full of sad bangers. The album title refers to The Hays Code, a set of industry guidelines that massively restricted Hollywood between 1934 and 1968 and censored freedom of expression in cinema”.

Jonathan Bree and the Family will support the album with a European tour. No dates for the USofA have been announced yet.