Nick Zinner’s, guitarist and noisemaker for YYY’s & Head Wound City, exhibition of his 601 photographs at Lethal Amounts is coming to an end this Friday January 29th, 2016.

Lethal Amounts is located at 1226 W 7th. St., Los Angeles CA 90017.

This is an ALL AGES show. There is NO DOOR PRICE, this means it is a FREE!!! show! Doors will open at 8pm and show will start at 9pm it is first come first served and it will hit MAX capacity.

Who is Head Wound City? The members are Jordan Billie and Cody Votolato, from the Blood Brothers, Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian, from the Locust and Dead Cross, & Nick Zinner, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


If you’ve never seen them before then you should make an effort and go. Why? Because they sound amazing live. What do they sound like? Their sound is furiously loud and amazing. Also, it’s free and you get to go to an exhibit to boot.

if you’ve already seen them live before then do a good deed and take someone who hasn’t.