LNZNDRF is a band that consists of the other two brothers from The National, Scott and Bryan Davendorf plus Beirut‘s Ben Lanz. If you notice their last names and take out the vowels that’s how they came up with their name, that’s clever like a button.

On a side note, if you’re not familiar with their respective bands please make sure you listen to their records, they’re all fantastic musicians and create amazing music.

The trio got together for literally a couple of days and recorded this great album in a church somewhere in Cincinnati. Yes it does have sounds and touches of New Order here and there but you cannot deny the fact that the songs sound amazing and are really well arranged.

Please listen and watch the video for “Future You” off their self titled debut album, which is out on 4AD now.

They did a short tour recently, here’s to hoping they come to other cities close to us and you too.