LIES have shared a new single, “Resurrection”, off their self titled debut album out March 31st via Polyvinyl.


01. Blemishes
02. Echoes
03. Corbeau
04. Resurrection
05. Broken
06. Camera Chimera
07. Summer Somewhere
08. No Shame
09. Rouge Vermouth
10. Knife
11. Sympathetic Eyes
12. Merely

The video for “Resurrection” was directed by Atiba Jefferson. Nate Kinsella said this about the video: “‘Resurrection’ is a celebration song about reawakening a part of the self that has been hidden away in hibernation. We used mirrors and some camera angle trickery to superimpose our heads onto the bodies of a couple of professional dancers, whose movements illustrate a kind of unselfconscious joy and freedom—feelings that maybe we have a hard time accessing, or tapping into. I hope the video transmits the sense of fun and liberation that we envisioned (and experienced!) when making it.”

Mike Kinsella shared this about the song:“I’m not used to putting any gold-linings or much of any positive spin into my songs (there’s already enough of that garbage existing in the world),” he says, “but writing about conquering whatever shame and guilt I have for whatever wants and desires I have, felt cathartic/almost therapeutic for me. The process of writing it and expressing the value in actually believing it has helped me feel more confident and assured with who I am and what I want (dare I say, ‘need’…).”

The cousins, and former American Football and Joan Of Arc band members, will go on a short USofA tour, no additional dates have been announced yet.