Puma Blue has shared the first single, “Pretty”, off his upcoming new album “Holy Waters” out September 1st via Blue Flowers.


1. Falling Down
2. Pretty
3. O, The Blood!
4. Hounds
5. Too Much, Too Much
6. Epitaph
7. Gates (Wait For Me)
8. Dream Of You
9. Holy Waters
10. Mirage
11. Light Is Gone

The video for the song, which feels heavily influenced by Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch, was directed by Angela Ricciardi.

Puma Blue shared this about the video: “I wanted to capture how it feels to look in a mirror and feel dissonance with what you see. I obscured myself for much of the video, shot on film and directed by Angela Ricciardi, I wanted to hide and sing from the shadows. But I walk around New York City with these angel wings because the lyrics are ‘You make me feel so pretty’, this idea that I am perceived as beautiful by someone else despite how I see myself. At the end, I come home to this lifeless figure, a nothing. The idea that even though you can be loved by someone you can still be haunted by dysmorphia to some extent. This song is an attempt to challenge that, to honour that admiration from the one who sees me as beautiful.”

About the song Puma Blue shared this: “‘Pretty’ is about feeling ugly. So ugly that sometimes you can’t believe the person who loves you sees you how they do. We were playing with beauty and ugliness when producing it, the live studio performance already felt so sweet and delicate, it needed something uglier and haunting so I howled these notes in the bridge and we fed my voice through a synth that made me sound like a swarm of bees.”

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana). A European is set for the fall, so hopefully soon after.